Mom's New Boyfriend


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EDIT: I removed any mention of the Necromancer from the first chapter because when I started expanding the character, he just got too good and juicy to be left as a minor mention. Expect creepieness.

Prologue- One year earlier…

Wizards didn't believe in psychology.

Or more accurately, they didn't understand the nature of such a thing. To most of the wizarding world, the idea of self-analysis without some sort of magical device or spell was a purely muggle invention and there for had little place among the great halls of magic users.

So when Hermione Weasley needed help to deal with the death of her husband two years ago, she found herself putting on muggle clothing, dusting off her father-in-law's car (which could still fly if she put the right gas in it) and driving into London the old fashioned way to attend a group therapy session on Friday nights.

That really wasn't too much of a struggle for Hermione, since she was raised as a muggle for most of her life, but for her wizarding children the idea was almost alien and insane. "Why don't you take the broom?" They'd say or "At least use a floo." But she'd just shake her head, this was better. Floos and Brooms would get her there faster but wouldn't be as much fun and Hermione desperately needed some fun in her life.

After Ron had passed away, she felt as though a piece of her was buried in that grave with him. How did you deal with the loss of a man you considered a soulmate? How did you fill the void left by someone that important? According to her therapist, all she had to do was stand up and say the words "My name is Hermione and I miss my husband." into a room full of strangers in a church basement.

The idea was simple. By sharing her feelings with others she would no longer feel isolated and perhaps the ugly void of Ron's death might some how get filled. But while the other people in her group did feel like a second family to her and she knew many of them had felt just as broken by the loss of their own loved ones, Hermione knew they could never truly understand. The things she and Ron had done together were almost unimaginable. How could a group of muggles, even a group filled with some of the nicest people she'd ever met, ever understand that? They couldn't.

Still, Hermione would never leave a project half finished and when Ryan, the group leader, stood up to make the evening announcements she paid close attention while taking bites of free Danish and sips of bad coffee.

"Evening everyone," Ryan said as he pulled his notes onto the tiny wooden podium, "as you know, Karen Baker is still in hospital with her brand new baby boy so be sure to wish her well the next time you see here." There were happy whispers and a few isolated claps as the group voiced their excitement for Karen's new addition. When the commotion died down, Ryan looked down at his notes and continued. "We've got a new member tonight and it's customary for our new members to start the meeting. He's got a bit of a funny name," That comment raised a few chuckles. Ryan was nice man and good group leader but retired truck drivers weren't known for their tact, the new member probably wanted to bolt, "But this man came all the way out to see us from the country so I want you to all say hello to our new friend: Draco Malfroy." Ryan's cockney drawl added an 'r' to the last name and put the emphasis in the wrong places but the pronunciation was clear enough to send Hermione's world tilting. It couldn't be, not in a million years.

But one look at the platinum blonde hair walking up to the podium eliminated any doubt. She watched him hesitate nervously before opening his mouth, and then meekly began to speak. "My name is Draco and I've recently lost my wife."

"Hello Draco." The group replied.

Chapter 1

Rose Weasley was in a lethal state of mind.

After their fifth full year of death, war, and pain against the forces of the evil, the Weasley-Potter family now had a whole new obstacle to deal with: a Malfoy with a prefect's badge.

The news broke just before they boarded the train for home and Scorpius made a point of standing right in front of their usual train compartment, displaying the golden colored symbol of his office in full view.

"Take a look Weasel," Scorpius Malfoy laughed as he removed the badge from his Slytherin robes and waved it just under poor Rose's freckled nose, "Headmaster Hagrid handed it to me this morning for services rendered." He laughed again when Rose's cousin Albus lunged forward only to be held back by his sister, Lily. "How long have you been trying to get one of these Weasel? One year, two years?"

"Rose deserves that badge you stinking creep!" Albus shouted and again Lily had keep him from punching the wicked Slytherin's brains in, "She did all the work."

"But I got all the credit, Potter!" Malfoy flashed his family smirk and Rose felt her stomach turn.

He was right. A week earlier, Rose and her cousins fought and killed a dark wizard, defeating him in single combat. And during that battle a stray blast of magic set fire to the Hogwarts main building, nearly turning the thousand year old school into a pile of ash. It was only Rose's quick thinking and fast spell casting that saved the most venerable building in wizard history from certain destruction. Yet there were no witnesses and no proof, so the only proven act of heroism came from Scorpius Malfoy, who 'bravely' led thirty seven students away from a raging inferno and onto the safety of the front lawn.

So the Ministry of Magic forced Headmaster Hagrid to sign the papers granting Scorpius Malfoy the rank of prefect in return for services rendered. Now the venomous little snake was actually using it to gloat, to hurt them. It was enough to make Rose sick with rage.

She was so close to breaking now, so close to just letting a fist fly. The urge came and went as Lily's calming presence forced Rose's anger back into it's cage. "This is low, Scorpius, even for you."

"Watch how you speak to me, eh?" He tapped the badge, a motion that sent Rose and the Potters on the edge of a blind with fury, "I can give you detention." Another smirk, this one with just a hint of pearly white teeth.

And with that, he turned and boarded the train, almost skipping as he went. There were few things in this world that Rose Weasley was sure of, but she could be certain that she hated Scorpius Malfoy and was glad to be rid of him for three whole months.

