Part 1 Canary's Conspiracies.

Black Canary pushed a cart filled with cleaning supplies. She wore all white cleaning scrubs and yellow rubber gloves. Both the scrubs and the baseball hat she wore were inscribed Pentagon Cleaning staff. "You know Ollie would approve of me cleaning up government."

Canary pushed her cart into a room filled many cubicles, each filled with a desk and computer. Oracle's voice came over Canary's earring. " I need you, to take every keyboard you can find and replace it with one of mine."

Dinah looked around to see two people still typing away in their short cubicles. "There are people still working here."

Dinah's gloved hand reached for one of the computer keyboards. She rubbed it with her cloth.

"This place is always busy, just follow the plan." Oracle intoned.

She placed the keyboard inside a bucket inside the large garbage bag attached to the cart.

The liquid in the bucket bubbled and some smoke rose from it.

"That liquid will dissolve the old keyboards…" Oracle said.

Dinah pulled a new keyboard from under her cleaning tray.

"…So that they can be replaced by my modified keyboards. They have small transmitters imbedded in them. Everything that's ever punched into that keyboard will be known to me, encrypted passwords, secret files, you name it." Oracle announced.

Dinah dusted the computer monitor while plugging back in the keyboard.

She went over to where geeky looking guys were working. Coffee cups lay beside both their keyboards.

"Are you nuts? Kirk would kick Picard's ass. I mean, since when did Picard get any babes."

The other geeky fellow conceded. "Well Kirk did get all those trashy alien women."

Dinah came up behind them. She flaunted herself in front of them and said in a low sultry voice. " Well boys I'm a trashy woman. "

They turned around and stared lustily at Dinah. "Huh?"

"I said I'm the trash woman, just in time too seeing as how you boys are all dirty."

Dinah slid in front of the two. She bent over provocatively, accidentally, on purpose spilling coffee on both keyboards with her butt cheek.

Dinah apologetically picked up the keyboard pretending to clean it, in order to switch them. "I'll be right back in a second guys. This'll be as good as new."

Dinah poured some liquid into the bucket she used to dissolve the keyboards. "So this stuff will neutralize the acid so I can just flush it down the sink?"

Oracle replied. "Yup. That's it. Mission completed Dinah."

Dinah pushed the cart before her, ready to exit the building. "What's next cleaning the Kremlin?"

As Canary passed a door she heard voices on the other side. She cocked her ear to the door.

She went over to the door, which was opened just a crack.

A voice came from behind door. "The loyalists are going to lose unless we intervene."

A second voice said. "So we give them that that abomination so that they can even the odds?"

A look of interest came over her face as Canary stopped by the door.

She pulled something, that looked like a mechanical snake from her pocket. Oracle called out over her earring. "Canary what's up?"

" We lose all influence in the region if the loyalists fall, we have no choice, general sir." The first voice sounded again.

" But the risk…"

Dinah pushed one end of the snake thing through the crack in the door. One end had a small video camera.

Canary watched the other end, a small television screen showed two men talking inside the room. One of them had a mustache and wore a slick well tailored suit, the other who was older and had a slight paunch wore a highly decorated military uniform, with bore the stripes of a generals rank.

The suit continued. "Is negligible, general. Once we show our trump card, resistance will crumble."

The general responded. "I'm not so sure…"

The man in the suit leaned over him. "Decapas will not fight a battle he knows he can not win."

The man in the general's uniform frowned standing before several large projected maps of central and the northern part of South America. "You should never underestimate what someone will do when backed into a corner. This has the potential to blow up in our faces."

The man in the flashy suit looked the military officer in the eye. "I guarantee you it will, if we don't act. Just sign the papers release project Alpha Omega into my care. I'll take care of everything."

Canary positioned the camera so that it focused on the papers the man in the suit had pulled from his briefcase.

The man in the military uniform bent over to sign them. 5 bars 5 stars appeared on the sleeve of the general as he signed General Mills. "Just make sure none of it comes back to me understand. I want no evidence of this ever transpiring."

The man in the suit filed the signed papers back into his briefcase. "This document is as good as shredded General."

