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Chapter 2

As much as Gwendal was disgusted by it and hated to admitt it, he liked their current arangements. Even if it was dishonorable and every other thing he hated and it made him feel like a hypocrite, he liked it. He liked the easy relationship (was it even one?) which he had with Yozak. It wasn't difficult. Talk a bit, have fun and then have some more fun in the bed. Easy. Not like with Günther. With Günther everything was complicated. Sure, he was an excellent swordsman, a strong fighter and very honorable man and cheating on him was the lowest thing Gwendal could have done to his lavendelhaired beauty...but he was complicated. He said he loved Gwendal, but still he paid more attention to His Majesty than to him. And he never spoke about Gwendal like about His Majesty, going all lovey-dovey. Not that Gwendal wanted that, for Heavens sake NO! It was just that he felt loved less. And now he was even being mushy. He sighed heavily. That was another thing that bothered him: Günther knew all-too-well, that he was very sensible inside and still, still he did such things. Was he hurting him intentionally? As soon as it came Gwendal shook it off. Günther wouldn't do such a thing. He wasn't a cheating whore, he didn't hurt people otherwise than with a sword and never without a reason.

Gwendal masaged his temples. A headache was forming again and again it was because of thoughts about his lover. Where was Yozak when you needed him?

„You're going to have wrinkles."

Gwendal nearly jumped as he heard that voice and whipped around.

„You're already back?"

Yozak only nodded as he approached his boss. „Wasn't a difficult task. Besides – your worry wasn't neccesary. Everything's fine. You worry too much, you know?" Yozak said, as he laid his strong hands on Gwendals tense shoulders and began to massage them. He felt the older man relax into his hands. „It isn't healthy. And it gives you wrinkles." He leaned forward so that he could look into Gwendals face. „And wrinkles don't suit you. Do you want to grow unattractive?" he said in a seductive voice and winked at Gwendal. That was all it took for him to be yanked into the olders lap and kissed ferociously. The clothes were sooner discarded than you could say ‚let's fuck' and it didn't even take 5 minutes to be moaning in pleasure.

Yozaks head was thrown back as he rode Gwendal and Gwendals hands held Yozaks hips firmly as he plundered the ass of the spy. He thrust ddep, hard and fast into him, made him scream from pleasure and pain, a sound which soothed his ears. While Yozak was very vocal, Günther was the silent type. Yozak moaned and screamed, Günther panted and mewled. Günther was pleading, Yozak was demanding. And as he groaned Gwendals name, he incresed the pace, thrust deeper and harder into Yozak, gripping his waist so strongly that he actually saw how Yozak winced. He would leave bruises, he knew, but he didn't care. He needed to forgett. Forgett this pain, the trouble, the work, Günther...With one final thrust he came into Yozak as he cried out in pleasure.

Satisfied and in sweet afterglow, he slumped into the chair, panting. The best think about rough sex was, you couldn't think in the afterglow. Your brain was too blown out. And Yozak was very good in blowing Gwendals mind out. Only Yozak didn't come. Gwendal noticed this as he noticed there wasn't any hot breath next to his ear, coming out in pants, no sweat-drenched body slumping against him, no tear wetting his shoulder. As he looked up, he saw Yozaks face twisted in utter discomfort, desperation and frustration and silently wondered what had gone wrong. Yozak was always the first to come with a scream of pleasure. Didn't he hit his prostate efficiently? Did he hurt him too much? Or was he becoming frigid? Gwendal didn't think he wanted to actually know.

So Gwendal did the only one thing he could do for the redhead: He grabbed his member and started to pump it quickly in hard strokes. Soon after that he heard pleasured moans and groans again and only mere moments late rthe spy came too. After that he leaned on the broach chest of his boss just as he always did, panted like he always did, and let a tear slip like he always did. Yozak tended to become sentimental after sex, but Gwendal never said a word, only held him close. He didn't know if it was like this after sex with Conrad too, but to be true, he didn't even want to know. For now, it was fine as it was.


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