.More Than You Know: Part II- A Vampire Knight FanFiction by Clue-sama.

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Author's Notes: Got lotsa encouragement since the last chappie ^^ Thank you all very much. Anyway, I kind of got stuck on how to end it, because there is no lemon in this at all. The most graphic thing was in the previous chappie. This will be the last chappie though. This was rather fun for me to write, but it is time for me to work on my new fic. :3 More farewells at the end.

And if you haven't really noticed, (cos I didn't make it obvious) the last few chappies have NOT been continuations from their previous chappie in terms of when and where. They usually skip forward a few days or weeks. XD

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Warnings: Fluff. A bit of limey action. UST (for your eyes anyway ;3)

Summary: It's been a small while since they've gotten together, but they've still got a ways to go. Even so, it is now time for a milestone. "You need this as much as I do..." he sighed.

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A slow, warm smile crept over his face when Kaname grinned up at him with his head laying on stacked forearms. A very casual pose from someone so graceful and elite made Zero want to laugh in amusement and kiss him. Kaname was already in the pool, his arms up on the side, when Zero emerged from the building in his swimwear. The prefect shook his head at his mate's playful mood and came closer.

Kaname had insisted that they go out one night to get away from the school and spend uninterrupted time together. The hunter had figured that they were just going to go get something to eat or perhaps a walk...? But when Zero had voiced those options in question form, the pureblood had chuckled and told him that he planned to rent out the pool house. When Zero had blushed, scowled to hide his embarrassment and asked why, Kaname gathered him in his arms and said it was because that was where their mutual attraction had really begun.

At first, Zero was reluctant since he hadn't been anywhere out of school with Kaname... alone. It had been a small while since they got together, but they had yet to really do anything that lovers do. When the two vampires did get excited, Kaname usually excersised admirable control and kept it to a lower level of passion even though Zero could tell how hard it was. Numerous times, the silver-haired vampire wanted to tell his partner that it was okay to go farther, but his throat wouldn't allow it since he was so damn nervous. Hell, even Zero would sometimes try to urge Kaname on with his own hands (literally) but again, it was like he would have to fight himself. Even so, Kaname never seemed exasperated with it nor did he ever look bored with Zero... And Zero was only more attracted to him because of it. It... made him love Kaname more.

So when Kaname wanted to spend time completely isolated from everyone except for Zero, the hunter truly appreciated the gesture.

Zero shivered as a very light breeze ghosted through the enclosed area. It was actually too cold for a normal pool, but the pool here sported a heating system. Still though... he wondered if Kaname even realized it was it was Autumn... The hunter quickly slipped into the warm water using the tiled steps illuminated by the underwater lights. He went to turn towards Kaname, but as he did so, the pureblood was already before him, hardly making a splash. Zero silently gasped as Kaname slowly advanced on him until his back was to the pool's wall. The brunette's eyes held an underlying heat, but more than that, he looked naughty.

"Are you cold, Zero?" he murmured, running his darkened eyes over the other's body as if looking for goosebumps. ...If there were any, they sure weren't from the cold...

Zero smiled slightly, hoping his breathing sounded even and knowing it wasn't. Not with Kaname's wet skin touching his very, very fleetingly.

"Not as much as I thought I would be... Did you forget what season it was?" he teased.

Kaname didn't look concerned at all. In fact, he only smiled wider and brought his mouth to Zero's to kiss him gently, slowly... The younger vampire had since learned how to be quite the kisser and he kept up just fine with the pureblood, thoroughly enjoying this outing so far. The prefect sort of forgot what he had asked when Kaname pulled away a few inches, looking glad that his bondmate was in such a good, responsive mood, and whispered, "I know what season it is. I wanted to have a reason for you when I started to 'keep you warm.'"

The pureblood proceeded to press himself closer so that their bodies were flush against each other. Zero immediately felt the air around them change to a different, more sinful type of affection and he smiled shakily, knowing what may happen tonight, before mumbling, "I don't need an excuse out of you if you want to 'keep me warm', Kaname... You know that."

Kaname's eyes widened a bit and his smirk was replaced by a soft look of surprise. They stared at each other for a few moments in which Zero became more antsy under his mate's gaze before the brunette laughed quietly and backed away. His arm wrapped around the hunter's waist and pulled him along as Kaname drifted farther into the deep end.

"How on Earth did I ever come to hate you?" Kaname murmured, mostly to himself. But Zero heard him and began, "Because I stabbed you in the arm with a butter knife, and the whole Yuuki thing..." The pureblood chuckled fondly again and said, "It was rhetorical" before swiftly shoving Zero under the perfectly warmed water. He held him there for a few seconds while the other flailed at his arms wildly. Once he released the younger vampire, Zero resurfaced, gasping and looking pissed. Kaname smiled- how was he supposed to keep a straight face with his adorable prefect dripping and glaring like that?

