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Helpfull Solutions

The doors of the infirmary opened and everybody jumped immediately. Conrad stood straight, Yurri and Wolfram hurried on their feet, Günther and Geika looked up with a look of uncertainity at Gisella, Anissina, the maids, Cheri-sama, everybody averted their gazes to the wooden door, as if the destiny of the entire world depended on it. Even Dorcas returned to the world of the living and as soon as he noticed what was going on he jumped up. As for Gwendal, as the doors opened he flinched and went so tense that he even stoped shaking. Nobody noticed the light squeeze of Anissinas hands. Gisella looked horrible. Worn out and tired, exhausted, with dark rings under her bloodshot eyes, but still standing straight as a military officer should stand. She looked around, into the faces of the people who waited for her to speak. And finally she did: „It's alive. The baby survived."

A collective gasp could be heard through the whole castle as everybody breathed a sigh of relief. Gwedals knees suddenly felt like butter and he sunk to the ground, all of the tension falling down from him. Wolfram and Yuuri were wiping away tears of joy, the maids were openly crying, Cheri-sama and Anissina never looked as happy and relieved before. Dorcas fainted again.

Conrad let himself fall against the opposite wall again and leaned on it. If the baby was alright then Yozak had to be too. But the next words cut him like a sword: „I wasn't finished." Heads snapped up as if slapped. Gisella sighed. „I had to remove it from Yozaks body."

Conrad began to subconsciously tremble. Did she mean that...?

„Don't worry, he is alright. Well, at least as alright as a person, who almost lost his baby which had to be consequently removed from his body, can feel. But it couldn't stay in his body any longer."

„So..." everybody turned to Gwendal, who was still kneeling on the floor, all defences shattered, looking scared for once in his life. „What does that mean?"

„Well, it has no soul and stabilisation of the body was needed. What does that remind you of?"

A silent moan could be heard from the wall and everybody turned to see Günther with a pained expression on his face. Gisella nodded. „I used the same method which has been used on father as he was poisoned with the Wincotts poison. For now, it's the best solution."

„But..." Cheri-samas voice sounded uncertain and worried. Too uncertain and worried. „The baby is still underdeveloped. It still has to grow, as it would grow if it was in Yozaks body. We can't leave it like this."

Gisella nodded again. „I know. It isn't enough just to keep her alive. But for now, it's all I can do. But we have to figure something out fast. Every minute the baby is in stasis is a great loss."

„Her...?" a week voice from the ground sounded. Gisella looked at Gwendal. „I didn't tell you? It's a girl." Gwendal let out a sound between a squeal and a sob and burried his face in his hands.

„Does Yozak know about this?" Gisella turned to Conrad.

„Yes. He said that he won't sleep after I tell him the truth. Well, now he can't sleep at all."

„He is awake?"


„Can I see him?"

Gisella studied the captains face for a while and finally she sighed. „I don't know if it's a good idea..."

„Why not?" again she studied the mans face. For once Conrad wasn't smiling, his expression dead serious. She gave in.

„Yes, why not...I guess you can."

„I want too." Each set of eyes turned to Gwendal who was lifting himself up from the ground, his face composed again, at least a bit. Anissina was helping him to stand up, but he refused. „I can." But nobody missed the light squeeze he gave her hand.

„Fine. But only for a short while."

Both men nodded as they entered the room and the doors of the infirmary closed again.

The first thing they saw was a pale, fragile looking form on one of the beds. On second sight they recognized it as Yozak. Conrad shuddered as he saw his husband lying there as if the life already left his body. His skyblue, once sparkling eyes were now clouded and dull. He was pale and he looked exhausted and tired.

„At least she lives." Both men jumped as they heard the sudden voice. Though what made them jump was probably the weakness and pain in it, than the sound, for it was a mere whisper. „She lives." Both men moved in unison and sat on the edge of the bed, one to the feet, the second to the head.

