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It wasn't like he needed attention. In fact he almost didn't need it. Almost, being the keyword. You see – the most of the time he travelled alone and his line of proffession required being secretive and alone. Hell he was a fucking spy! But that didn't necessarily mean, that when he got home, after a tiring week away, somewhere on the borders of the two Shimarons, out on an errand, working for his Majesty, he wasn't craving for the strong arms of his lover and maybe even a round of bedgymnastics later. And yet, here he was, sitting in the office of his boss, thinking about that bastard, who just waved at him and excused himself, to go to the very same Majesty he was working for, to play baseball. Have fun. With his Majesty. Not with him, but his Majesty. Summing this up: Yozak Gurrier was jealous. Yes. That Yozak Gurrier was jealous. Not only jealous, but showing it too. You must know, Yozak got very easily jealous. Jealous of something somebody had, but he didn't posses. It made him feel like he was out of something, or it reminded him how low he was, bein only the half of a Mazoku. He expierienced pain because of this in the past and it left a mark. But still, he knew most of the time he was being only paranoid and that those things were nothing to get jealous about, so he just dropped it and moved on. But now he couldn't. He simply couldn't but think about it. A smile, and a „Sorry, I'm busy right now" was all he got. Not even a fuckin „Hi". It wasn't like he didn't know the obsession of his lover over the Majesty, he knew how that blasted sir Weller adored the brat (whom Yozak learned to adore just as much), but this was just too much for him to handle. He imagined their meeting after the long departure to be other than that. Yes, a week was too long for him to bear, but apparently for a Conrad Weller not. Needless to say: Yozak Gurrier was pissed off. So he did what he always did when he was pissed off: He sulked. And that currently meant being in the arms of no other than his boss and the older brother of his lover Gwendal von Voltaire, being kissed into oblivion without the least struggling.

He didn't know how it came to this. Maybe it was the sexual frustration. Maybe it was the sunset painting them orange and red. Maybe it was the comfort of the person who understood him, being in the same situation. Or maybe it was the wine they've been drinking. Whatever the reason, the fact remained: He was here, sitting on the table with legs spread wide, moaning like a street whore of Small Shimaron and silently begging for being fucked senselessly by no other than his boss, as already mentioned. Yes that boss, who was the older brother of his lover. Fate had a very ironic sense of humor. Moreso because Gwendal was in the same situation because of the very same person: His lover, none other than the kings avisor Günther von Christ, was going gaga over his Majesty as well. And this was to what it lead: The for-his-Majesty-abandoned lovers letting all of their pain and frustration out, comforting eachother with the only thing they needed right now: A lovers embrace, a lovers attention.

Yozak screamed as he felt the hard and thick member of Gwendal trust into him, violent with desperation. It hurt so badly, but yet at the same time it felt so good... Looks like he was really desperate. Who would've thought this! If somebody would've told him that he'll be depserate one day, Yozak would've laughed his ass of and declared them mad. Ah, here it was again: Fates twisted sense of humor.

He sreamed again as he felt that particular spot being hit and waves of pleasure errupted through his body. Not even having the time to realize what just now happened, he felt it again, this time harder. And again. And again. He screamed in pleasure and his body felt like on fire as if his groin was going to explode. Why didn't Conrad take him like this? Yeah, sure he liked the hours of gentle lovemaking, the teasing and pleading, he enjoyed it all. It was loving, it was gentle, it was stimulating, Yozak loved every minute of it. But right now, as he laid on the hard wooden table, being taken in hard, fast and viscious thrusts, it bothered him. It felt kinda...fake. As if everything Conrad ever did to and with him was a lie. As if this was real. Real, satiating, unbound man-sex. The pain only confirmed it. He felt pain as he thought about his lover being with his Majesty, he felt pain as he looked into the darkblue orbs of his boss laced with betrayal and he felt pain as his inner muscles clenched and incredible pleasure hit him like a raging tsunami, as he felt the contractions stimulating the large cock within him, as he came furiously and his seed spluttered all over theit abdomen, some of it dripping on th etable, some of it staining the carpet, some of it even their clothes and he felt pain as he panted lost in the afterglow, and he felt pain as Gwendal pulled out of him. But the greatest pain he felt was, as he heard those 3 words: „I'm sorry."

Yozak winced. „Don't be. It takes two to tango, you know?"

Gwendal raised his eyebrow. Yozak only shook his head. „I heard it from Conrad. Apparently, on Earth Tango is considered a sexual dance or something like that." At the memory of the brunette, Yozak felt sadness entering him and his shoulders slumped lifelessly. To his big surprise, he felt strong arms, stronger than his lovers, embrace him and he was pulled into a chest that was broader than the one of his lover.

„I'm sure it will be okay." In any other situation Yozak would've made a smart comment about his boss showing this much care, but right now he didn't feel like saying something like that. Instead he leaned into the embrace and let a few tears escape the prison of his bright blue eyes. Maybe a little bit of attention wasn't that bad at all...


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