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Weeks. It had been weeks. Though he still didn't know since when. Weeks since he was last on a bar brawl? Weeks since he went on the short mission to the borders of Shin Makoku? Weeks since he had sex with Conrad? Or weeks since he fucked with his boss? He quickly dismissed the first two, even though they were more appaling. But he supposed his mind focused more on the latter two. And still he had trouble deciding between them. Which one lingered more on his mind? Truth be told, he didn't really want to know. He was too afraid of what the answer might be. Yes, afraid. Yozak Gurrier was afraid. Oh what a laugh! The joke of the century to be precise. Not even the jokes of the Great Sage could compete with that!

Yozak sighed as he headed to the office of his boss to give in the latest report and then probably have some mind-blowing sex and forgett his dark thoughts, which became more and more frequent these days, at least for a few moments of bliss. Though he'd probably go sentimental and ruin the afterglow, again. He remembered how it happened for the first time, right after his very first time, with his tai- no. With Conrad. Back then they were still at the academy, friends, whose friendship was developing to more none of them could've wished for. Yozak knew for ages already that he loved the darker haired male half-mazoku. And Conrad started acting strange around him lately. And that's to where it led, where they were for decades – to a love nobody could comprehend. There was saying Yozak once heard, which said that „When a Half-Mazoku loves, he loves." As he asked what that meant he'd been told, that being Human and Mazoku at one time, he held the emotions of the both at one time. The mixed. Their intensified. They didn't neutralize eachother, no. On the contrary – they added to eachother. The love of a halfbreed was intense, more intense than a Human and/or Mazoku could expierience. Halbreeds hurt more, felt more, loved more. And Yozak loved Conrad with all of his heart, with the very essence of his being. It didn't change even as Conrad became his captain. If anything else, it only multiplied, became more intense. The bond they shared wasn't just of two individuals, two friends-turned-lovers, but of a captain and a soldier: Complete trust between them. With added devotion to his leader from Yozaks part and utter responsibility for him as his underling from Conrads. Yozak would've followed his taichou everywhere, from the depths of hell to the heavens shore and back. And then they became married and their devotion to eachother evolved yet again.

But lately Yozak hasn't been expieriencing any of that devotion from his husbands part. His husband seemed to be devoted to somebody else. And even had the guts ordering his ‚wife' (a title of which was Yozak very fond of, to be true) to be just as devoted to them. Them being His Majesty Yuuri Shibuya. Yozak was jealous as hell. Though he couldn't really blame that blasted and utterly adorable king. He had found liking in him and was very fond of the blackhaired boy. But that didn't mean he couldn't blame that blasted shithead and asshole who called himself his husband! That very same ‚blasted shithead and asshole who called himself his husband' which walked right towards him with a gentle smile on his face. Yozak felt a tug in his heart which he couldn't quite place and he felt torn between crying (either from joy or shame had yet to be decided) or strangling him for the guts to approach him after weeks as if nothing had happened, as if nothing changed, as if their relationship (as far as you could call it that right now) wasn't regressing in a rapid mode.


„Taichou." He managed a small smile.

They stood now in front of eachother, looking into the eyes of their ‚other half' and Yozak felt fear. Fear of being read. But then again – could Conrad still read him?

„Let's go out tonight."

At that very moment something in Yozak snapped. Something that run deep, deeper than any wound the life has given him and he had real trouble not snapping at that person there in front of him. No ‚How have you been all those weeks?' or ‚We've been speaking so less lately, we should make up' or ‚I'm sorry for not being there for you.' Not even a damn question if he did have time! None of that but a straight demand! Did that arrongant bastard really think he had free time whenever he had?! Did he think that after weeks, WEEKS DAMNIT, weeks of separation everything was fine and dandy?! Did he really think he could still demand something from him after such a long time?! But the peak of it was as Yozak felt an arm sneak around his waist and hot breath on his neck. He didn't know how he restrained himself from throwing Conrad into the nearest wall and he most certainly didn't know how he managed to say with a gentle voice and a smile on his lips: „Sorry, but I have to report to your brother. Maybe later." Another thing he didn't know was, why he didn't give that bastard a blow right into his jawline.

He barked into the office of his boss with barely restrained fury, but immediately calmed as he saw the pained look on the other mans face. He gently closed the door after himself and he couldn't but notice how his part-time lover flinched. But as soon as he saw the orange-haired youth, he relaxed.

„Bad day?" Yozak asked as he approached his boss.

He saw how Gwendal nodded. „Anissina." As he looked up it didn't take three seconds before he asked: „Who was it by you?"

Yozak was startled. Was it really showing that much? Oh well, since it was so obvious he might as well answer. „Conrad."

Gwendals eyebrow twitched. For a few moments there was a heavy silence in between them and Yozak felt kinda lost. Was it really the best of the time to...?

„She gave me drink."

Trust Gwendal to ease the tension. The man couldn't bear heavy silences. And Yozak grasped the lead as he answered: „Ugh."


„And...what was the purpose if I may ask?"

„I believe it was called ‚To make men out of men'-kun."

The sound Yozak made was something between shock, disbelief and horror with a twinge of fear and flavoured with disgust.

„It tasted like rat poison mixed with cyancali added with dragon-shit."

Yozak shuddered. „Did it, uh, have any, ehm, affects?" he blushed madly as he asked this. Damn that women if she-

„None which would affect our...arrangements. To be precise it had no effects at all."

Yozak was silent for a while. „I'm debating whether to call it good or bad."

The look Gwendal gave him was all-too-understanding. „Conrad?"

Yozak nodded with sadness in his heart. It didn't last long though as he exploded, letting all of the frustration and dissappointment out.

„That blasted asshole told me to go out with him! Do you understand? Told me. Told me. Straightforward demanded! Like he could ask anything from me after what he did, or more exactly: didn't! That arrogant bastard!" Yozak fumed as he held his breath for several moments and then let it out slowly, trying to calm down. He didn't want to scream at Gwendal. Not after what the mazoku did for him. But almost right after he calmed down, sadness filled his heart once again and all he could do was stare at the ground, but not focusing at all, as he said in a small voice, barely containing himself: „He didn't even say hi..." He wasn't quite sure if he even finished the last word as he was pulled into strong, comforting arms. He wanted to cry, to weep, to scream, to hit something until his hands blead, but he didn't. Instead he just inhaled deeply, in and out, calming himself with the presence of the other man. Not short after that he noticed how his comforter didn't do anything, only held him, as if worried of what would, should, could come next. But Yozak was sure – he needed it. He needed to feel that at least someone cared about him. So all he did was lean into the touch, press himself more tightly into the mans arms and at the very moment he did, he felt lips on his neck, jawline, face, hand on his back, soothing him.

They were slow this time. It wasn't only the rough pleasure. His boss,- no...Gwendal, showed that at least he cared, that Yozak could come to him for comfort anytime, without having to promise anthing, without debts. And Yozak knew that Gwendal wouldn't be asking for anything in return. It comforted Yozak in a way nothing could do as much. As they both climaxed and relaxed, gasping for air, Yozak noticed that for once, no tear left his eye.


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