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Encounter, the 3rd

How? How could he? That question was the only thing that invaded the thoughts of Conrad Weller right now. That simple question was being caused by none other than Günther von Christ, as he watched how sweet they were with his older brother, even though it was exactly that older brother, which cheated on him. But Günther was obviously ignoring that fact. Or forgetting it. Which was rather unlikely, since Günther von Christ rarely forgott such things. So how, could he be so okay with Gwendal, after all that happened?! Conrad didn't understand that. Or maybe he didn't want to understand. Because if he was honest to himself, he had been watching his still-husband lately. Watching how he coped with his condition, how he struggled in his current situation, and seeing that he still could smile that charming smile. That was something he didn't understand...or didn't want to understand...either. Conrad admitted that it wasn't easy or Yozak, but that didn't necessarily mean he pitied him. It was his own damn fault that he was in such a position now. Pregnant with the brother of his husband, who was, by the way, married too. Only, his husband didn't seem to mind, seeing how they laughed together. As far as Gwendal could laugh, of course. But still: They were happy together. And Conrad didn't understand. No. Wrong.

Sighing softly, he finally admitted to himself, that he just simply didn't want to understand. His pride simply didn't allow him to. He was afraid, no – he knew, that if he only thought for a little bit he would understand and forgive his husband. And that was exactly what his pride wanted to avoid. But wasn't it prides fault in the first place that this happened? Wasn't it Yozaks pride, that made him shut Conrad out and turn his back on him? Wasn't it pride that told Yozak not to forgive him? And wasn't it Conrads own pride throwing Yozak out after he found out about his affair with his brother? Sure, he was hurt, but that passed and he could have talked to his ‚other half' then. Only he didn't want to. Because of his damn pride.

But as he looked now at the couple sitting on the veranda, drinking tea and enjoying eachothers presence, he simply couldn't deny it any longer – he missed Yozak. He missed his sweet smile, his cocky wink and that handsome accent of his. He missed his gracefull, silent movements, his feminity, present even though the masculinity of his body. He missed the fluttering of his eyes, the heavy breathing, the wild thumping in his chest, the soft lips, the strong hands, he missed everything about Yozak. But what he missed at most was the love which displayed in his eyes everytime they locked with his. That ever-present love and care. Not only for him, but for everybody whom the spy held dear. Yozaks Heart was big, Conrad knew. And even if it took time to get through to it, the effort was rewarded with strong love. Yozak was a very sensible man, even though he showed it only rarely. But Conrad knew that nonetheless. Well, he should, since thy had known eachother for almost a century now. Being a couple the half of it. He remembered what they have been through together. Their childhood, being two half-mazokus, despised by society, loved by only a few, one an orphan, second a hated prince; then the academy – a choice out of pure necessity, having nothing else to show how much they cared about their mazoku-side, needing to prove to everybody their loyalty through sacrifice, devotion not being enough, a sacrifice to the borders of death,- the battle of Rüttenberg, seeing their comrades, the man who held the same fate die around them, only the two of them surviving; Conrads attraction to Julia and the hurt in Yozaks eyes everytime he mentioned her; then his leaving, without a word of goodbye...And probably for the first time he realized what Yozak had to go through, what Conrad himself put him through. And the next thing he realized for the first time was his undying love for the man. He sighed again. Yes. He loved Yozak. Yes, he missed Yozak. But that didn't mean he forgave Yozak. And that was mostly because he didn't know how to. And as he saw how Gwendal stood, leaving Günther for time being, he figured it was time to learn that.


Günther looked up from the cup of tea he was holding in his hands to the figure which came to stand in front of him. „Conrad."

„Günther. May I sit?" Günther looked puzzled, even surprised one could say as he slowly nodded. „Sure, sit. Is there something the matter."

As Conrad sat down, he looked at the older man, with a serious expression on his face for once (which didn't fail to startle the advisor even more) and nodded. „Actually, there is. You see, I need your advice."

He saw how Günther, wearing an equaly serious expression on his face now, put down his cup. „Sure, I'll help. What is it?"

Conrad was silent for a few moments, thinking over what he was about to say, debating where to start. His former teacher waited patiently. Finally Conrad sighed. „I want to know how you do it."

Günther blinked. „Excuse me?"

Conrad sighed again. „How you can forgive Gwendal that easily."

There was a silent ‚aaahh' from Günthers side as he finally understood and soon a small smile graced his lips. „That's it..." he looked at the sky, still smiling, but Conrad could tell he was thinking about the answer. For a few minutes there was silence, untill Günther finally spoke. „Conrad, for how long did you live now?"

Conrad was taken aback by that question, but he answered nonetheless. „Uhh...a century...or so?"

Günther still smiled. „And how much battles did you survive?"

Conrad still didn't understand the questions, but still he answered. „I lost count."

Günther nodded. „Sure, they were many. And every time you go into a battle, do you know, you'll survive it?"

This time, Conrad answered instinctively. „Hell, no!" as soon as he realized his language, he apologized quickly. „I just...I always go into a battle with the knowledge I could die. There are good warriors out there and I know the only thing I can do is rely on my instincts and skills. But I always ask myself if there isn't somebody out there with better skills and sharper instincts. I never have the guarantee that I'll survive. But...why do you keep asking that?"

Günther smiled. „It's easy, really. Just think. I know that a life of a half-mazoku is long. Much longer than the life of a human. And maybe even too long, for we often don't realize that it isn't granted. So we make mistakes and cease to correct them. And after we realize it, it's too late and we're left to die with regrets. Conrad, I lived for a few centuries now, I have seen how fleeting life can be. And I'd be a fool if I made a mistake because I didn't realize this." With these words Günther stood and silently left, leaving Conrad to think about what he heard. He knew it wouldn't take the brownhaired half-mazoku long to realize what he meant. It wasn't like Conrad didn't know it, deep inside he did. He just...needed a little push.


Meanwhile Conrad thought about what Günther told him and let his mind wander of to the thoughts and memories of earlier and he started to understand what Günther meant. He was a soldier and he knew all-too-well how unpredictable life was and how easily it could be over. Being a soldier was dangerous, even in times of peace. And being a spy even moreso, Conrad assumed. And dying, without Yozak knowing how endlessly he loved him...dying while being angry with eachother...that was thought which made Conrad sick. And after some time he knew again: Yozak Gurrier-Weller was his soulmate. And that was something too important for not knowing it.


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