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Attention Part 4 Sick and tired

However the ‚Conrad assault', as Yozak started to call it, didn't end there. It was the mere beginning of what Yozak began to think it was a competition. Conrad tried everything to catch his attention, every move he once used to court him. In the past those moves flattered Yozak and responding to them was thrilling, but now was different. Now those moves made him angry. The more Conrad tried, the more Yozak got angry. He didn't answer any of the request, never responded to a kiss. Even if there were occassionaly a ‚please' and ‚Would you like', Yozak refused every time, stating he had important things to do. He came into their room late at night, so he had an excuse for not wanting sex and woke early in the morning, while Conrad was still asleep. Sometimes he asked himself what reason there was that they were still married. Because even though Conrad tried again, showed love and interest in him, Yozak decided it was too late. Conrad would really have to work hard to get his forgiveness. Moreso because Yozak felt more nervous and exhausted for some time now. He related it with Conrad since it appeared at the time the brunette approached him for the first time in weeks. Until he woke one morning needing to sprint to the bathroom to drown the rest of his dinner in the toilette. And as if it wasn't embarassing enough that Conrad saw that, by lunchtime everybody knew about it and in the early afternoon he was called into Gwendals (Yozak chose to call him that since he felt that their ‚arrangements' moved into something deeper) office only to be fussed over.

„Gwendal, I'm fine. Seriously. I can go on that mission, I swear."

„No. I absolutely refuse. Not untill you let Gisella have a look at you."



Yozak sighed. „Fine...I won't go, but I refuse to go to Gisella. I'm perfectly fine."

Their eyes met for a long time, Gwendals caring, worried and analysing, Yozaks pleading and exhausted. Finaly Gwendal nodded.

„Fine. But you have to promise me, that when it becomes worse, or won't go away, you'll pay her a visit. And with that I don't mean only drinkin tea and chatting over casual things." Gwendals tone was strict and demanding, but it held care and sincere worry. It was comforting.

„I promise."

That made Gwendal smile. As much as Gwendal could smile. „Good. Now to your orders."

Yozak waited.

„You'll go to your room and rest."


„You sincerely look like you need it. Dismissed."


„Dismissed." Gwendals tone was final. Defeated, Yozak stood.

„Okay, I'll rest." And with that he left the office of a very pleased looking Gwendal, heading to his room. And as fate loved it's sense for humor, he ran into none other than his Majesty.


„Hello Heika."

They stood to greet eachother.

„I heard you were sick. Is that true?"

„Yeah, but I'm alright, don't worry." He waved it off.

„Really? I'm glad. But if something, anything happened, don't overdo it, alright?"

Despite himself, Yozak really understood why his husband adored that adorable boy currently here in front of him.

„Hai-hai." He said waving it off again.

„How are you and Conrad? Doing fine?"

He just had to raise that subject, did he? As adorable as Yuri was, he was just as naive. Yozak didn't want to discuss this subject, not now, not ever. And especially not with His Majesty.

„Yeah, but if you excuse, I would like to lie down for a bit. I'm really exhausted." And to lessen the worry that started to build up in those black orbs, he added: „You don't know what a hell it is to walk in those high heels..." and winked. Yuris worry faded and a smiled settled itself on his face.

„Yeah...Well then, see you later."

„Hai-hai, Heika."

And with that Yozak walked off. Just as he was out of sight, he hurried into his room and threw himself on the bed, feeling sick again. He didn't know why that little chit-chat with His Majesty threw him that much off of balance that he was shivering, but it bothered him nonetheless. And damn did he feel sick...


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