We were in the meadow again, our meadow. We came here quite often now-a-days. The first time it was hard to handle, but each time we came here and did our special thing, it got easier and nicer. We both began to loosen. Edward brought his icy lips against mine and I brought my blood filled lips to his. Our eyes locked. He vigorously rolled me over onto my back-although being careful he didn't crush me with his marble chest. I unbuttoned my top but he unbuttoned his-much faster. Within seconds I found myself hard to escape from his touch. He softly ran his finger down my face and my body uncontrollably filled with pleasure. Edward was perfect and he was mine. Edward was so hard to resist, and I knew it would be even harder for him.

Suddenly the thrusting stopped and Edward cut off. Horror flooded his face. I was nearly there and now I was angry.

"What is it?" I questioned with acid in my voice.

"Jasper and Alice…They're on their way…" he replied indifferently.

"Well maybe they can join in," I said with slight humour but seriousness to my voice.