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How it ends

With the first strays of sunlight he knocked on the Maous office, hoping that His Majesty was already up. Fate seemed to be on his side, because he heard a silent „Enter". He stepped in and saw a sleepy Maou with a cup of coffee, a substance Yozak would never get accustomed to, sitting grogily at his table. But upon seeing Yozak, he seemed to lighten up a bit.

„Yozak, what can I do for you?"

Yozak closed the door behind him and approached the table. The Majesty looked questioningly at him. „Is something wrong?"

Yozak shook his head. „No Heika. Quite the opposite. Everything is just too good."

The Majesty looked puzzled. „I don't think I understand."

„I know now what I have to do and I would need your help."

Surprise was evident on the young face of the Maou. „Sure, what is it?"

„You see, after doing serious thinking and a talk with captain, I came to the conclusion that I have to leave the castle."

The surprise grew as Yuuri uttered an incoherent sound.

„The situation I am in right now isn't something that I can let my daughter bear. She is an illegitimate child after all and I don't think that knowing it since her childhood would be the best for her."

The King thought about it shortly and finally saw what his best spy and personal guard meant. He nodded. „I see. So, how can I help you in this? You need to leave, so do you want me to free you of your duties as the spy of Shin Makoku and my personal guard?"

Yozak shook his head quickly. „Never Heika! I wouldn't abandon my favourite king." He winked, but then grew serious again. „No. What I ask you to, is the permission to leave the castle and not having to return to it to report to you in person. I'll stay your spy. The thing I ask for is that it will be you and only you who'll send me orders through pigeon mail. I don't want anybody of the castle contacting me, only you, as my king. That way I'll be able to go on missions for you and my report will be sent through pigeon mail. That's all I ask for: Distance."

Yuuri nodded. „You don't want to keep contact with neither Gwendal nor Conrad, or anybody else from the castle in the matter. I assume that nobody knows about this."

„Not untill His Majesty decides to reveal it."

Yuuri laughed. „You don't have to be so formal Yozak." He smiled at the man. „Your wish shall be granted. You don't have to report in person to me and your orders will be sent through pigeon mail. Nobody will know about our arrangements and nobody will search for you. Also, you may return whenever you feel ready for it. You're always welcome here, you know that."

Yozak smiled. „Thank you, Heika."

Yuuri returned the smile with his own. „The best way you can thank me is that you'll be alright."

Yozak bowed his head with a slight smirk on his lips. He felt a bit better now that he was able to leave for a longer time. „Your wish is my command."

Yuuri chuckled. „Sure, sure. But if you want to leave without notice, you yhould hurry. Both Conrad and Gwendal are early risers."

Yozak nodded. „Thank you Heika." With that he left, hurrying to his room to snatch the things he has already prepared in the darkness of the night.

10 minutes later with a babysheet (imagine a sheet bound across your chest, modified so you can put a baby securely in) bound across his chest, his little girl lying in it, sandbear tucked under his arm, a bag dangling on his back, he made his way to the stables. He readied his horse with fierce determination, not thnking about anything or anybody, because he was afraid that when he looked back now, he could never leave. There were many things that bound him to this place: People he treasured, memories he collected over the years – some of them pleasent, some of them not...But he knew that there was a reason stronger than anything from that list urged him to leave. And even if it tore him apart, he knew he had to.

Just as he was about to swing his leg over the horse a voice from behind him asked: „You're really leaving, aren't you?" As he turned around he saw the father of his child standing there, a slightly pained and slightly understanding look on his face. Yozak figured that he had no reason to lie, so he answered: „Yes."

Gwendal nodded. „You know, it doesn't surprise me as it should." Yozak flinched at the amount of pain in that voice. He understood it well. Here he was, leaving with the child of this man, maybe even without a chance of a reunion. He knew how that had to hurt Gwendal. He knew, because he also almost lost his child, this very same child that was bound to his chest. The very same child Gwendal almost lost too and he was about to loose again. But that was something he blindly had to ignore. He had to leave, simply had to.

„Figures, since I don't have much of a choice." He choked, surprised about how his own voice was about to break.

Gwendal nodded again and this time, Yozak swung himself on the horse. He needed to get away, quickly. Gwendal stood next to him. „Just keep care, will you?" His voice was hoarse.

Yozak found just enough mercy in himself to give him his daughter for one last time. „I will. Believe me I will. I almost lost her once and I do not intend on repeating it."

Gwendal nodded and with one last kiss he gave him his daughter back. „Will you come back?"

„We'll see." And with that and a shaky breath, he rode off, feeling the pained gaze on him, but refusing the wettness to leave his eyes.

He was at the gate when he heard another voice, surprised and afraid. „You're leaving?"

He stoped his horse and turned only to see his husband, standing a few meters away, an almost frightened expression on his face. He drew a deep breath and looked away. He couldn't meet his eyes, not now and probbly not ever again. „I am. I have no other choice. I need to leave."

„Why would you need to do that?" The pain in the voice was a slap into the face and he didn't mean a slap after which he would throw himself around his neck and kiss him from utter joy.

„Don't you know that? I simply can't stay. You understand, don't you?" Finally he looked at his husband. He was glad that his gaze was averted to the ground so he couldn't see those sad chestnut brown eyes. Conrad didn't answer his question and for a while there was silence between them, no words being spoken, only a bond, that was about to brake, was shared. With a whispered „Goodbye" Yozak bid his horse and rode off, leaving his husband and with him everything he considered his home behind, among it his heart.

As he passed the Shinou temple he couldn't stop himself from looking up to the top of it. Two persons were standing there, one blond the second with black hair. Their eyes met for a while and he felt rather than saw neither resentment or judging in them, but knowing and understanding. He felt the goodbyes they sent him through the gentle voice of the wind and with a harsh jerk of the reigns and a sob he managed to choke back and one single tear escaping the prison of his right eye, he rode off, definitely, not knowing if he was ever to come back, his only companion a horse, few belongings packed in one single bag, his babygirl and a knit sandbear.

-----------------------------------*The end ~

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