While Zero snarled, "You bastard, you could have warned me!" Kaname crossed his arms smartly.

"You trust me then?"

"What?" Zero hissed, wiping water from his eyes.

"If you didn't and I did that, you would have tried to kill me..."

Zero opened his eyes at the words that sounded almost hesitant and looked at Kaname. The brunette looked genuinely happy that what he'd said was true, but at the same time his eyes were silently asking the other vampire in front of him for confirmation. Before, the hunter would have flipped out if the pureblood did anything near what seemed like drowning Zero. It was a small change to Zero, but it must have been at least a little signifigant to Kaname... The silver-haired teen felt his heart flutter at the hopeful, vulnerable look Kaname was giving him a few feet away and he offered a smile with as much earnestness in it as he could convey. The burgundy stare sparkled responsively while Zero said, "I trust you, Kaname." As the pureblood seemed a bit distracted, Zero growled, "But don't think that means I won't attack you back!"

Without giving the brunette a chance to comprehend what that meant, Zero lunged at Kaname, tackling him down into the water. Zero never did see the pureblood play like this at the first pool party and since then he still hadn't seen much of Kaname's bare skin in motion like this, but it sure was a sight to behold. They grappled under and above water, seeing who could reach the edge of the pool first and a few times Zero thought about accusing Kaname of cheating. The brunette's silken skin shimmered alluringly with the water and was really distracting Zero as it shifted with muscle under his touch. Coupled with Kaname's rich, honest laughs and smiles, the hunter was at a serious disadvantage. Of course, all was well as they splashed around for nearly more than an hour, dunking each other and throwing each other around, because pretty soon it was obvious that they were copping feels here and there.

After one particularly devastating, seemingly accidental caress to the neck which managed to stun Kaname for a moment, Zero dove for the side of the pool, panting. He made it, but the brunette had caught up, latching to the hunter's back with his arms around Zero's chest from behind, his breath a bit uneven. It puffed coolly against Zero's wet skin and he closed his eyes. This was fun. Maybe they should go out more often.

"I'm surprised I won..." Zero sighed once his heart slowed back to the normal type of pounding that came with Kaname being so close and practically holding him like this.

Apparently, said pureblood enjoyed laying against Zero's back while the other leaned on his arms because he seemed to settle there, laying his cheek on the hunter's firm set of shoulder blades.

"Well... I went easy on you," Kaname murmured teasingly.

Zero snorted.


After a little while, Kaname's voice sounded again.

"You know, I thought about surrounding the pool with candles..." He felt Zero twitch and he continued, "But I figured you were not into that sort of thing."

"Yeah. If I saw that, I would've attacked you sooner."

The older vampire chuckled and snuggled more against his love.

They fell silent once more, Zero listening to Kaname's soft breathing, Kaname listening to Zero's strong heartbeat. Where they stood now, they could both reach the bottom of the pool so it was hard to want to move. Eventually though, the water on the ex-human's skin started to chill and he shivered slightly under Kaname. The pureblood was plenty warm on his back and didn't seem to be bothered by the cold as much, but as soon as he felt the shiver, the older vampire lifted his head and asked, "Are you cold now?"

Zero looked over his shoulder and gave a small, sheepish smile. The chocolate locks of the other were of a different texture from the water and the sorrel waves were more pronounced. Now Kaname looked even more like a Greek God since the tresses curled around his lovely cheekbones and just kissed his bare shoulders as he tilted his head preciously...

"A... little," Zero forced out.

Immediately, the brunette turned Zero around in his arms, grabbed him by the waist and easily hoisted the hunter up on the side of the pool. Zero held in a yelp, but he just indignantly glared at Kaname as the pureblood got out of the pool himself.

"I can get out of the pool myself, you know..." he pouted, standing up. Kaname just smirked at the silver-haired vampire and took him by the hand, saying, "I know." For some reason, Zero lost the little ire he had and felt his cheeks heat up a little before getting dragged inside by the older male. They hadn't even bothered to dry off. Zero rolled his eyes even as a bit of a smile crossed his lips- Kaname was such a spoiled brat.


"What would you like to eat?"

