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Encounter, the 4th

It was the day he hit the 5th month when Heika approached him. It was a dark, rainy day, so he sat in his room, doing nothing all day and wished he would be out on a mission, for he was bored to death. He had been bored for the last 4 months, but that had been at least bearable when he could go out sit on the veranda, in the garden, or go visit Geika and Shinou Heika. But now...He sat at the window, staring into nothing, while holding the sandbear he got from Gwendal for his little girl to his chest. He hated rainy weather. It reminded him of the place he came from. Yes, Dai Shimaron was always dark, it snowed constantly and when it didn't snow, it rained. He let out a small sigh. „See, honey? The sky is sad. I wonder why..." he spoke to his baby. Another bad habit he picked up – he already spoke with his child. He didn't even know the gender and he already spoke to ‚her'. Talk about motherly feelings. As he sighed once again, he heard a soft knock on the door. Perhaps somebody mercifull enough to tear him out of his boredom?

„Enter." He said and surprisingly enough, His Majesty stuck his head in.

„Heika!" he stood up immediately, but the darkhaired boy shook his head frantically. „No-no, sit, please. Can I come in?"

„Of course." Said Yozak still in mild surprise as he sat down again. What was His Majesty doing here?

Yuuri stepped in and and Yozak motioned for him to sit down, curiousity burning him alive. And as Yuuri sat down he didn't bother waiting anymore and bluntly asked (but still polite enough with a smile on his face): „So, what do you need me for Heika?"

„Ehm, you see..." the Majesty started fidgeting and Yozak smelled something suspiscious.

„Did you escape Günther again?" he asked with an amused smile.

Yuuri only shook his head. „No, Günther is taking a day off with Gwendal."

Ah, yes, Gwendal mentioned something like that to him...

„Good thing they did. The two of them seriously need some time together." He smiled. It was true. Gwendal was tense lately and Yozak wasn't dense not to know his place. He was just a pregnant lover of the man, nothing else. No offense though, Gwendal took good care of him. But he still needed some time off with his husband, only the two of them, somewhere on a field, picknicking...In the rainy weather. Sure. But the image he had in his head right now was very nice...


Yozaks head snapped up. He almost forgott that His Majesty was here.

„I just..."

„Hey, Kiddo, what's the matter?" Yozak started to get worried. Yuuri fidgeting like this wasn't Yuuri. Sure, he fidgeted enough as it is but not when he spoke to somebody he considered a friend (which was technically everybody).

„It's nothing..." the young king sighed. „I just...felt the need to apologize."

„Eeh?" What the fuck?! Yozak didn't understand a word. Why should His Majesty...

„Well, I was the reason you...that know, with Gwendal."

Yozaks face went blank for a moment as realisation dawned on him. Through these 4 months he already forgott how the whole mess started. With his damn jealousy of this adorable kid. And this adorable kid just apologized to him. Yozak even didn't know why it made him laugh. Maybe it was the utter cuteness of it. Maybe the happiness it made him feel. Or simple because of the relief it brought. Or just his overdriven hormones. Either way, Yozak laughed. „That has been bothering you?"

Oh the pout was just as adorable as the kid himself. „Don't worry, I'm not laughing you out." He said and the laugh faded to a smile. Then he leaned forward. „It doesn't have to bother you, Kiddo. It wasn't your fault. You ain't my husband so it isn't your responsibility to notice these things. Conrad should have, but he didn't. So don't blame yourself. You don't need to take responsibility for everything." He winked and as he saw that finally, his Heika smiled too, he felt lighter and an image of his little girl smiling like that too flashed through his mind. He almost fell into one of his kawai-fits again. They happened more frequently now. Blasted girl, for making him all emotional.

„If you say so...But still, it bothers me. I just wanted you to know that there never was anything between me and Conrad. He's just a good friend, a brother to me. Nothing more, nothing less." Yozak smiled greatfully. Hearing this made him breath kinda lighter. „Speaking of which" His Majesty continued „– how are things with Conrad? I heard you made up."

Yozak faltered a bit. That was a subject he felt a bit uneasy with. Yes, Conrad and he were on speking terms again, his husband asked him to move in back with him, but still, something bothered Yozak. The euphoria of the first moment faded after a night of a deep sleep and now he felt unease as he was thinking about it, but he'd be damned if he knew why. Maybe it was his uncertainity. Many things happened between him and Conrad, many things that had been said and done, things that couldn't be undone so easily. True, he loved Conrad and didn't want to be apart from him, wanted him back, but at the same time, he felt reluctant. It just didn't feel right. What should he do...He didn't know, but he as sure as hell did know that it was something he won't bind onto the kids nose.

„We're fine with eachother, after some time again." He said smiling.

