Part 4 The Secret of Agent Alpha Omega.

Robin and Batgirl peeked out from where they where hidden in some shrubbery. They saw a group of soldiers surrounding three old and battered tanks. An officer blew his whistle. "We begin the attack now. Get…"

Batgirl leapt in among them. She nailed the first two with a roundhouse kick. She grabbed the side arm pistol from one of the men as he slumped unconscious to the ground.

She swirled around the corner of the tank presenting herself to the view of the rest of the group of soldiers. She let off 3 quick shots from the pistol firing with precision on the guns of the all three of the soldiers who held their weapons in their hands unlike the others who let them hang lose by the straps around their necks.

Batgirl pointed the smoking gun strait at the stunned soldiers as if daring them to touch the rifles slung around their necks.

-Batgirl takes them out so blindingly fast that I'd miss it even if I did have my vision back.

The shocked soldiers raised their hands in the air.

Batgirl ran quickly to get Robin from where he had hidden quite close by. She pressed a rifle into his hand. "You hold them."

Batgirl dragged him from the bushes out in front of the group, she had held at gunpoint.

Robin held his gun on the soldiers, but slightly facing the wrong way. Batgirl looked to him perturbed.

Batgirl turned Robin slightly so that his gun pointed directly at the soldiers.

Batgirl tied a group of soldiers' arms and legs together.

"This isn't working Batgirl. Taking out each unit individually takes too much time, we've got to find a quicker way to stop them from shelling."


"Uh… you're welcome Batgirl, I guess. But we've still got to stop this more quickly."

Batgirl led Robin to one of the tanks. She placed his hands on the cannon.

"Oh tanks! I get it. Unless of course this is an elephants trunk."

"Sure you don't want me to help you with your swim trunks?" Steph, wearing a bathing suit, tugged at the sleek suited man.

They were in large lounge area. Various sharp suited gangsters sat around the lounge area. While several gangsters lounged by the bar while others lounged around a large sauna. Sleek scantily clad beautiful women hung about the area, pawing over the gangsters.

"Just a second baby, I gotta take care of some business." The suited man winked at her.

"It's all right. You go do your business then before we have our pleasure."

She watched him wander in among a group of gangsters.

"See I told you. These guys are all the same, Alfred."

"Hmm… Yes your insights into the criminal male psyche have proven to be rather accurate."

"Guess that's what comes from having a criminal male psycho for a father."

Batgirl climbed into the manhole at the top of the tank. Robin sat on the top of the tank beside her. "Ok Batgirl you've disabled the other two tanks. Hurry up and put this one out of commission and we'll move on."

Batgirl yanked him by the cape inside the tank. "Urk."

Robin fell inside the tank. "Oof."

Batgirl placed Robin's hands on two leaver controls. "Tank skid steer controllers. You drive."

"What a minute Batgirl, you mean to say you don't know how to drive a car but tanks you've got no problem with?"


"Ah I see, actually I can't see. How the hell am I supposed to drive this thing?"

"I will tell you. Go now, forward right." Batgirl peered into a slit.

"Um… just asking Batgirl, exactly why am I driving this? Shouldn't you be driving you're the one who can see?"


"Why can't you? What else do you have to do?"

He heard a sudden blast from the tanks main cannon.

"Batgirl you're at shooting them." Robin screamed alarmed.

"No. Not shooting at… shooting nearby… missing them… scaring them."

"Oh man." He softly added. "You're not only scaring them."

The tank rolled over the terrain. Bands of loyalist soldiers in its path began to run.

-The first thing I think about is that Batman probably wouldn't approve of this.

-The second thing I think is what my excuse will be. "Sorry Batman I was just the wheelman. I didn't pull the trigger." That probably wouldn't go over too well.

The suit led Steph into what looked to be a small sized motel room. A bed lay in the middle of the room. Steph looked to the bedside table she saw a used hypodermic needle resting on top of it.

The suited man ran his hands along Steph's body. "I want you babe."

"You wanna get screwed?" Steph picked up the needle from the bedside table as she reached her arms around him.

"How about a prick in the ass?" She jabbed his butt with the hypodermic needle.

Steph held up the needle in front of him. "You've just been poisoned. Only I have the antidote. That means you tell me what I want to know. Where can I find the cure for the Agent Alpha Omega?"

Spoiler grabbed his neck under her arm.

"Oh you're a feisty one. You must be a friend of the other blondie."

