"OK lets get in the airship and start are misson" Drew yelled out so every one could hear. "Whatever" Zak said like he didn't care about anything. When the saturdays got home doc and drew had a talk. "Zaks been acting really sad latley ya know" Drew told her husbend. "Yay i know but what should we do" Doc answerd. "I was thinking mabey therapy"Drew said nervosley. "Well i guss we could but i know he will not like it"

on the way there 'But mom i can't co to therapy" He conplaind. "And why not" His mom said. "Just because" "Welcome said the therapst. "I will be back in a hour" Drew said then walked away. After a wile of talking the therapist said he was going to try hypnotison."Stare at the wach follow it's every move ment" Then he wisperd somthing in zaks ears but he coulden't really hear it. Then he fell a sleep.

When zak woke up he was in the airship and he saw his mom was taking him home." Morning sweety when the docter was curing you he said you fell asleep but he said when you wake up you will be cured. O so now she's calling him docter he thought. But i do fell differot and my stomach is pouding.


The docter was talking to his "asisdent" and he said " Do you think it worked" He asked his asisdent but he stayed silent then they toked off masked and it was V.V. Argost and Munya

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