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Peacefull times

„Ready yet?!"

„Give me one more sec!"

„They'll leave without us."

„They won't. You're the father."

It was 9 o'clock in the morning and the people at Blood Pledge Castle castle were in full going, packing things and getting ready. Ready for what?

„We're not together. I'm married with you, so by all means..."

„Gwendal if you don't get your sorry ass down here in this instant we're leaving without you!" Another voice drifted to them through the open window from outside, urging them. And as Gwendal looked out of the window he saw a fuming redhead, glaring daggers at him. Though ot didn't have the desired effect. It rather looked cute. But the darkhaired mazoku knew better than to anger the other man. His mood-swings were becoming dangerous. „I deeply apologize! Günther is taking his time again."

„That's why I'm calling you and not Günther, dumbass!"

Gwendal sighed. „Give us a minute?"

„You asked that 15 minutes ago too!"

„Ready!" Günther announced.

„Miracles happen!" the voice from outside called. „You have 5 seconds to come down!" with that he stormed off. Well, as much his rather large belly allowed it. With the pregnancy Yozak was always more and more bitchy. Gwendal bit back another sigh. He really didn't have the right to complain. It was his fault too.

He and Günther were heading with the others (Heika, Wolfram, Greta, Conrad, Geika, Shinou and Gisella) to a picnic. They figured that they should take advantage of the current peace in the country and in the castle and take a day off. Team-bonding, Heika called it.

As they joined the other people waiting at the gate, they turned one last time to the last occupants of the castle.

„So, take care."

„Don't worry, with my new special devise ‚Protect everything around you'-kun, everything will be fine."

With a slight twitch of his left eye, Gwendal looked at his mother, who simply smiled back. She would take care of things. He hoped. But as he heard the horses riding off, he figured he had no time for doubt, if he didn't want to be left behind, so he followed.

It was originally Geikas idea to spend a nice day in the nature. Though Gwendal had his doubts about Yozak riding a horse in his conditions. And apparently, his younger brother had too, as Gwendal heard him talking to his husband.

„Should you really be riding a horse?"

Yozak bit back a sigh. „Geika said it's fine."

„What if you'll get sick?"

„That's why we're taking Gisella with us."

„Won't you fall from the horse?"


„Shouldn't I ride with you, just in case?"

„Hell no!"

Conrad has been overly protective lately. Since their talk about 2 weeks ago, he was very clingy. He wouldn't leave him alone for a minute, pursuing him to move back into their room, treating him as if he was deathly sick. Talk about protectiveness. Yozak sighed invardly. It wasn't like he hated the attention of his husband, but it was really exasperating. And it didn't help the confusion raging in him. He still hadn't an answer to his question what he wanted. And Conrad clinging to him didn't do a thing for it. On the contrary, it worsened the situation.

He felt another presence next to him and as he turned he saw Geika, Shinou sitting on his shoulder. „Don't worry sir Weller. Yozak will be fine."

Conrad nodded. „If you say so..."

They arrived on the place only half an hour later. Gwendal helped Yozak from his horse, while Conrad prepared everything. As soon as he was done, he hurried to help Yozak to sit down. Yozak almost sighed.

„For the upteenth time, Captain, I'm fine."

„You're pregnant."

This time it was groan that Yozak had to bite back. He hated this overly care. But instead of saying something, he leaned on the tree that was present there. At least his husband knew how to pick a good place. But he wanted some time alone, so he turned to him: „Say, could you bring me something to eat?"

„Of course." Said Conrad smiling and hurried to oblige. Yozak watched him from afar. How could one man be so devoted?

„Oh well. Might as well use the few minutes of freedom." He muttered and closed his eyes. But he didn't remain alone for long. He felt rather than heard somebody sit next to him. Opening one of his eyes he saw the father of his child. „You know, he just worries."

„I'm more than capable taking care of myself."

„I know." The darkhaired man looked directly at him. „Should you really be riding?"

This time, Yozak did sigh. „Geika says it's safe. Besides I have plenty people around myself who are more than ready to help."

Gwendal nodded. „How's the baby?"

„Just fine. It's making my life hell, so it can be only fine..." absentmindedly Yozak stroked his stomach.

„Know the gender yet?"

„In a few days I might."

Gwendals eyes windened ever so slightly. „Geika mentioned something about the half of the 5th month. So in about a week I should know." Gwendals lips twitched upwards. „But I think it'll be a girl." A small smile appeared on the older mans face. Yozak smiled knowingly. „You're really looking forward to it, aren't you?" A pink tint grazed the lords cheeks. Yozak chuckled. „Me too." And with taht he took Gwendal shand and laid it on his stomach. „Even if we aren't exactly in love, it's kinda nice to have something in common, don't you think?" And Gwendal nodded, while his eyes rested on the belly, his gaze loving and tender. Needless to say, Yozak got one of his kawaii-fits. It was a good thing he could control them.

After a while he began to drift off. Only in the back of his mind he noticed that Gwendal left so that he could rest in peace. Only by lunchtime Günther woke him with a soft shake. For a while they ate in silence. There were only the occassional „Could you give me please" and „Be so kind and pass me the" and similar phrases, untill His Majesty spoke.

„You know, it's a good thing we can be together like this." He said as he looked around. „A few weeks ago it didn't look like it would be ever possible. I'm really happy..."