"I'm not kidding around here buddy." She grabbed him tighter around the neck

"Urk. Can't breathe." He turned red.

Steph sneered. "You're sounding a little hoarse, man, with no breath. So unless you're forth coming, you'll sound the coming of the fourth horseman, Death."

"I'll talk, I'll talk." The suit said weakly. Steph loosed the hold around his neck.

"So what's the deal? The general have a deal going with your drug baron friends out there?"

"Yes well this particular cartel would benefit from having Francass back in power, at least they could bribe him. Decapas is proving a good deal more stubborn."

"And what exactly are you getting out of the whole deal?"

"From the cartel I'm getting a few hundred thousand in unmarked bills but honestly that's chump change. I'm not working for them."

"No you're working for the US government under General Mills."

"You know about Mills too?" He looked at her surprised. "Mills is a paranoid cold war era General who thinks Reds are sleeping under his bed at night. He believes Decapas is a communist and therefore wants his regime overthrown. But honestly honey, he's just a means to an end. You really want to know whom I work for honey?"

He tossed her a small card. Pharmephet Corp. was stamped on it.

"Who is this?" Steph looked at the card puzzled.

"That's the manufacturer of agent Alpha Omega. You see with all the bad rap about chemical weapons, you can imagine how hard it is to convince the military to buy more of them. You see there's a public perception that chemical weapons are the weapons that terrorists use. We're trying to sell Alpha Omega as a weapon that can be used against terrorists."


"Think of it. A gas grenade of Alpha Omega explodes in an area instantly rendering all in the area absolutely immobile. You don't have to worry about hostages or anyone getting killed because they can be given the antidote immediately afterwards and suffer no ill effects. It's the perfect weapon."

Steph looked to him incredulously. "You mean you set this all up as a kind of sales promo for Agent Alpha Omega?"

"Of course. There's a multi million-dollar contract at stake here."

A soldier ran approaching the loyalist Colonel. "Sir, sir."

"What is it? How goes the attack?"

"They're counter attacking. Sir."

"What but, but… the Agent should have taken care of them. I was told that there would be practically no resistance."

Suddenly groups of soldiers came running toward him running from the shrubbery ahead of them. "Retreat! Retreat!"

The colonel held out his hand to stop one of them as he ran past. "You soldier, what's happened? We should be attacking. What happened to our armor."

The soldier looked at the colonel scared. "We only had three tanks and they've all been destroyed."

Suddenly large explosions racked the area in the distance,

What was that?

I told you, they're attacking, sir.

That's impossible.

A tank headed out of the brush towards them. The colonel's eyes widened in terror.

The colonel pointed at a nearby tent. "The rocket! The rocket!"

The soldier ran into the tent.

He reappeared wearing a shoulder held missile launcher.

The tank bore down on them. "Fire!" The colonel commanded.

The soldier fired the rocket.

The rocket hit the tank dead on it exploded into a ball of fire.

The colonel looked to the burning tank. "Good job soldier."

The colonel pointed to the markings on the burning tank. "This is one of our tanks. This is obviously the work of a saboteur. You men get ready and follow me. I've been assured that there'll be no opposition by the general himself."

Dinah lay asleep on the couch. Suddenly she heard a screeching racket. She awoke suddenly. "What the hell?"

She saw Roy Harper sitting in front of the TV set. The volume was turned up as he was watching a rock video. On the screen a longhaired guitarist ran his fingers across the guitar strings. "Uh sorry to wake you up Dinah, I didn't see you sleeping there."

Canary pressed her hands over her ears. "What is that awful music you're listening to?''

"Hey this is good stuff. Hard rocking speed metal."

"So Speedy likes the speed metal." She stared at the screen in confusion. "This video is confusing what does the guy all bandaged up in the bed have to do with the song?"

"That guy in the bed was injured in war and lost all capacity to interact with the outside word. He can't move, see, hear, talk, nothing. It's kind of what the song is about."

"You mean he's just lying there more or less paralyzed? My god how horrible. I can't imagine anything worse."

"Yeah, he wants to die but he can't even communicate that to the doctors around him. Well until this part." Roy threw his head forward in a head banging motion and strummed his air guitar. "I love this part. See he uses Morse code. He's sending out an S.O.S."

Dinah awoke from her half dream into blackness.

-Huh what? An S.O.S. that's it an SOS. Am I out of my mind? Why didn't I think of it sooner? Now I can tell her what to do."

