This actually started off as a 100 word drabble i did for a Valentines Day contest on aarinfantasy, but I decided to also write the story a little longer for here.

Title: Sneaking In
Anime: Kyou Kara Maou
Pairing: Murata/? (you find out at the end)
Summary: Who has been sneaking around Murata's bedroom while he slept?
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Disclaimer: Ain't mine!

It was one of those occasions where you were so comfortable, tucked in so nice and warm and cosy, that even though you were wide awake and knew you should be getting up, there was no way you would even want to open your eyes let alone get out of bed. This is what Murata was currently feeling, and knowing what kind of hectic day he and everyone else most likely had ahead of them, he was even less inclined to get up.

Today was Valentines Day, or at least the day Gunter has declared as Valentines Day in Shin Makoku, since Yuuri was accidentally overheard talking about it with Murata when they came back from Earth last week. Greta and the maids had been having so much fun decorating the castle with red ribbons and pinks hearts, while most of the men either stood around looking awkward or desperately keeping their distance from Annisina and her new invention. The rumour was it was supposed to find you your most compatible match for the day, but when the machine had told Gwendal his best match was with Morgif, no one wanted to be put through the humiliation.

So for the moment, Murata wanted to relax in the peace of the shrine while he could, wrapped up warm in blankets and keeping the creeping sun from his eyes. Still, as he lay there he couldn't help but think he could smell something flowery that hadn't been there last night. He really didn't want to open his eyes, but as he became more and more aware of the smell, his curiosity got the better of him and he slowly opened one eye, finding himself peering up a vase of red roses sitting on his bedside table.

One open eye became two open eyes, as he stared at the innocent looking flowers that hadn't been there when he had gone to sleep. His surprised eyes softened though as an exasperated sigh left his lips, "Shinou."

As if it was the most difficult thing in the entire world to do, Murata un-wrapped himself from his bed covers and slowly sat up against the headboard. He half glared around the empty room, but could see no one. "Shinou!" he called out louder, and a few moments later a shape stepped forward from the shadows.

"They are not from me." Shinou immediately said before Murata could even open his mouth, as if he'd been waiting the entire night to say it.

"Well who..." Murata started to ask, but Shinou simply smiled and melted back into the darkness. Murata stared at the wall with a bemused expression, before a small breeze ruffled his hair and he turned to look at the window.

The thought crossed his mind that he hadn't opened that window last night, so pulling himself out of bed he padded across the stone floor towards the sunshine. As he went to reach for the handle, a piece of paper caught his eye, and he looked down to see a letter secure under a small rock on the windowsill. His attention caught, he left the window open and picked up the letter. There was no name on the paper, so he un-folded it, and inside there were two short sentences.

Happy Valentines day Geika!

Look out your window, fancy a ride?

From the handwriting alone Murata knew who this and the roses were from, and a small smirk grew on his lips as he looked out the window. Down below were two saddled horses, and a man with the un-mistakable hair colour of Shin Makoku's best spy. Murata's smirk turned into sly smile, and he looked back to the roses on his bedside table.

Well, sneaking in was what Yozak did best after all.

The End