„I love to hear that. You know, I really had a bad conscience as I found out you cheated on Conrad technically because of me."


„No, you know it's true, so don't argue with me." He smiled. „I'm the king after all."

Yozak smiled. That blasted adorable brat! „Hai, Heika."

For a while there was silence and Yozak grw suspiscious again. „Say, Heika...that wasn't the only reason you came here."

His Majesty sighed. „You're right...It's...Wolfam has been acting strange lately. He's clingier than usual and he is really...highspirited."

Yozaks eyebrow has risen as he listened to the boy. Where was he heading at?

„And I've been thinking if it maybe hasn't something to do with your pregnancy."

Yozak was startled and then it became to dawn on him. It was true that His Excelency always stared at his stomach with a longing look...Did he...? Yozak grinned. This was way to cute! „I see...Well, it is possible. His Excelency is...very interested in these kind of things after all." That scared look the kiddo gave him was almost amusing. He decided to tease him a bit further. „Well, I think it should be safe when you won't habe sex for a whi-"

„Yozak!" The spy grinned at the red face.

„Can't hold out that long? I'm sure you'll-"

„That's not it! We aren't doing that!"

Yozak chcukled slightly. It was really amusing, but you had to know when the amusement ended. „I know, I know. I'm just teasing you, Heika."

Yuuri blinked twice then sighed. Yozak spoke again, this time more serious. „Anyways...You should just simply give him time. He'll get over it eventually and maybe a few years later you can go back to the subject, together." He winked and saw how His Majesty face got a bit redder again.

„Suure..." he stood. „Thanks for you help. I have to go now. Kings duties, you know?"

„Or rather a missing Gwendal?" he asked with a knowing smile.

Yuuri chuckled embarassedly and left the room quickly, making Yozak chuckle. Blasted adorable brat.


Walking became slowly a task, Yozak decided as he walked the halls. Not that much of a task, but it wasn't done as easilly as it was 4 months ago. But he needed to get to a restroom, so there was no avoiding it. As he passed a hallway he saw in his peripheral vision something blonde. Instinctively turning he noticed the spoiled brat standing there, looking forlorn. The last time he saw the brat like that was when His Majesty disappeared. And even if he didn't particulary like the blond boy, he decided to help him. He could always blame it on his hormones later.


He saw how his Excelency jumped. He didn't notice him?

„Yozak!" Said man approached the boy. „Did something happen?" Yozak stood in front of him now.

„That's something I should ask you. You look like you had to ‚work' with Anissina."

Wolfram looked away. „It's none of your business." He said quietly. Even if the words didn't hold the usuall arogance, they made Yozak angry nonetheless. And his recent emotionality didn't make things exactly better. „Sorry I was trying to help you Kakka. I won't bother you with my stupidity anymore." He said sharply and turned on his heels to walk away. Except something held him back. A hand. „Wait." Yozak turned his head, to see the blond boy, standing there, gripping his hand, looking rather diturbed and even lost, perhaps?

„I..." Wolfram tried to say something but somehow he couldn't. Probably his aristocratic pride held him back. But the look the boy gave his stomach spoke more clearly than 100 words could ever do. So Yozak staid silent to and only took the hand from his wrist and laid it on his rounder belly. And instantly the desperate look was replaced with one of surprise and slight awe. Yozak saw how fascinated the young lord was. Though he didn't know what could have possibly fascinated him like that, since his belly was still small and nothing happened in there. No movements or kicks, or anything Cheri-sama told him about and he was really looking forward to it (Please, note the sarcasm here). But still, the lord seemed to really like it. It was rather cute to see the spoiled brat looking almost like any other mazoku his age, admiring the ‚miracle of life'.

„You know, Kakka, everything has its time. And when it comes, accept it, because if you reject it, it may never come back." The yound lord stared up at him, obviously speechless. Yozak let the hand go and leaning to the Excelency he whispered with a wink: „No need to rush things, don't you think?"

From the slight blush which took residence on that pale face he assumed the Excelency caught his small implication. Satisfied with himself, Yozak turned with another wink and a wave of his hand, walking away and leaving the stunned Excelency to his own thoughts. Seriously he needed to sort them out. Yozak smiled to himself as he returned to his room (after relieving himself of course) and flopped down on his bed. In the end it didn't turn out a boring day after all. And as he saw out of the window he noticed that the rain stopped and as he cast a look to the gate, he saw how two drenched figures entered the castle grounds. Lookimg back to the sky with a smile, he absentmindedly stroked his belly, whispering to himself, or his child, he didn't know: „See, honey? The sky isn't sad anymore." And as the sun shone upon his face, he added with a content smile: „It even looks like it's pretty happy. I wonder..."


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