Hi everyone!

I'm working on the story to go along with the short that I did called If You See Him so hopefully I'll be able to start posting soon, it's called It Doesn't Matter. Honestly I'm going to try to enjoy having a little break from my daily updates so I can get caught up on the reading, which is my favorite thing to do anyway.

I've got a poll up on my profile that I would like to get your guys feedback on if you don't mind. I've got a story that's actually finished but it's another one of those racing background sorts that I'm sure you guys are sick of me writing. The story in itself doesn't really take place at the track it's similar to This Year's Girl in that manner. It will include Bella with Edward and someone other than Edward, I'm not saying who other than it isn't Jake and it may or may not end with E/B. I don't want you guys starting to read the story and then yelling at me because it's not E/B. You're getting fair warning here that there is someone, not Jake, that is also involved.

So please go vote!

I've also started a C2 with some of the Doucheward suggestions you guys have sent me. They aren't all listed yet so please give me time but they will eventually be there.

That's all for now!