Zero looked up from scrubbing his hair dry from his perch on the side of the bed. They were going to stay the day (as in sleep and go back to school the next night like on the field trip) here as well. Both vampires had taken showers and changed into more comfortable clothing. Kaname wore- what else- dark green silk pajamas while Zero wore a white t-shirt and black cotton pants. The hunter figured the pureblood made practically the whole staff remain here and he felt a little embarrassed by it, but he guessed it made sense if they wanted service...

Zero shrugged and got up, putting the towel in a clothes bin.

"Whatever you want order for me is fine."

Kaname watched the other come to a stop in front of him and opened his mouth to make him give a specific order. He wouldn't want to get something Zero didn't like, but he was distacted by the very mussed mane of silver hair. The pureblood had taken at least a few moments to run a comb through his own hair just to get the tangles out, but it looked like Zero wasn't going to do anything to his own hair at the moment. Kaname reached out and ran both hands' worth of fingers through Zero's damp locks before petting them down into their usual style. Zero allowed this, feeling a wierd comfort from this treatment, but his comfort turned to slight shyness when Kaname slid his hands down to hold the prefect's face. The pureblood intently stared into lilac eyes for almost a half a minute, but then he just leaned forward to plant a gentle kiss on the downy, silvery bangs. As Kaname backed away to go to the phone to order their food, Zero frowned. That was another moment where the brunette fought himself- Zero could tell.

The hunter sighed and walked over to the side of the one bed in the room, flopping down on his back as Kaname gave him a curious look while he contended with an employee. Surely, Kaname didn't intend to make it through this without getting farther than a kiss with Zero? It would be murder. On both of them. As a pureblood, Kaname probably felt an extra hard pull for physical interaction than Zero, but either way, the ex-human got excited just like anyone from the male gender when he was with his mate. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he heard Kaname hang up the phone. He'd just have to show Kaname that it was time.

Zero felt Kaname sit on the edge of the bed beside him, but he didn't open his eyes. This prompted the other to lay a hand on his forehead and murmur, "You okay?" Now, the hunter opened his eyes and fixed Kaname with a serious and somewhat darkened lavender gaze. The pureblood held still when Zero reached up and took his hand down into one of his own and began to sit up. However, Zero never sat up completely, but as he rose up from the bed, he pushed Kaname down, his head towards the pillows. It wasn't a very fast movement and they held stares the whole time, but it didn't matter because both vampires' vitals sped up without the hurried motions. Even their senses tuned to each other almost painfully perfect by the time Kaname's back met the soft blanket and Zero was leaning over him. The hunter was no longer eye to eye, but he crawled up the pureblood's body while said pureblood automatically brought his legs up onto the bed. Somehow, they never touched once while they moved, but now Zero had Kaname in a cage of arms and legs.

It was kind of expected that Kaname wasn't reacting in shock to Zero's advances, but Zero himself was almost surprised at himself. He had no idea what he was doing, but here he was- on top of a passive Kaname. The hunter's body felt like it was moving on its own as his fingers brushed over the older vampire's slightly parted, full lips. The were supple to the touch and the soft shudder that passed from between them made Zero retract his hand and replace his fingers with his own lips. Kaname reacted instantly, kissing back at the same pace as Zero- slowly at first and then becoming more fervent, but the pureblood never took control. Not this time. He only reached up and threaded his fingers in the silver strands possessively. They had gone this far before, so it wasn't too hard on Zero, but his own digits were iching to do so much more this time. Ah, his whole body burned for more...

"Z...Zero...." Kaname turned his head away from the kiss and sighed when the pad of Zero's thumb sought out a sensitive nipple through the fabric of his shirt. It was going to be hard to stop himself this time if the hunter kept going like this... Kaname would rather die than scare Zero away at this point. But... he really wanted to head where it seemed the other was leading him...

Zero buried his nose against Kaname's now exposed neck and kissed there instead, keeping his other ministrations active.

"Kaname, please... I know you need this as much as I do..."

The brunette just let out a low, pleased growl when Zero languidly sank his fangs in instead of waiting for a response. Kaname's hand slipped down Zero's side until it found the hunter's waistband...

The room service worker came to the door a few minutes later but all she got in answer to her knocks was a husky, "Leave... Leave it there..." and then what sounded like a muffled cry of sorts.



Author's Notes: Haha~ take that. XDDD I wanted it to be like "Who's seme!" but it ended up looking like Zero was. X3 Also,I tried to make this a bit long since the older ones (save the first few) were short. Sorry if some of it was an obvious filler, but the only reason the first chappies were long is cause they were supposed to be one/two shots. XD Oh, how I love not planning. Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed this fic enough to leave a review ^^ I enjoyed making it once I got over "Oh, God, what do I type? They want more! :o" X3 So ciao, readers and happy readings~!