Hermione smiled as the train pulled up to the station and another year without her beloved children came to an end. She always remembered how much it hurt to see that train pull away the first time and the first year without Ron two years ago had almost broken her to pieces. During those dark days, her children had been all she had left and there was nothing but emptiness in the world when they weren't there.

But this year had been slightly different and the ugly pain that once filled her was diminished to a point of being very bearable. No man could ever replace Ron but this one, very surprising, man was finding a place in her closely guarded heart.


The sound of Rose's voice snapped Hermione out of her thoughts and into the happy sight of her children, her Rose and her Hugo, running at full speed towards her. Without a moment's hesitation, she scooped them both up in a warm embrace, squeezing them as tightly as she could. "Oh my darlings, my darlings, how I've missed you!"

A feeling of dread filled Draco Malfoy as the train pulled up to the station and another year long reprieve from the pressures of father hood came to an end. It wasn't always this difficult to see Scorpius, when Astoria had been alive the sight of his little boy made his chest swell with pride. Even now, he knew that he would never really hate his son. This was always his little boy and he was always going to be his father. But without Astoria, Draco knew he was doing everything wrong.

Something had changed in Scorpus after his mother died and the good man that Draco had tried so hard to raise was turning into the bully Draco had once been. It was a problem that seemed to have no solution: how do you keep someone from making your mistakes if the boy refuses to listen?

He'd become so paralyzed in pursuit of that answer that he and Scorpius barely said a word to each other anymore. Now it was just silence a terrific ugly silence that followed them everywhere.

Draco only just barely realized that Scorpius was now sitting beside him in the limo and he sighed when the boy didn't even bother to look at him. He tried to speak up, to use words other then "How was school?" but Draco's natural cowardice took control and those were the only words he used.

"Fine." That constituted all of Scorpius' vocabulary these days. The house could be on fire and if his father asked him something it would be fine. Ordinarily Draco would've left it at that but today was special.

Today he had some news…

"So when are we going to meet Mr. Handsome?" Rose said with a tease as her mother pulled the car it into the familiar boundaries of their neighbor hood.

"Soon enough, soon enough." Hermione laughed. It was encouraging that her children were so supportive of her love life but sometimes she wondered if they didn't take the teasing a little too far, "I've invited him over for dinner tomorrow night, he'll be bringing his son."

"Didn't you say this guy was rich or something?" Hugo said as he tapped the buttons of his hand held video game, Hogwarts didn't have video games and Hugo had practically gone through with draw syndrome without a Sony PSP. "If you marry him and he's rich, can I get a jet ski."

A blush creeped across Hermione's face as the thought of a second marriage entered her mind. No, it was too soon to be thinking about that. Wasn't it? They had gone out almost every night for nearly a year, but the relationship was so slow and steady and hadn't progressed to physical intimacy. Neither of them had actually started calling what they had a 'relationship' until two weeks before the children came home.

"Don't be such a beast, Hugo!" Rose said as she smacked her little brother in the arm, "Where did you meet this guy anyway? Your letter said you knew him at Hogwarts."

"To answer your questions, his family is wealthy and he's the only heir." And that earned her a happy 'ooo' from her children and Hermione pulled into the drive way of their modest, cozy home, "I met him in school…just before Voldemort's return."

"Tell me mother, did he have a mad crush on you in school? Did he fight father for your hand and lose?" Rose dropped her voice four octaves and took on the tone of an exaggerated Soap Opera announcer, "Has he burned with desire for you every day since you last parted?"

More blushing from Hermione, "Stop that! That's not funny."

"Oh Hermione," Hugo put down the video game player and joined in the fun, "Oh Hermione! I love you and care for you and today I shall buy your son a jet ski."

The car filled with laughter.

"You'll get the chance to meet him soon enough," Hermione said as she opened the driver's side door, "In fact, you've probably met his son at Hogwarts…"

"We're going to dinner tomorrow night." Draco said but his son barely heard him, "Please wear the nice sport coat I got you, the one with our family crest."


"This woman is a good…friend so please don't embarrass me."

Once again he responded with a disinterested "Fine." But the thought of his father finally dating again roused some form of curiosity from Scorpius, "Who is this bint? Another one of your country club chippies?"

"No, she's someone I met when I was at school," Draco was encouraged that the boy was at least taking an interest, "You know her daughter."

"Do I know her daughter or do I 'know' her daughter?" Scorpius' eyebrows wiggled mischievously and Draco released a heavy sigh. His son went through at least one girlfriend a week during a school year which was an impressive if undignified social feat.

"I don't keep track of your love life."

"No, you just barely have a handle on yours." Draco heard the bitter edge of his son's voice and he knew this wasn't going to be a pleasant experience for either of them. Scorpius still loved his mother and seeing Draco dating again, even after a year, must've felt like a betrayal.

"Hermione is a lovely woman, I've known for some time."

He heard a cruel chuckle but Scorpius continued to stare out the window as he spoke, "Hermione? She sounds like some sort of Welsh librarian."

"She's an auror."

"I'm sure she's something."

Draco sighed again. This was never going to work, Scorpius was never going to accept the idea that his father might one day find another woman. There was nothing left to do now but at least try to keep things civil.

"Please don't embarrass me." He repeated.


And then the car returned to an awkward silence.

To Be Continued