Oracle busily sifted through information, large amounts of data scrolled up the large holographic screen. "There is absolutely no reference anywhere to this Project Alpha Omega, in any of the pentagon files."

"Must be very hush-hush. They're probably afraid of people like us finding out about it." Dinah did exercises on the parallel bars behind her.

"I've nailed the country they were talking about. Eltoledo is a tiny country with a history of bloody guerilla warfare. It was ruled for years by the military regime of General Francass." Oracle looked at the highlighted country of Eltoledo on the holo map.

Canary somersaulted off the bars, landing square on her feet. "Let me guess a brutal dictator who was on friendly terms with the US."

Oracle stared at two images on the screen. One of them revealed a stocky man. He wore a flamboyant military style uniform with puffed out shoulders with golden tassels hanging from them. It was decorated with metals and badges of all sorts. He also wore a red sash across his chest. The other image showed someone in a military outfit that was very plain. He wore a simple soldiers beret.

Oracle relayed the information. "It seems our boy Francass was deposed by one Jose Decapas last year when the populist rebels captured the capital. Decapas closed the American embassy and cut all formal ties with the US."

Oracle pulled up more files on the screen in front of her. "Hmm… that's interesting, seems Decapas is classically educated, a law degree from Cambridge."

"Maybe you should check out some stuff on the CIA." Dinah optioned.

"The CIA? What makes you think they're involved?"

"It's only natural. They're always mixed up in something."

"You're letting your bias influence you. I prefer to go with what we know as fact rather then speculate."

Oracle scrolled down the page, on the computer screen was a section from a newspaper. The headline read. "Eltoledo in turmoil as rebels capture General Francass' palace."

"Hmm…" Oracle stared at the screen.

The picture in the article showed the palace of General Francass. It looked like an old Spanish fort. Two flags on the top of the palace were burning. One was yellow with an eagle in the middle. The other was the American flag.

Under the picture in smaller letters it read. "Presidential Palace burned to the ground. General Francass flees to American embassy."

Oracle looked to a computer screen at the map of the county. " There's still fighting going on in the boarder regions. The Red Cross has various relief stations in the area. That's the best place to go to get on the ground floor about what this is all about."

Deep in the South American jungle, two soldiers with rifles in hand stood before a large army tent with the Red Cross symbol emblazoned on it. A huge section where the tent was placed was cleared of forest. A dirt road intersected the area. A voice came from inside the tent. "As you can see we are completely understaffed as usual."

" Well I'm here to do whatever I can." Dinah looked to the to the many cots filled with wounded soldiers in the makeshift hospital. A tangled array of I.V. drip bag poles and other medical equipment were scattered about the working groups of doctors and nurses.

The female doctor she talked to stripped off her bloody surgical scrubs, mask and gloves. A stethoscope dangled around her neck. "Alright go around and collect the bedpans and empty them into the outdoor latrine."

Canary sneered disgusted. " Bedpans, yeech!"

Dinah wore her costume under a large white apron. She wore latex cloves and a surgeons mask pulled over her face.

Canary emptied the bedpans in the latrine. " War IS hell."

She heard a thuda, thuda, thuda sound outside the latrine. " Wait I hear a chopper."

A helicopter landed in a clearing. Groups of soldiers ran hunched over to the chopper and removed a wounded man on a stretcher. Oracle called over her radio. "That's your ride to the front, Canary."

Oracle, in the tower, looked at a map on the computer screen. "Loyalist government troops are hiding out in the foothills of the mountains. Reports are that while they are well equipped with some small arms, and various munitions and equipment, most likely provided by Uncle Sam, they are however seriously outnumbered."

Dinah approached the helicopter. She shielded her ear from the choppers noise so she could hear Oracles voice. "The mountains serve as a border between Eltoledo and the country of San Salasta. The Salastans are officially neutral. Unofficially they have been aiding the rebels since the start of this conflict. The loyalists are now with they're backs up against the wall. They have nowhere left to retreat and they're practically down to no heavy equipment."

Dinah stuck her heads through the large hole in the choppers side.

"Well hello sweet thang." said the tough and brawny helicopter pilot, with large mirrored sunglasses on. Two earflaps hung way down from his bombers hat.