"Do this Dinah. Do that Dinah." Oracle worked over some equipment. "I don't mean to always tell you what do but it seems like you'd sooner I do the thinking for you. You don't mind it."

Oracle looked down on the still body of Canary. "I'm sorry Dinah, I'm sorry I'm such a selfish human being that I had to use your body to get my vicarious thrills."

-Barbara it's ok you can make use of my body. I don't care. Just please make it so that I can use my body again.

"I'm supposed to be so independent with no handles on my wheelchair. I never let you get close. I only gave you my Oracle handle, before, not my real name. And I because I can't be hands on, I get you to handle things because I'm handicapped."

-You're handicapped? You just can't move your legs and feet. You're capable of amazing feats. I'm the one lying here paralyzed and defeated.

The colonel led his group of soldiers forward through the thick jungle.

"Trust me men. You won't have to worry about a thing. "

Suddenly they heard machine gun fire from far on the ridge. The soldiers looked around started.

The colonel pointed. "There he is on the left."

The soldiers fired their automatic riffles at the area where the muzzle fire had come from.

Suddenly to their right, hidden from them in the dense brush, another weapon was fired.

The colonel pointed. "There!"

And again a volley of bullets was unleashed on the area.

Another soldier pointed as gunfire rattled in the background. "No there."

A soldier fired of his weapon. "Over here too! We're surrounded!"

The soldiers stood back to back firing all around them.

Batgirl ran along hearing the firing in the distance behind her. She had several automatic weapons slung over her shoulder.

She neared a hollow, snuck down inside it and removed one of the guns from her shoulder.

She took some twine and wound it around the trigger on the rifle.

She slung some twine between a ringed hoop she had imbedded in the tree.

She harnessed the rifle to the tree above her.

She stealthily crept away, slinging the twine in her hand behind her.

She snuck back to Robin who was sitting with his back to a large tree. He held several pieces of twine in his hands. He tugged at one intermittently. A ratatattat could be heard behind him.

"I haven't killed any of them have I? Cause I'm shooting blind here."

"Still blind?"

"Some of it is starting to come back. I can see fuzzy shapes. The swellings gone down a bit." He held his hand to his puffy eyes.

Suddenly Robin doubled over and held his head in his hands.

"Oh man, the headache like before but 10 times worse."

Batgirl looked at him sympathetically. "Yes sorry. One side affect… to pain killing technique. Pain comes back but worse. I can do it again if you like."

Robin bent forward and vomited.

Robin looked up at her weakly. "No way in hell. Er…thanks anyway though."

Oracle looked to the still Dinah. "Still no change in her condition. If I don't get some information soon…"

She looked to Canary's closed eyes. "Wait a second her eyelids are fluttering slightly."

She pried open the eyelids again to shine a light in them. "My god, your eyes are darting back and forth. Is it an involuntary reaction or…"

"No wait. The pattern is too irregular. Too… oh my god. Dinah you can hear me can't you?" Dinah darted here eyes back and forth in a series of dots and dashes.

"Yes, yes you can. Morse code. What's that you keep repeating A.S.A., A.S.A. What the…? That doesn't make any sense. Are you trying to say S.O.S.?"

-No I'm not trying to say S.O.S. you idiot.

I mean A.S.A. is acetylsalicylic acid. Aspirin.

-Yes, yes that's right. Aspirin.

Barbara's eyes widened in sudden realization. "Oh my god aspirin like Hank takes for his heart. That's the cure that's why Hank never got infected."

-Thank you Barbara, thank you.

Canary looked up into the face of Barb. A single teardrop ran down the side of her face.

Steph faced the sharp suited man. "Come on buddy give it up. Give me the cure for Alpha Omega or you'll never get the antidote to the poison I dosed you with."

"I'm afraid that's something I can't do. You see if the secret behind the cure for Alpha Omega becomes available to the public, then the agent no longer becomes an effective weapon."

"You mean your friends in the military won't wanna buy your product then."

"My dear, a weapon is a weapon. Its purpose is to kill, be it a handgun, a grenade, or chemical agents like you have, rather hypocritically I might add, stuck me with. How about this for a deal. "

He whipped around pulling a revolver on Steph. "You give me the antidote or I kill you."

He sneered at her. "It wasn't very smart of you letting me out of the headlock. Now hand over the antidote."

