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Part 11 Secrets

Halfway through second month and Yozak wanted nothing more than the baby be already there. The headaches and dizziness increased, what ouldn't be that much of a problem since he got fairly used to it anyway. The main problem was, that he was beggining to get sappy. Sometimes as he sat on a couch in his bedroom, doing nothing but stare into space, he caught himself how he rubbed his belly and realized that he had been thinking about the looks of the kid. Damnit he wasn't even showing! But the more he denied it, the more it made itself present: The happiness of being pregnant. And Yozak simply couldn't wait anymore. He wanted the kid out, so that he'll be able to craddle it and play with it all day long. Yozak was a cheerfull person and loved to simply enjoy life and if he had a kid to share it with...well it would be nice. He started to admitt it to himself, that he already loved his child, regardless whose it was. And he had to say that Gwendal was very helpfull too. He knit a lot now that he was having a child and Yozak wondered if Gwendal actually wanted a girl instead of a boy. It certainly would fit him. And imagine Gwendal playing with his little girl a smile on his face...that image made Yozak fall into one of his ‚kawaiiiii-fits' right away. Gwendal will be a good father. And the last sand-bear Yozak got actually resembled one. It looked like his skills improved. For his little girl everything, hm? Little girl...Yozak already started calling his baby ‚little girl' even if the gender wasn't determined yet. And truthfully speaking – Yozak would love to have a girl. Though, His Majesty said something about not having the right chromosomes for it so it has to be a boy. Yozak didn't understand the half of it. But as he asked His Highness about it, he simply shrugged and said: „This world is different from the one which Shibuya knows." Yozak concluded it meant that it could turn out a girl. Duh. But if it actually would turn out boy...Yozak smiled. He would surely be a good swordsman. Loyal too. Caring. And utetrly adorable. Though, all of that could be a girl too. Whoever said girls couldn't fight was a absolute imbecile. Take a look at Gisella. Take a look at Leyla. Hell, take a look at his mom! She had to fight really a lot. And Yozak wished nothing more than that it would looke like she. But he knew it was impossible since neither he nor Gwendal had brown hair and/or brown eyes. But it still could skipp generations, no? But Yozak wouldn't mind if the baby looked like him. He had his mothers features anyway and his skyblue eyes were something he was very proud of. Gwendal had blue eyes too. So the baby could have his hair too. It would make it more feminine and they could play dress-up. He started to like the idea... Yozak chuckled at himself and noticed his hand was on his stomach again. He caressed it with his thumb a gentle smile gracing his lips.

He was currently sitting on a chair on the veranda of the castle, drinking his tea (he still missed the wine, though), enjoying the wonderfull weather. He knew somebody watched him from afar, but it didn't bother him. People watched him nowadays and he was used to it anyway. His disguises had that had a guess who could be watching him, but he let him. But as somebody sat next to him, he did look up and saw Gwendal.


„Yozak. How are you?"

Yozak smiled. Gwendal has been really affectionate lately. But Yozak saw right through him, the reason behind it all – he wanted to know how his ‚little girl' was, being just as ecstasic about it as Yozak. Yozak smiled sheepishly.

„Why, thank you, I'm fine." He saw Gwendal nod. „And yourself?"

„Thank you, I've been well."

„Well, that's good. The ‚little girl' should have a healthy father, ne?"

Gwendals head snapped up. „You already know the gender? It's going to be a girl?"

Yozak had to chuckle at the look of hope Gwendal shot him and the sparkle present in his eyes. He simply shook his head. „Not yet. It'll still take 2 months to know that. I just like to imagine it a girl. You may call it maternal instinct." He winked and Gwendal nodded. Yozak was positive there was a hint of diasappointment in Gwendals eyes. Yep, Yozak knew the man inside out. „But otherwise we're fine. The rest of my dinner isn't trying to win the ‚dinner-backwards-race' anymore, so..." he smiled and caressed his stomach again. „So the little girl's wine and so am I."

Yozak saw the corners of Gwendals lips twitch upwards and he almost chuckled again at how Gwendal tried to hide his smile. That was so him...In the back of his mind Yozak felt the other presence leave and Gwendal stood. „If you excuse me now, I have work to do, but I'll stop by later."

Yozak smiled as he nodded. „Please do." And with that and a court nod Gwendal left and as soon as he disappeared out of sight, Yozak sighed. Everybody was busy...Maybe he should go to the Shinou temple. He almost stood up, but then he saw a blackhaired figure with messy hair approach him.

„Hey there..."

„Geika! I was just about to head over."

The double black laughed nervously as he sat down. „You better not. The yearly cleaning is up."

„Ahhh..." Yozak gasped understandingly... „So you left Shinou Heika being babysat by somebody else and retreated to the sanctuary of the castle?"

The Great Sage smiled. „Something like that..." and Yozak chuckled.

„How's the mischief-maker anyway? I haven't been over for...a week or so?"

The Sage nodded. „5 days, I think. He's been fine...At least he isn't causing trouble anymore, so I can relax..." he sighed. „Babysitting a bored Shinou is really tiring..." He looked at Yozak. „And how have you two been?" he cast a look at his stomach. „It's been one and half months, am I right?"

Yozak nodded. „I have the half of the second month behind me."

Murata nodded. „You should start to show in two months. I expect it to be in the half of the 4th month."

Yozak smiled a kind of knowing smile. „Just how do you always know this things?"

The Sage smiled sheepishly. „4000 years is a long time...And even if you don't want to, you do get some expierience in the time..."

„I see...And yet I wonder..."

The double black let his glasses have a gleam. „Well, since you have a lot of imagination, I'm sure you'll figure something out."

Yozak smiled knowingly. „I already have a theory."

The Great Sage was cearly amused. „Really? Well, I suppose I couldn't expect any less. You are an intelligent man after all."

„I'm flattered you think so highly about me." They both smile conspirationly at eachother.

Just then a voice sounded from somewhere. „Just what are you two plotting together?"

As they looked around they noticed a small figure sit on the table. „Shinou!" the double black sounded surprised. „How did you escape?!" Shinou huffed. „You traitor! Leaving me at their mercy like that..." he shot a death glare at his ‚loyal babysitter' and proceeded to answer his question. „I don't know how I escaped. I just simply did. But, back to the original subject: What are you two plotting?"

„Oh nothing much really." The Great Sage smiled innocently. He failed.

Yozak grinned like a cheshire cat. „His Highness only told me about the ‚glorious times'."

„Did he..." Shinou looked suspectingly at them, but then just sighed, giving up. Trying to pry something out of them was wasted time and effort. And he had a really good guess what they were talking about. „Can't be helped anyway." He looked at the tea. „Can I have some?" Yozak just smiled. „Don't hold back. The cookies are very good. One of the maids made them. They're really delicious."

Needless to say, Shinou didn't hold back.


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