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Part 10Of faults and truces

Yozak sat on the fountain in the Shinou temple and took the offered tea which handed him the Great Sage, thankfully nodding. Though he would rather like a glas of wine. It was really a pity that he couldn't drink alcohol. And that was Gwendals fault alone. Damn him! Though, Conrad wasn't really innocent in this matter...Damn him! Damn them both! Yozak fumed and sipped his tea. As the Great Sage sat next to him, he sighed, Shinou leaning on the wall near them.

„Blasted bastards. No brain at all, fighting like that. I don't even want to know how this kid will turn out." He grumbled nipping on his tea. Still no alcohol. He really started to doubt he'll survive the comming nine months. And once again he regretted that he was a half mazoku. Even if the human blood was dominant, the mazoku had to make itself present, one way or another, didn't it? Yozak really could think of hundreds of more practical and especially more pleasant possibilities instead of this one. Being ten months pregnant will be hell. Well, at least one already passed. Just today he hit the second month. One down, 9 more to go, ne? He smiled bitterly and drowned the last of the tea, pretending it was a bottle of wine. Didn't help.

Murata watched him and then sighed. „What do you expect from them anyway? It's not like you're completely innocent in this matter." Yozak looked at him puzzled, then realisation hit him. Lost in his train of thoughts he almost forgot the reason he came here for the first place. „You were the one who cheated on Conrad, deliberately, might I add. You can' expect him to cope with it that easily."

Yozak averted his gaze down, thinking. He knew that the Great Sage was right, again. He knew he hurt Conrads feelings and when Conrad hurt, he hurt intensely. And to think it was the closest person he had beside him for years, as friend, as fellow, as partner, as husband...Yozak could only imagine the hurt that had to fill Conrads Heart. And on top of it all, Conrad was a half-mazoku, just like he and every halfbreed hurt intensely. Yozak too.

They both made huge mistakes and before they realized that, it was too late. Yozak nodded. „You're right. But still, that's no reason for them to fight like that."

„No, it isn't."

„So, what do you intend to d o?" joined the third in their round finally their discussion. Yozak looked up at Shinou. Always the one to solve problems, always the first one to react. He solved problems the moment they appeared. And he was right. Something had to be done. But what?

„Dunno. Beat some sense into them." Yozak sighed and rubbed his temple. Headaches frequented him lately. „Maybe today made them finally understand something. And if not...I'll simply break up with both of them and raise it alone. And who knows, maybe somedy will appear somebody who isn't such an imbecile like those two. I'm not letting my child have stupid fathers, who have nothing else in mind than to beat the sense out of the other. Besides, they're giving me headaches." He rubbed his temple again. „I hate it. The sickness just passed and as soon as it does, I have a major problem with headaches. This pregnancy is the killer." He looked at the double black. „Does it really take ten months?"


Yozak sighed. „How can you know that? No, wait, don't answer that." He said immediately as he saw the Great Sage draw a breath to answer his question. As he stoped him, the double black smiled understandingly. Yozak held his empty cup, which he still held in his hand down. „But I really should stop whining. I'm sounding like a moody baby than a man." He stood and saw smiles on the faces of his two confidants. „I think I left them enough time to calm down. When I come back, I'll have a serious talk with those two."

„I think that after today it'll be completely unnecessary." The Sage said. „Give them some time to think things over."

Yozak thought about this. Maybe His Highness was right. Maybe he should give them some time to overcome the ‚shock' and figure something out. They knew where to find him anyway. It wasn't like he could leave the castle for a long time and go too far. And to have peace from the two was something very appealing. Finally he nodded. „Yeah, Geika." He nodded to Shinou. „Shinou Heika." Then he turned to leave. „I think it's time to leave. Thanks for the tea. But the next time put at least a drop of wine into it." He winked as he jumped on his horse and rode off, leaving the laughiing Shinou and sweatdropping Sage behind.

When he returned to the castle, ideally no one was around, so he managed to get to the stables unnoticed. With the ‚journey to his room' it wasn't that easy. Halfway there he heard a sharp voice, which made him flinch and want to be nowhere near. „YOZAK!" he turned around. „Gisella..."

Without a word she dragged him away to the infirmary. „What have you been thinking?! Do you know how dangerous it was to jump in between them?! Do you even know in what danger you put your child?!" she yelled while she dragged him further, by his ear, might he add.

„Itai..." he mumbled. Too bad she heard him.

„Serves you right!" she litteraly threw him in and on a bed. „Sit!" Needless to say, Yozak didn't move an inch. He didn't even flinch as he noticed the two other man in the room, who just wouldn't meet his eyes. He sat still as he was examined, only did what the strict woman told him. Finally she was done. „It looks like everything is fine. But still don't do anything like this again." The words she spoke were still strict, but Yozak recognized sincere worry in them. He smiled reassuringly. „Hai-hai. But tell that those two there." He motioned to the other two occupants. He was satisfied when he saw them flinch. And as Gisella turned to them they seemed to shrink. He understood that completely – she had that scary look. „Did you hear that?"

He never saw those two nod so eagerly. And just like that, Gisella smiled the cutest smile she had in her repertoire. „Good." Then she turned to Yozak. „You may leave now. But only if you promise to go to your room and rest." Yozak nodded, smiling and winking at her. „Hai-hai. Promise." He patted her head and left, without as much as looking at the other two. As he closed the door behind him, the two brothers sighed in unison. Finally, Conrad found the courage to speak. „We really pushed it, didn't we?"

„Hn." So Gwendal wasn't ready to speak yet. But Conrad doubted it was because it was he who spoke to him. Gwendal was probably still in slight shock from Yozaks outburst. He wasn't used to being pushed around or screamed at, if he didn't count Anissina. And it was still his child Yozak was carrying. So all Conrad said was: „Truce?"

Gwendal looked at him and finally he found his voice as he spoke: „Truce."

Even if Conrad wasn't really on speaking terms with his brother and really just couldn't stand him around right now, he could do at least this much. It was already done and unchangeable, so he should accept it and move on. Yozak was pregnant and the kid was his brothers. The mere essence of his being screamed at him how unfair that was, but that still didn't change anything. All he could do was accept it and try to win Yozak back. Even if the man betrayed him, Conrad still loved him and wanted him back. And that couldn't be done with trying to kill Gwendal. And he wanted to prove it to him. He needed to show him he still cared. He just hoped Yozak wanted him back as well, after all he had said and done. Yes, he admitted his fault in this. It was hard to do so, but it didn't change the fact that it was partiall yhis fault too. And thinking about it, it didn't really matter whose fault it was. What mattered was, that it was solved. If possible, with a positive result.


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