„You wimp!" Wolfram almost threw one of his tantrums, but he was cut of by a dreamy moan. „Heeiikaaa..." Oh no, please no, have mercy...Were the Günther fits coming back again? Yozak was tempted to see another apocalypse approaching. „Nothing can ever equal the grace and kindness of your hea-"

There was a quiet cough and just like that Günthers lips shut, as if they had been sealed. Yozak couldn't supress a chuckle. „You know you really scared me there. Because I don't think I could bear something like this again."

Günther smiled obviously embarassed. „It came instinctively. I apologize deeply." Everybody laughed.

„But you know, Shibuya is right." All of the attention turned to Geika. „We really should treasure such moments, because you never know what troubles could come. Ne, Shinou?"

With the ‚I'm very important and I'm always right, so you have to agree with me'-Shinou-look he nodded and said: „I completely agree with you, my faithfull advisor." Everybody sweatdropped and between the lines Yozak could read he was hiding embarassment. Oh how he wished to know...It almost didn't surprise him as Young Master leaned forward to Shinou with a sheepish look on his face. „You're really listening to your strategist, aren't you?"

Shinous eyes snapped open and for the tiny moment they were wide and Yozak was positive he saw a pink tint on the past Kings cheeks. Blasted adorable brat, indeed.

In wasn't untill later that he spoke with the two. The others were scattered around, doing various things. Conrad and Heika were playing baseball (finally, Yozak remembered the games name), His Excelency brat was standing nearby, sulking, Gisella was reading a book and Gwendal was somewhere off to with Günther. Everybody was having a nice afternoon. It was really a pity he couldn't join them. Well, he could, but one, he was tired and two, his belly was making movements a bit difficult. So he had to settle with watching. Maybe that was why the eternal pair joined him.

„Hey there."

„Geika, Shinou Heika." He smiled.

„How are you?"

„Fine. I can't move efficiently though."

„Yeah, you have to put your weight on both of your legs at one time. It's normal." Surprisingly (not), it was Shinou who spoke.

„Yeah. Still, it's a bother."

„I know."

„Do you?"

Shinou flinched. Geika smiled mischievously. 10 points for Yozak. He chuckled. „About the theory I had..."

„Yes?" the Great Sage asked, still smiling his great-sage-ish way.

„I would like to confirm it."

„What theory are you two talking about?" Shinou asked, obviously annoyed. Yozak couldn't blame him. It wasn't like it was safe to assume that when he talked with the Great Sage things were safe. More like naive (A.N.: to assume such things. I want to avoid confusion).

„About you, me and our lovelife." The darkhaired boy said straight out. Shinou looked almost shocked and Yozak wished he could capture the moment. A shocked Shinou wasn't something you saw everyday. But he really understood that – Geika saying something straight out into the blue wasn't exactly something that occured frequently. The soukoku looked back at Yozak. „So, what theory is it?"

„Don't you already know?"

„I want to confirm it."

Yozak smirked. „Is that so? Well...You said you have expierience. I assume in this kind of things too."

„Your theory is right so far."

„And I assume that...how to put this...it isn't you who...was in the same condition I am in right now."


They heard a quiet moan and they turned only to see Shinou, the smug look wiped out from his face, for a change. As the two ‚brothers in crime' looked at eachother, they burst out laughing.

„Being a babysitter has its good sides too, you know."

„I believe it's called pedophilia."

„How do you know that?"

„Conrad mentioned it as he assured me he had never had something with his Majesty and why he never even could have."

„You have a good memory."

„I'm paid for having a good memory."

„I'm sure..."

As he listened to them, Shinou felt the desperate urge to cry. He caught himself wishing for the time he spent in the temple while Soushu was consuming him. He shook his head violently. He really needed to gain controll of the situation again. Moreso over himself. He was smug, he was cunning, he was admirable, he wasn't somebody who should be disturbed by two plotting, bothersome individuals, damnit! So he bit back the snort that was about to emerge and put on a desinterested look. Though it would work if the two weren't ignoring him. His bothered mood (he refused to call it sulking) was disturbed by a mazoku who looked pretty much like him. Probably the genes.

„What are you doing?!" he shouted at his advisor. Serves him right. „You can't have Yozak all for yourself!"

His strategist chuckled. „Sure, lord von Bielefeld." As the two of them began an argument (which consited of Wolfram shouting and the Great Sage smiling) he decided to entertain himself otherwise. So he jumped down from his advisors and lifelong partners shoulders and onto the round belly of the half mazoku. The feeling eminating from there warmed his heart. He noticed Yozaks knowing smile, but did nothing to convince him otherwise. Wouldn't do a thing, really. Instead he simply lied down and listened to the gently heartbeat inside. It was comfy... And as the rhythm of Yozaks steady breathing and the beat of the Heart inside him lulled Shinou into a light slumber, he found himself dreaming about the glorious times...

As Yozak watched Shinou sleep, he threw each one of his complaints out of the window and stopped caring about everything that bothered him. After all, if he looked around, he wouldn't find a thing to complain about. He was surrounded by people who cared about him and helped him. And he would be a fool not to treasure peacefull times like this one. Besides, it was a wonderfull day. And what better way was there to spend a wonderfull day than to be with your friends?


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