„She does." Whispered Gwendal ashe took Yozaks hand. Suddenly teh redhead snapped. „But how long!? Gisella told me, she can't stay this way! Or she'll, she'll..." His shoulders shuddered and he bit his lips as he surpressed the desperate sobs threatening to break free. Conrad didn't hesitate a second and hugged his husband. „It'll be alright."

„Nothing will be!"

„We'll figure something out, I promise. We won't let your little girl die. Neither I, nor Gwendal, nor anyone else out there waiting for you to get better."

„What do you know? What does this concern you? You aren't the fathe-"

„I'm your husband. That's enough reason for me."

Their eyes met in a fierce gaze and finally Yozak gave in. The stress of the last hours, the rip that tore his body apart, the struggling for life of his little baby, the almost miscarriage, the scare, the fear, everything took its toll and he finally gave in as he threw himself into the arms of his husband and cried his heart out. However it didn't last too long. Yozak wasn't one to dwell on things. He drew a deep breath and parted from Conrad, then looked at Gwendal and motioned to the little box not far from his bed, where white mist escaped from. „Marianna is there." Gwendal was almost immediately next to it, gazing down on the little creature inside. „Marianna?"

Yozak nodded. „I was deciding between Marianna, Yosephine and Yohanna. I choose Marianna."

„That was your..." Conrad trailed of as he looked questioningly at Yozak who nodded again. „Yes, my mother. Yohan was my father."

If Gwendal heard that he didn't give a sign that he did. All he had eyes for was the little creature lying in front of him. It was small and clearly underdeveloped, but in his eyes it was the most beautifull thing in the world. He was certain that is had Yozaks nose and jaw and as he regarded it closely he was positive that the facial features were completely Yozaks. But he already saw the aristocratic hands and he was certain that if it had some hair it would be surely black. He only wished that the eyes were skyblue. But that had yet to be revealed. „She looks like you."

Yozak smiled. „Does she? I don't know. I didn't see her. Gisella put her immediately in."

Gwendal nodded. „She's beautifull."

„I already know that." Yozak said with a slight smile, but then a pained expression took place on his face. „I just wish she would be still..." he didn't get to finish the words as new tears spilled from his face. „What am I going to do...She can't stay there...She needs to grow..." Conrad embraced him again and let him cry into his shoulders. Suddenly Gwendal was next to him a stern look on his face.

„You aren't alone in this, so stop whining." Yozak looked surprised at him. „You have Conrad, you have me. There's Gisella ready to do anything to save our child and I'm sure that Geika will do anything in his might to help too. And then there's everybody else waiting for the chance to support you in any way. So stop crying. This broken mess isn't you." The room fell silent and Yozak hiccuped. Gwendal was right. There really wasn't a reason to cry. Besides the one that a part of his body was ripped away from him. But still, it lived, it was alright for now. And with all the loving and caring people around, they would figure something out, together. There was no way he was lost or alone. „You're right." So why was he on the verge of crying again? „It's just...really hard...And I kinda...can't stop myself..." he hid his face again on Conrads chest and shook with sobs.

„I think it's perfectly understandable. You have been through a lot lately and now this...of course it's taking its toll on you." Said Conrad as he held Yozak tightly. „You need to rest. Relax. We'll protect Marianna now. So sleep." He stroked Yozaks back untill he felt the shudders turn into steady breaths and the body slumping against his own. He gently laid his husband down and tucked him in with the utmost care.

„You really love him, don't you?"

Conrad didn't turn to look at his brother. Instead he studied the sleeping Yozak as he nodded. „With all my heart. And I can't even express how sorry I am for everything that happened." Only when he felt a hand on his shoulder he looked up and saw the gentle caring eyes of his older brother. „It will be fine. I know it will."

Conrad nodded. „It has to."


„Gisella, what can we do now? We have to solve this somehow." Said Yuuri, sitting behind his table in the office, Günther, Wolfram, Cheri-sama and Anissina at his side, Gisella in front of him, still looking exhausted.