He looked at the bedpan in Dinah's hands. "Strange supplies for a field medic. Going into the combat zone though, you just might need it honey."

Dinah leaned over the pilots seat as he drove. "You been doing this kind of stuff long stud?"

"Name's Hank, and yes I'm an old hand at this, ever since Nam, I can put this baby down safely anywhere from the Redwood Forest to Staten Island. Impressed yet, sugar?" Hank pulled pushed forward on the helicopters flight stick.

Dinah slid one hand down around his neck and onto his chest the other played with the large air flap of his cap.

"It's Dinah, but you can call me sugar."

Hank smiled broadly.

Dinah held her mouth to his ear. "What would really impress me is if you could land behind the front, near the mountains without being seen."

Hank's smile turned crooked. " Why do I always have to attract the crazy ones."

Hank's expression darkened considerably. "Listen Sugar," he said icily, "I got wounded to pick up and deliver. I'm here to save lives and I ain't gonna be part of your damn CIA espionage racket. You wanna aid loyalist CIA stooges? Do it on your own time. Ok Sugar."

Canary put both hands up palm outward as if to ward Hank off. "Whoa Hank, its not like that ok. Something's going on between the loyalists and certain American agents that doest seem exactly kosher. I just want to find out what it is."

"You some kind of reporter?"

"Something like that. What can you tell me, is the CIA involved?"

"I dunno about that for sure, but I figure they gotta be involved somehow they's always involved in something."

Canary smiled slyly "I hear ya Hank."

"All I know for sure is that the loyalists have been getting their hands on loads of artillery cannons as of late, the kind of hardware that they didn't have before. Heck until about a week ago the loyalists were all but down for the count. There's something going on that's for sure." Hank directed the helicopter toward some sort of landing pad on the ground. There were several soldiers nearby attending to the wounded on the ground.

Oracle interrupted. "Ask him is he's heard of Project Alpha Omega."

"Ever hear of a thing called project Alpha Omega?"

"Alpha Omega? Wasn't he the little rascal with that funny hair always sticking up? Use ta sing Clemintine or some such?"

Canary shook her head. "Never mind."

Hank landed the helicopter.

Two soldiers carrying stretchers rushed toward the helicopter.

Hank saluted her. "This is our stop. Good luck with your reporting sugar."

The helicopter behind her took off. Dinah, wearing a backpack and still in her medical scrubs, waded through the smoke on the horizon. There was a sort of trench leading to a sheltered area with filled sand bags making small bunkers two or three tanks could be seen parked nearby. "There's so much smoke and dust here I can hardly breathe."

She past by a soldier, who was kneeling on one knee and praying with rosary beads in his hand. "Any idea on how I get through no mans land, to the other side?"

On the computer screen in front of Barbara was a satellite image of the field of battle. Smoke from the battle clouded much of the screen. "Just a sec, I want to get rid of the fog of war."

The computer screen had two images. One that said current satellite image, the other said topographical representation.

The satellite image was a picture of the current battlefield with the smoke of battle present.

The topographical image was a perfectly clear computer image.

Oracle combined the two images.

The map now before her showed the mountain range on one side, the open plain on the other. There was a river running down from the mountain. Dinah's position was highlighted on the map near the river.

"Dinah, there's a small river that should lead to the enemy encampment. Just follow it upstream it should provide fairly adequate cover."

Dinah ran into the dense jungle beyond, stripping off the doctor's scrubs that she has been wearing, reveling her costume underneath.

Dinah stood before a river forested on both sides. She slipped on a set of goggles and slipped into the river. There was a green skuzzy mold on the surface of the water near the banks. " Dammit! I just had my hair done."

Dinah did the breaststroke up river. The rainforest closed in on top of her, the trees from either bank having their limbs touch one another.

"Dinah I hear a splashing sound."

"Yeah I'm swimming, following the river upstream like you said."

"I meant by following along its bank. It's the middle of the South American jungle. Lord knows what's in that river." By the bank of the river a scaled alligator tail slid underneath the slimy water, creating bubbles as it dove in.

"You could be attacked by piranha or…"

The alligator's jaws yawned wide just in front of where Canary was swimming. Canary's face drew back in pure horror. "Crocodile!"

End of Part 1

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