Alfred's spoke into his radio. "Miss Stephanie. It seems our efforts in this matter were not entirely necessary, you should return to the jet as soon as possible I have received some rather good news."

"You think you can just pull a gun on me?" Spoiler's voice came over Alfred's radio.

"Oh dear, that isn't good news at all." Alfred pushed forward on the of the planes controllers.

The suit pointed the gun squarely at Steph. "C'mon hand it over honey."

"Aspirin." Steph smiled at him.

"What?" The suits face drew back in shock.

"Aspirin, that's the cure."

"How did you?" With this revelation the suit became angry. "Goddam you. The antidote now or I'll shoot your pretty legs off."

He pointed his gun toward Steph's thigh.

She grabbed his gun hand and flipped him over onto the bed removing the gun from his hands.

"There was no poison. I just stuck you with a dirty needle. The only thing you'll have to worry about is that you don't get aids. There's no cure for that."

Steph saw a large jet pull up just along outside the room's large window. "Sorry my rides here."

Steph pointed the gun at the man as she opened the nearby window and climbed out.

She ran toward the jet, which had its side door open.

Steph ran throwing herself into the jet.

The suit ran into the lounge area where the gangsters lay about. "Stop that jet on the runway!" He shouted.

The plane barreled down the runway.

Several men all fashionably dressed fired machine guns at it.

Steph slid her bikini-clad form into the co pilot's seat. "Made that one by the skin of my teeth."

Alfred pulled up on the joystick. "I'd say it was rather more skin then that. I see you didn't feel the need to keep up with the pretence of being pilots seeing as you have abandoned your uniform."

Alfred stared at the large guns below them. "I would buckle in tightly if I were you miss Stephanie. Soon, I think, we shall be under antiaircraft fire."

Oracle spoke over her headset. "You got that Hank?"

"Aspirin, huh? All right miss Cassandra I hear ya."

Oracle injected a needle into Dinah's arm. "Dinah come on back."

Canary's eyes popped open. She whispered softly. "I'm back."

She suddenly sprang up in the bed. "I'm baaack! I'm Back in Black, Canary! Whoo!"

Canary flung her head forward in a head banging motion, and played the air guitar. "I'm alive. Ha, ha. I can move every muscle in my body."

"Dinah you ok? You aren't suffering from some sort of side effect?"

"Oh it's ok, Barb." She hugged Oracle around the neck.

"I was just thinking about the music that Speedy used to listen to." Canary sprang to her feet.

"Oh. I guess. I really don't listen to that much music anymore. Oh thank god you're back Dinah. You really had me worried."

Canary danced around the room playing her air guitar. "God you can't imagine how free it feels to be able to move, to dance like this."

She stopped suddenly. And stared at Barbara. "Oh geez. I didn't mean. I mean."

"It's ok Dinah."

Dinah's eyes widened in realization. "That's why you don't listen much to music anymore. You miss the dancing."

Barbara stared at her sadly. "Dinah…"

She approached the wheelchair, and laid her hands on it.

"I don't know what to say Barbara. I don't know if I could stand that chair. I don't know if I would have the strength for that." Tears streamed down her face.

Barbara hugged her as Dinah sobbed in her arms.

Various soldiers from around the make shift hospital began to stir.

"Nearly everybody's been inoculated." A doctor carrying a syringe came up to Hank.

"None too soon should they decide to attack."

Soldiers ran into the area. "Someone approaches."

Hank looked into the distance to see a dark caped figure with the body of a brightly colored caped figure slung over her shoulder. "Looks like one of em's wearing one of those yellow radiation suits. She said to look out a strangely dressed pair. That's gotta be them."

Hank jumped out in front of the soldiers pointing their rifles at the pair. "Hold your fire. They're friends of mine."

Hank squinted as stared quizzically at the oncoming pair. "I have some pretty strange friends it seems."

Batgirl's cape flapped behind her as she carried Robin to the hospital.

Robin looked out the airplane window.

-Sometimes the most important reminders of what we have in live is when were forced to go without.

-Dinah went with her without her own body and almost lost her mind.

-Barb, Barb went without her buddy and almost lost her friend.

-Steph and Alfred went off without a warning and lost a good part of their fuselage. (They landed safe though. Alfred sure knows how to handle an aircraft.)

-And I, I went without seeing.

Robin and Batgirl pressed their faces out the airplane window.

-And lost my blindness.

"The Chemical Weapon" by Magnus Parvus