„I don't know Your Majesty. I really don't know..." it was obvious that she was on the verge of a breakdown too, having to spend several hours saving a small child, while managing to solve the problem only temporaly. But Yuuri knew how urgent this was and refused to let anybody rest untill they figured at least the half of something out. Only Günther wouldn't have it that way. „Heika, with all my due respect, could we possibly move this discussion to tomorrow. We are all tired and"

But Yuuri didn't let him finish. „No. We need to find a solution quickly." He sighed. „I know that everybody is tired, believe me I am too, but for the sake of the little girl, we can't give into that exhaustion. We have to"

He was interrupted by a knock on the door and the Great Sage, Shinou on his shoulders stepped in. „If you allow us Shibuya, we may have a solution."

Yuuri didn't hesitate. „Speak."

Murata approached the table and let Shinou jump on it. „You probably all know about the effects of the healing magic. It heals the wounds quickly and effectively than they would heal alone. That means, it quickens the future. The wounds would heal, it only would take time. This way, it takes less time. Isn't that true, lady von Christ?" at this Shinou turned to Gisella, who nodded. „And what do we need now? That the baby developes. Hence we need to move the progress."

„The only problem is" the Great Sage continued. „That none of us, or none of the mazoku can use up all of his maryoku."

„Another problem is, that healing magic makes something to heal more quickly, but it can't help develope the whole body."

„So, where is your solution?" asked Yuuri through gritted teeth. He almost had enough. Yozak, Conrad, Gwendal, Gisella, an almost miscarriage and now those two. Didn't it have an end?!

„Our solution is in our magic." Answered Shinou calmly, ignoring Yuuris obvious nervousity and his strategist proceeded to elaborate. „See, Shinous power is the power of light. Mine is the supporting magic. Together, we could give the healing magic a new direction, so to say. We could redirect it from merely healing the wounds to develope the body." Yuuris attention returned and he was listenning again. Looked like those two really had a solution.

„That's everything nice and good, but you do realize that we are speaking about 5 months?" Wolfram pointed out. „There's no way your maryoku would last."

„We would need to move the baby to the temple. We'll create and artificial womb that will serve the purpose of a womb and power director at the same time." Explained the Great Sage further.

„The only problem remains the healing magic." Pointed Shinou the last problem out and his lifelong partner said the solution they found for it.

„We need to summon healers from all around the country, anybody who can come. Then we would take turns. And when the soul, that will take place in the baby, arives, it will be strong enough to function without the help of an artificial womb and healing magic."

Yuuri thought about this. It sounded good, but it was just too...irrealistic. „Is it possible to do this?"

The Great Sage simply shook his shoulders. „We don't have any other options." Yuuri sighed. Damn those two. Why was it, that they always made something sound so easy while it wasn't? It wasn't like they weren't right, Murata had a point. He just wished that his friend wasn't so radical. Though drastic times acquired drastic meassures...Yuuri sighed again. He made a decision.

„Günther. Send pigeon mail to every military station across Shin Makoku. Shinou, Murata, go to the Shinou temple immediately and make preparations. Wolfram, go to the infirmary and inform the parents of the progress. Anissina, take care of Gwendal. He looked like he needed it. Gisella, go and rest. You have done already enough for us today. Anissina, tell that Gwendal too. If he won't rest I'll suspend him." He spoke in an authoritative voice, a voice of a strong leader, taking hold of the situation and facing it find a solution. The voice of a King indeed.

„Yes, Your Majesty." Everybody in the room saluted and immediately hurried to do their work as they were told. Yuuri sighed and leaned back in his chair as Cheri-sama stepped to him.

„Heika...I really need to tell you that you are a very good Maou." Yuuri smiled at her. „Thank you Cheri-sama." She winked at him and left the office too.

Within an hour the preparations were finished. Shinou and Murata were able to create the womb and Yuuri volunteered to be the first one to give his magic, untill the healers arived, or untill Gisella had enough rest, whichever happened first. The pigeons were sent and Gwendal was resting under the strict gaze of Günther and Anissina. Yozak was still asleep.


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