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It had been a week since the swimming lesson. After the TV ban had been lifted the Akatsuki had been much more settled. The group was slowly shrinking as the effects of the chocolates wore off. Now all but the Deva path Pein and Jeff were left from the Pein's, Deidara, Sasori and Itachi remained as did Hidan, Konan, Nagato and Kisame. Tobi, Kakuzu, Naraka, Asura, Anu and Preta along with Zetsu were now in jail cells being periodically injected with sleep serum.

Currently they were all sat out in the garden. Well, Sakura was sat feeding Nagato a bottle while Sasuke ran about keeping the kids entertained. All in all it was a normal day until the sound of someone storming through the house alerted Sakura to the intruder. However it didn't take long to identify said intruder.


Sasuke just managed to get out of the way of his red-haired slutty dressed Hebi teammate while carrying Deidara. Sasuke looked over to Sakura, well specifically behind her, to where Suigetsu and Jugo were stood.

'How did you find me?'

'Karin tracked you.'

Sasuke frowned and put Deidara down on the ground. Sakura placed a now sleeping Nagato in the pram she had before looking to the other kids.

'Kids go inside.'

'But we don't *BLEEP* wanna!'

'Either you all go in now or the TV ban will be back.'

They all ran in. Sakura turned to see Sasuke holding Karin out of reach while said slut was trying to kiss him. Sakura crossed her arms over her chest.

'Oi, dumbass, Sasuke doesn't like it when people try to kiss him.'

Karin stopped and glared at Sakura.

'What would you know Pinky?'

'A great deal more than you, that's so obvious. By the way, you're trespassing.'

'Am not.'

'Are to. I did not invite you into my house or onto my property therefore you are trespassing. Duh. So leave now and I won't have you arrested.'

Karin practically had steam coming out of her ears as Sakura spoke to her like she was a child.

'Well Sasuke wants me here so that means I'm not trespassing.'

'Sasuke doesn't own the house and I'm pretty sure he doesn't even like you.'

'He does so.'

'Does not and do you know how I can tell? Because I used to act exactly the same way you're acting right now. Sasuke doesn't like it, he doesn't like you and no matter how hard you try down this path he will never like you because he hates people who only "love" him for his looks and surname. And I pity you because you will never believe what I'm telling you and continue acting this way.'

'I don't need your pity and you're right, I don't believe you. Why should I believe some bitch who thinks she knows me.'

'I don't know you Karin, I know myself. I know how I used to act just led to Sasuke hating me more and continuously distancing himself from me while lowering my self-esteem even more than it already was. I don't need to know you.'

'Yeah well Sasuke has changed so-'

'Not that much. I can still read him like a book so he can't have changed that much. Also I don't think someone who hates his fan girls could ever just change his mind. Sasuke may just show indifference towards them now since they're a normal part of his life now. Deal with it Karin. I know Sasuke well enough to know that you will never have a chance with him as long as you continue to act like this.'


Sakura did nothing to protect herself as Karin slapped her round the face. She knew it was coming and things could only end badly for Karin if she did.


Karin soon found herself being attacked by the Akatsuki.

Deidara had taken his gloves off and started biting her while Kisame hit her continuously with a big stick.

Konan, Pein and Jeff were hitting the backs of her legs with wooden spoons from their arts and craft box.

Sasori was yanking her hair out and jumping on her head while Hidan was holding Karin's hands at her lower back so she couldn't fight back.

Itachi broke Karin's glasses before helping Sasori yank out her hair.


It was then that Sakura stepped in and pulled the kids away.

'Back inside.'

The kids noticed that they weren't being punished and walked back in except for Sasori who waited for Karin to look up at him.

'Nobody hurts our Sakura.'

With that Sasori went back in. Sakura looked to Sasuke.

'What do you want to do with her?'

'Call the ANBU to pick her up and throw her in a cell? Your choice.'

Sakura smirked evilly before grabbing Karin's bruised ankle and began spinning to build up some power. When all the girls were was a blur Sakura let go and Karin went flying. Sasuke watched as Karin flew.

'Hmm…. New personal best?'

'I think so. If she goes further than the border then it's my new personal best.'

Sasuke nodded before turning to Suigetsu and Jugo.

'So what are you planning to do?'

'Could we stick around for a bit?'


'Sure. But you'll have to clean your own rooms.'

'Fair enough.'

Sakura led Suigetsu and Jugo to their rooms while Sasuke picked up Nagato before walking in.

Sorry it took so long. I couldn't decide who would beat Karin up or how they would do it. But here it is! Onyx.