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Part 13 As it comes

Yozak walked the halls of the Blood Pledge Castle, one hand on his stomach, while the other rested on the wall, leaning in for some support. It wasn't like he couldn't walk alone, it was just that he felt more secure this way. It was the second half of the 4th month and he was showing. Not that much, but he was. You could notice when you paid attention. It wasn't that visible, but it kinda showed. It was still small but he looked other than usually, more...round. His face was a little rounder and he looked like he gained a pound or two, what, technically, was exactly what happened. Only it weren't 2 pounds of fat, but human flesh, blood and bones.

He chuckled at the memory of the day he first noticed it. On that peculiar day he decided to take a hot, relaxing bath. So he stood up, went to the bathroom, stripped and let himself slide into the hot water. It was only when he started to wash himself when he noticed that something wasn't right with his stomach. It stood out a bit. And as he looked down to check it out, he noticed it. A little bump. A tiny, small, little bump, barely noticeable.

The first person besides him who noticed it was Cheri-sama. He met her as he went from the baths back to his room. As soon as she laid eyes on him there was a squeak and a: „You're showing!" Yozak didn't know how she possibly could've noticed it, since it was small and hidden under his clothes, but he supposed it was some woman/mother-instinct. Or simply expierience. He made her promise not to tell anybody. He didn't need squeacking, hyperactive woman chasing him even more eagerly than they already did. That and he wanted to know when everybody will notice on their own. Especially Gwendal. And she just winked at him conspirationingly and walked away.

The next one to nice it was the Great Sage as Yozak visited the Shinou-temple two days after the discovery. He figured it wasn't that much of a surprise. The double black gratulated him and Yozak noticed Shinous gaze resting on his stomach. He put that tiny piece of knowledge away for later use. A few days later the maids noticed it. Apparently, woman had some kind of radar in this matter. He made them swear to Shinous name to keep silent. (Only an hour later he passed Gisella and Dorcas who were passionately discussing it.)

Another two days later he was positive that Conrad saw. As they passed eachother on the veranda of the castle, he saw how his gaze lingered on his stomach for a little longer than usual, frowning in thought. And as he passed by the table at which Heika and Wolfram sat, he heard how Wolfram started whispering quickly something to Yuuri, while pointing at Yozaks stomach.

Long story short: By the 2nd half of the 4th month everybody but the father knew about it. Shame upon Gwendal that Yozak had to bump in him for him to finally notice.

„What the..." but as soon as he saw, what exactly bumped into him, his eyes went wide and suddenly there was a shine in them that was almost childish. And even if Yozaks lips twisted upwards, he couldn't but say sarcastically: „Gee, I thought you'll never notice! It knows just the whole castle!" Gwendal went red at that.

That happened yesterday. Right now he was heading to Gisella. It was due to his check-up and he could bet that that blasted woman just trembled in anticipation to be finally able to touch it. So he was walking the quiet halls of the castle. Thinking about it, the castle had been really quiet lately. That is, if you considered quiet 5 squealing crazy women, who chased him whenever they saw him. His point was rather that Conrad and Gwendal didn't go for eachothers throats on regular basis. Actually, one could even say they got along.

His thoughts were interrupted by a soft melodical voice he used to love: „It suits you."

His head shot to the source of the voice. Conrad. A smiling Conrad. A smiling, non-bitchy Conrad, complimenting him. What went wrong?

„Thank you...?"

Conrad chuckled. „I mean it." He sighed. „I know I've been rather mean to you. I want to apologize."

It took a few moments for Yozak to process the words, but as soon as he did, a smile spread across his face. Though he was more than just surprised to hear this from his husband, since he already thought it was over. Admitted, he once wanted that, but that changed with that one slam of the door and he wanted nothing more than to have him back. Only that want was one-sided. Conrad changed his mind and Yozak thought he lost him for good. And now the man apologized to him. And even though evertyhing that happened Yozak found himself not caring about it at all.

„Apology accepted." Conrad smiled and Yozak felt a wave of feelings wash over him – happiness, love and on top of all relief. It felt as if a wall of ice that was between them started to melt. And he was sure, Conrad felt that way too.

„Where are you heading?" his husband asked.


„Oh." Was it just him or did Conrad sound just now really disappointed? A thought overcame Yozak that the man wanted to talk to him. And Yozak understoo dthat pretty much, since he basically felt the same way. „But I have some spare moments."

Conrads face lit up and Yozak saw him again as he was: The man he knew, the man he fell in love with, the man he married. „That's good." Conrad said. „I wanted to talk to you." Yozak nodded, but said nothing, waiting patiently.

„First of all: I'm really sorry for my actions towards you." He bowed deeply. „I realized how foolish I was for decieving you. I realized how I miss you. I realized how much I still love you. And nothing can change that. Not you cheating on me, no child with my brother,...no Majesty of this world. As I thought about your actions, I finally saw mine. It was wrong from me for not being with you for weeks. And even if I don't deserve it, will you forgive me?"

Yozak just stood there, eyes wide, not believing his ears. Not only did Conrad apologize to him, but acknowledged his fault and on top of that he said that he loved him. And Yozak caught himself crying. Blasted hormones, he thought, as pictures of their past flashed through his mind. Their meeting – Conrad smiling at him, their parting, then their meeting after years, their childhood friendship, the time at the academy, that fiasco they called their first time, Julia, Rüttenberg, Conrad leaving without a word, then coming back, the engagement, the wedding and the night that followed...and many more prescious moments in their relationship, good or bad, everything that made them the couple they were. And as strong arms took him in their embrace he felt like everything could be alright again.

„Will you come back to me?" Conrad whispered into his hair and a thought came crashing down on him. „And the child?"

„It's yours, and that's all that matters."

And for the first time in a century, Yozak cried on an occassion other than after sex. But as he felt his shoulder getting wet, he decided it wasn't that bad after all.


As he turned the corner, rubbing his wet eyes, he noticed two people sitting at a table at the far end of the hall. One had blond hair and an annoyed experssion on his face, the other had black hair and black eyes and was apparently sighing. With a smile on his face he approached the royal pair.

„Yozak!" Yuuri shouted as soon as he saw the spy.

„Heika, Kakka." Yozak nodded to them.

„How are you?" asked Yuuri and Wolfram looked even more annoyed. Yozak chuckled.

„We're fine. Actually, very happy." He answered with a smile on his face and Yuuri smiled even brighter. „That's wonderfull! By the way, where are you going?"


„Did something happen?!" Both turned to the source of that call to see Wolfram with a worried expression on his face. And being the intelligent spy he was, soon a knowing smile spread across Yozaks face. „No, I'm just heading for the regular check-up." And as easy as that, Wolframs expression became one of a spoiled brat again. Yozak almost shook his head at that.

„I'm really admiring how you cope with all of this." Yozak turned back to His Majesty. „With those circumstances and the current situation you are in...it really can't be easy."


„Don't call me that!"

Yozak chuckled and the attention returned to him. „I don't think it's actually that bad." They looked puzzled, but he didn't bother to further elaborate it. „And besides, I just take things as they come without complaint. It's the best way to cope with them." With that he winked at Wolfram and walked off, finally going to see Gisella. That woman would surely rip his head of for being late. But seriously those two really needed to pay some attention to their suroundings. And they should be true to themselves. Yuuri was too blind to these things...and Wolfram wasn't true to himself, Yozak knew that. After all, he wasn't blind not to notice how Wolframs gaze lingered on his stomach, longing. As he finally entered the infirmary a smile still present on his face and Gisella started shouting at him, he felt that really everything was just fine. As it comes, indeed.


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