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Drew's POV

So, Being the Mom of him, The one standing there. Ready to Kill me. I was shocked. I couldn't move. What was happening.

*Theme song plays*

"Bye." He said. I closed my eyes ready for the attack. But it never came. Wen i opened my eyes, There he was. Standing there. He dropped the sword and looked so angry at us, at him. Then he just started crying. He turned around, and ran. Doc ran after him but i grabbed his arm.

"No, Doc. He is not a Saturday anymore. I walked away. Erasing all memories of my son, Replacing them with a new enemy.

2 Year's later


Mission accomplished. I got there precious Kur. Finally. Training is going well. Soon i will have the world in my hands. Those Saturdays' think they can stop me. They say he's not one of them now. They say they want him dead just like me.

Because i'm crazy? Some my say.

He's not crazy.


But tell me this. If they want him dead, then why, why don't they attack. It's like a fun little weapon, that just have to give them that Innocent look. They know they won't kill him.

They know if they kill me, Who will turn him back? I am the only one who knows. I killed every the animals that have the cure. But of course, i made sure to save enough to cure one person. But just as easily as i got it, I could destroy it.

My proghram is about to start. Can't keep the children waiting.

? POv

Dang it! They finally caught me! I stared at those pathetic excuse for scientist. I saw they hatred in the eyes. Hatred. They wanted to attack. I could see it, But the Saturdays? I will never know. When is it going to get to there minds that i am not one of them anymore. Why don't they strike?

Fine! They can't and it's obvious that it's killing them that I'm gone. I'll just tak'em out of there misery. Even if playing wit there minds wound be so much funner.

I got in fighting position. But never got to attack. Out of nowhere my head stated throbbing. I fell to the ground. I blinked, but when i opened my eyes, Well, it was like watching TV. I was watching what i did those years ago.

Flash back

Zak's POV

I ran. I ran and ran and ran. I looked. back they weren't following me.

why am i crying. I-i- I don't care about them. I wound have killed them! But. Whatever. I finished the mission. But not part two. I toke out the detonator. I stuttered, but forced myself to push the button.

I looked back at the house. Fire coming out of it. The bomb was on the fire sword. No doubt they went to pick it up. There dead. My family sho- No. I have no family and i never did.

Drew's POV

I look at him. The first time i had in years. He was crying. Similar to the time he dropped my sword. After he hid that bomb in it.

Because of him i can barley walk. Doc's other eyes' fision got worse and now he's almost blind.

Doc came back and sat by me.

"Drew. It's okay." I wanted to kill him for that! It's Okay? IT'S OKAY! There going to freeze Zak! Zak, My S-s-o- No! HE is an enemy. an enemy that were going to freeze. And if we can't Think of any other way, kill.

Dang you, Argost! You will pay!

Argost's POV

Well, I just got the word that he was captured. well i should go watch the show. Let's go. I don't want to miss The show.

Zak's POV

A opened my eyes and i was tided to a chair. Laser were pointing at me.

"Any last words" i heard someone say.

Yeah. I did. I knew their weakness. No. HER weakness. I put tears in my eyes and after a minuted i was looking sad, terafided, and Innocent.

"Mommy, No. Please don't murder me."

She was crying.

Right before the lasers fired to wipe me out. (kill) She slide her sword through the Machine. It's sent of one laser but it missed and only cut the rope.

"Ma Hahahahahahahahahahah"

God! He's finally here!

"A few seconds sooner would have been nice!" I told him. He just smiled. Didn't see that coming.

"But you seemed to have done just fine" we ran out of there. But i stopped. While Our ship flew of. I controlled the tiger to attack Her. She should learn not to trust an eanamy.

I stopped and walked to front of the ship. Munya was driving no duh.

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