Ok here's the epilogue. It gets a wee bit squeamish but nothing detailed or anything.

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6 months later

The team had split up to wonder through the alien market. Daniel was off looking through the stalls for anything that might be more than it seemed and for some books, Sam and Vala where chatting with the locals and trying to find out some more about the planet. Cam was also talking to the locals but of the female verity and Teal'c was keeping an eye on all of them, looking out for trouble.

Teal'c had been watching the man in the long black leather coat as he followed Sam through the market for the last 10 minuets. Teal'c knew that Sam, and Vala, often attracted male attention off world and could understand why, they where both beautiful women, but there was something that irked Teal'c about Sam's latest follower.

He closed the distance between himself and Sam as the man approached her and noted out of the corner of his eye that Vala had also been shadowing her friend.

"I'm kraken" The man introduced himself, his voice had a distinct drawl to it, and Sam couldn't help but think he would have fit in right at home in New Orleans.

Kraken held his hand out to Sam "I don't believe I've had the privilege to meet you before." The words might have sounded polite enough but the leer in his voice and the way he seemed to be drinking in the image of Sam was decidedly not.

It was at this moment that Vala made her presence known from the other side of a stall and on hearing Krakens words her hand shot out and grabbed Sam's arm, pulling it away from him and placed herself between him and Sam. Kraken looked at her and something seemed to blaze in his eyes.

"Vala Mal Doran, now I know I've definitely had this privilege before." His face twisted into a smirk as he addressed her.

"You wont be taking any privileges where Col. Carter is concerned." Vala's voice was strong and defiant but Sam could feel how tight her grip was on her wrist and the slight tremor that ran through it. It began to dawn on Sam that the word 'privileges' seemed to have taken on a new meaning, she wasn't sure she wanted to know what it was but she had a pretty good idea.

"Now, now Vala we both know I never took nothing from you that you didn't offer up on a plate to plenty others sugar britches." He reached out and caressed her cheek and it took all of Vala's will power not to recoil at the action. Sam went to take a step forward but Vala increased the pressure on her wrist, silently telling her to stay behind her. "I'll be seein' you girls around." He ran his fingers down Vala's cheek once more and gave Sam a look that made her skin crawl before making his way back into the crowded market place.

"Vala? What was all that about?" Sam asked, it wasn't only the encounter that had unnerved her but Vala's reaction to it had as well. Vala still had a tight grip on Sam and her eyes where fixed on the retreating form of Kraken. It wasn't until he was completely out of sight that Vala turned round to face her and Sam was shocked at how pale her friend looked.

"It was nothing Samantha, just someone I used to… know. I think it's time we went and got the others. Come on, Daniels this way." Sam didn't ask how Vala knew; Vala always knew where Daniel was. Vala kept a tight hold on Sam all the way back to Daniel.

Teal'c had silently watched the whole exchange and knew exactly what had been meant and what the man had been planning for Sam. He followed Kraken out of the market place and radioed a short message to Cam once he saw him enter a tavern. When Cam arrived a few minutes later there was no words spoken between them as the entered and walked up behind Kraken.

The bar fell silent as the large Jaffa placed his hand on one of Krakens shoulders and Cam the other. Before Kraken could even form a sentence they had lifted him from his stool and where half way to the back door before he managed to recover from his shock and start protesting. Cam and Teal'c ignored him. So did the rest of the bar.

The ally they had dragged him into was blocked at one end, dark, dank, and smelt like ally's behind bars did no matter where you where in the galaxy.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" He stared as Cam pulled out a knife and Teal'c seemed to produce an elastic band from one of his pockets.

"I'm Mr. Starsky and this…" Cam pointed to Teal'c behind him "Is Mr. Hutch and a little birdie told us that you had… how did you put it? Oh yeah, taken certain 'privileges' that weren't yours with a very close friend of ours." Teal'c simply stood behind Cam the whole time not saying a word of moving a muscle; he was a pro at looking intimidating.

"What I don't know what you're talking about?" Kraken tried to scramble back into the wall of the ally as they moved closer to him.

"Does the name Vala Mal Doran ring any bells with you?" Cam took another step closer to him so he was now standing directly over him, Teal'c standing in his shadow.

"Vala?" His face seemed to be fighting between looking panicked and giving a suggestive leer. "Well come on man, it's not as if every other guy about didn't take his shot, the little whore had it coming…" They where the last words any of them spoke for almost 10 minuets.

Inside the bar people tried to ignore the very high pitched scream that came from the back and they collectively winced every time another impact of a fist hitting flesh was heard. The room once again descended into total silent as Teal'c and Cam re-entered and dropped Kraken back into his stool. The man slumped forward and made a gurgling noise as his head hit the bar in front of him. No one looked directly at them as they left.

When Sam, Daniel and Vala found them they where standing at a well washing the last traces of the fight off of their hands. Teal'c and Cam shared a look, the details of this afternoon would stay strictly between them, and the only person who would have to know it had happened was Vala.

"Where have you guys been we've been looking for you for nearly half an hour?" Daniel asked. He had been thrown into a slight panic by the state Vala was in by the time she and Sam had found him. She had been talking almost non stop for the better part of 20 minuets and Daniel knew it was because she was nervous about something. The fact that she had yet to release Sam's hand also told him that something was up.

"Sorry Jackson we got a bit lost amongst the masses out there. We ready to head back to the gate?" Cam tried to sound nonchalant but his statement didn't quite hit the mark. He got a funny look from Sam and Daniel.

"Yeah, sure Cam lets go." Daniel headed off in the direction of the gate with the rest of them following.

When they where about half way there Teal'c and Cam came up on either side of Vala and Sam and Teal'c gently pried Vala's hand off of Sam's wrist. Cam steered Sam off a little bit to the side and walked ahead while Teal'c stopped Vala from walking on by stepping in front of her and placing his hands on her shoulders.

It pained him slightly to see the thinly concealed look of fear in her eyes, the way she was constantly scanning the view on all sides of her and how her normally pale skin seemed almost translucent. He removed one hand from her shoulder and used it to guide her head so she was looking into his eyes.

"There is nothing to worry about now my friend. Kraken will no longer be able to… take 'privileges' that are not his." He raised an eyebrow at her and saw the relief flood through her as she understood his words.

"Thank you muscles." She replied softly stretching up on her tip toes to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"The honour was mine." He bowed his head at her and they continued to walk, hurrying to catch up with the rest of the team who were now nearing the gate.


The events that transpired in the ally that afternoon where never talked about by Cam or Teal'c again and Vala never asked them for details of what they had done.

Years later when they learned just what exactly Kraken had done to Vala Teal'c and Cam wished they hadn't let him back out of the ally.