Yep! A new and improved story about finding love on the interwebz! XDDD I got this idea from watching that one commercial for you know that one where the guy goes "she gets to pick, daddy gets to pay" God, I love that one! I find that one so cute! I mean, how could you not like that man! I know I do!

Ehm, so anyways, back to what I was saying. I decided "why can't Hinata and Sasuke find each other through the interwebz?" We all know Sasuke doesn't like to date for obvious reasons, Hinata is much too shy, and Hanabi was into helping her sister get the guy . . . or that's what we make her out to be, from what I've read anyways . . .

Well anyways, here's my redition of EHarmony, EMatch, EWhatever. Com!

Harmony. Net begins now!

"Ehhhh?!" Hinata stared at her younger sister, Hanabi, who was leafing through the steel racks of clothes Hinata had designed and made herself. "You d-did what?"

Hanabi rolled her lilac-colored eyes, lifting an ivory hand to run it through her glossy, auburn blow-out. "Oh, puh-lease, onee-san, we both know you need this."

"No! I-I disagree, H-Hanabi!" Hinata folded a pomegranate-colored blouse and set it on a white shelf that sat against the wall beside a bay window. "I-I have t-too many t-things to d-do and p-possibly not e-enough time."

"You lie," Hanabi smirked, placing her hands on the hips of her tomato-red Ella Moss sleeveless trench dress cinched with a silver-buckled braided brown belt. "You have more than enough time, onee-san. This store will be up in a matter of days, so rest a bit."

Hinata nibbled her lip, pushing up the sleeves of her plum-colored V-neck sweatshirt. "I-I don't know. I-I mean, w-what if it d-doesn't work?"

"If at first you don't succeed, then try, try again." Hanabi plucked a feather off her medium indigo wash Juicy Couture ultra low-rise skinny jeans with her French-manicured nails. "Or, that's what daddy always says."

Hinata smiled softly before letting her shoulders droop with a sigh. "I-I can't Hanabi. I-I don't w-want to h-hurt anyone's f-feelings by saying it's n-not gonna work out."

"I know where you're coming from, onee-san," Hanabi said, adding another coat of clear M.A.C lip-gloss to her full hips. "But you're always gonna be hurting some poor sap somewhere."

Hinata's cheeks turned bright red. "Ano, that's a d-depressing w-way of t-thinking Hanabi."

"Think I care?" Hanabi smirked, leaning against the white wall of the store, the sunlight bouncing off her red Vogue over-sized shades.

"N-no," Hinata answered softly, straightening a stack of her kelly green V-neck long-sleeves tees. "B-but still . . ."

Hanabi placed a hand on her older sister's shoulders, smiling softly. "Ne, Onee-san, I only want for you to be happy. I hate the thought of you being left alone to deal with this place. You need somebody in your life, whether he is the perfect one or not. Just promise you'll try it, okay?"

Hinata looked at her younger sister, then to the window depicting the perfect January morning, sun glinting off the snow-covered streets. "Alright. I-I'll give it a s-shot."

Hanabi's smile widened and she grabbed her red suede Dior hobo bag. "Perfect! Make sure you make the video alright? And be natural yet cute at the same time, okay? Don't forget to smile!"

Hinata nodded, taking everything down mental. "H-have fun tonight."

"I will! Konohamaru is taking me out to that new French restaurant daddy's always going to!" She stopped and picked up the beige trench coat she had spotted earlier. "Um, get rid of this."

Hinata blinked, ripping open a box and lifting out a white curvy Ralph Lauren vase. "W-what for?"

"Beige is so out. Tan is so in."

"O-oh." Hinata blushed and set the vase in a white shelf connected to the back wall by the dressing rooms. "I-I should k-know that."

Hanabi ran out the glass door, shouting over her shoulder. "That's why you have me!"

Hinata watched as she slid into a waiting deep red Kia Rio with Konohamaru. The little car sped off and she sighed, leaning against a white solid cube sitting in the middle of the bamboo floor. Her eyes scanned the bare walls, racks full of clothes waiting to be put into an appealing display, boxes of decor and such.

"I have too much time on my hands," she said to herself softly, tugging on her raven-dark French braid. "Way too much time."


Sasuke lowered his paint brush, eyebrow twitching. "You what?"

Naruto popped a cherry tomato in his mouth, turning to face his normally stoic friend. "I signed you up for that little internet dating website. You know, the one called uh, Harmony. Net?"

Sasuke clenched his paint brush between his fingers, glaring at his "friend". "Did I ask to be signed up?"

Naruto blinked, plopping down on the black suede couch in Sasuke's studio. "No, why?"

He barely dodged the waxed orange flying for his head. "What was that for, teme!?!?!"

"You're lucky," Sasuke growled. "If that had hit, you would have been mince meat, addle brain."

Naruto stuck out his tongue. "Good thing you got poor aim then, huh!"

He howled as a wax apple slammed right into his nose. Sasuke turned back to his painting, blatantly ignoring his friend's bleeding nose. "Yes, my aim has gotten worst over the years, hasn't it?"

"You know teme," Naruto winced, pinching his nose until the bleeding stopped, "I'm doing you a huge favor! I can't see how anyone would want to date you! This internet thing would be best for you!"

"I can get any woman to bow to me, dumbass," Sasuke dipped his brush into a deep blue before mixing it with a little bright gold to get his color. "I don't need a fucking internet to 'match' me to someone."

Naruto's azure eyes glittered with a possible challenge. "Oh, really?"

"Yes really."

"If you think so, then in the next month, if you find somebody, I dare you to make them fall for you. Since you know, you can make any woman swoon over you."

Sasuke smoothly turned to face him. "Terms."

Naruto smirked, holding up a tanned finger, his blond hair flopping down in his face. "If you can't, then you admit that I'm better than you in everything and everyone. Got it?"

Sasuke dropped his paint brush into a jar of water, turning the clear water into murky blue-green. "And if I win?"

"Then visa-versa."

His onyx eyes locked with Naruto's and he smirked. "Alright then, you're on dweeb. I'm letting you know right now, you're not gonna win."

"Funny," Naruto glared at him, standing up and pulling up his baggy blue jeans, "I was about to say the same to you."

Someone's pager went off and Naruto blinked, pulling the little black thing from his back pocket. "Oh, Ino wants me."

Sasuke arched a raven-dark eyebrow. "Yamanaka Ino? As in the platinum blond, loud-mouthed, female stick figure that owns a high-priced weed shop on the other side of town?"

Naruto shot him a glare. "Shut up, teme! And yes, that one!"

"So your loyalty to Sakura has waned?"

Naruto sighed dramatically, dropping his pager in his pocket again. "I fear it is so. She and I just aren't meant to be."

Sasuke took his smock off, shaking out his spiky hair. "You've been hanging out with Lee too much."

"So? He's great at cards." Naruto wiggled his eyebrows up and down. "Why? You jealous or something?"

"Fuck off, dobe," Sasuke shot him a glare.

"It's okay teme!" Naruto snickered. "I'll stop by every so often to visit! I haven't forgotten you either!"

He dodged the wax peach heading for his face. "Jeez, teme! Watch it! You can hurt someone throwing those!"

"Get moving, before I move your ass for you, stupid."


Sasuke! Needs to improve his aim!

Hinata! Has to make a video for her profile!

Hanabi! Is dating Konohamaru (I like this couple and GaaHana as well . . . Don't ask)

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