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Chapter 5 Sick again

Fate was twisted, Yozak decided as he laid his spinning head into one hand and aided the elbow on the armerst of the chair he currently sat in. He was in Gwendals office, listening to the orders for his next mission. Only he didn't hear the words at all. He wasn't paying attention. It wasn't like he didn't think it was necessary to know something about it, no. The thing was, he simply couldn't listen. His head was spinning and his stomach put in a rebellion. It has been a few days since this started and it simply wouldn't go away. Not that anybody knew about it, for shinous sake, no! He was fine. Just a little unease, that all. So instead of listening he tried tow ill the sickness away. He wished it worked.

„So you'll have to..." Gwendal looked up from the papers to take a glimpse of Yozak as he noticed that the orangehaired man didn't actualy pay attention. That wasn't like Yozak at all. And by looking further he noticed that he was pale an completely unhealthy-looking. And he was massaging his right temple. Headache?

„So you'll have to help me knitt the habrid of a sand bear and dragon Greta asked me for."

Yozak didn't snap out of it. Now was Gwendal worried.


Yozak wished Gwendal would stop speaking. His voice irritated him kinda, right now and made the headache even worse. Only then Yozak noticed Gwendal stoped speaking. Yozaks eyes snapped up to look at Gwendal, whose gaze was unreadable. But since Yozak learned to make differences between unreadable and unreadable conserning Gwendal, he could tell he was worried. Damn.

„Sorry, I drifted kinda of. What was it you were saying?" he tried to lighten the ‚worried look' Gwendal gave him, but he ended up only worsen it. This was bad.

„Yozak, what's the matter?" Gwendal was serious. Oh crap.

„Nothing, I swear, it's nothing."

„You look pale and exhausted, you're apcing out and not paying attention and you drag yourself rather then walk. Don't try to make me believe you're fine. You could at least trust me that much to tell me that you're sick since we're sleeping with eachother."

Yozak flinched. Gwendals voice was so cold and icy, that it made him shiver. He was mad. Good job Yozak! He averted his gaze to nothing in particular and heaved a sigh.

„I'm sorry. I just didn't want you to worry."

„I'm here to worry about you."

Yozak looked at Gwendal again. Unreadable = honest.

„So, what's the matter?"

And Yozak found himself telling Gwendal his worries.

„It's nothing much, really. I just feel a bit tired lately. I don't have fever or anything, I'm just tired and have headaches, that's all." He purposely avoided the throwing up-session.

„I hear you've been throwing up lately."

So much for avoiding it. Yozak sighed.

„Yeah...but it doesn't happen that frequently."

/Only once a day mostly/ he added in his mind.

„I see." He heard his boss say. „You're going to see Gisella, now."

Yozak groaned. „Gwendal, I-"

Now." Raiced voice = not good. Narrowed eyes = serious. Other choises = zero. But Yozak still didn't give up.

„Gwendal, listen, I really don't ne-" and suddently he felt an overwhelming urge to throw up. Why, oh why now! It didn't happen twice a day, only sometimes, but just today it had to and then while he was in front of Gwendal. Shinou, please have mercy... Not being able to bite it back, he rose quickly and hurried to the nearest toilett, hearing a sincerely worried call „Yozak!" behind him.

Yozak hated throwing up. He hated everything about it. How it made his head spin, how he couldn't breathe, how his throat hurt and the simple feeling accompanying it. And he hated the fact that it made everybody worried. Like Gwendal who sat now next to him, soothingly stroking his back, rubbing circles across it. In between pukes he heard hurried footsteps. /Please no.../ he groaned which resulted in another fit of breakfest backwards race.


/No, pleaso, no, not he.../

Yozak looked up, to see the blurry face of his husband. And right behind him His Majesty, His Excelency Wolfram, His Excelency Günther and His Highness. And Gisella, Sanguria and Dorcas. Now the hwole castle would know. Just great.

„This has to stop." That voice mad ehim want to throw up again. He did.


„No!" his head shot up and he cast a panicked glance at his husband. „I'm fine!" he stood up and flushed the toilett. I just need to lie down for a bit..." and just as fate loved it, he tripped on his own legs. Luckily somebody caught him. UN-luckily it was Conrad. And he wouldn't let go.

„Let go."

„No, I won't. You can barely walk. I'll take you to the infirmary."


„Yozak!" well, that wasn't his husband speaking. That voice was deeper and firmer. He turned his head slightly only to see the stern look of his lover.

„Don't make me order it."

Yozak was dumbfounded. He never ever saw Gwendal so stern. Serious yes, angry double yes, but not that stern. He let himself be led away and in his slight shock he couldn't even care that it was Conrad who led him.

„It'll be alright..." his husband spoke in a hushed and comforting voice and kissed his cheek and neck lightly. It made hium shiver with reluctance, yet at the same time he wanted to melt into the touch and let his sorrows be carried away. A lovers embrace. And he found he didn't care whether aít was Conrads or Gwendals. Now, was that good or bad?

They entered the infirmary, Gisella right behind them (Yozak didn't even notice that she was walking next to them) and Yozak sat down on a bed. The others came in soon after, but Gisella didn't like that idea.

„Oh no, out! This is the infirmary, not a showcase! Everybody out!"

„I'm his husband!"

„I'm his cheff" (Gwendal barely caught himself before he ended up saying lover)

„I'm the King and I need to know how everybody feels."

„I'm his fiancé, I need to guard him before that cheater can do anything!"

„I'm your father, you can't kick me out."

Gisella was seething. „Fine. Fine. Sanguria, Dorcas, OUT!"

They were gone with the blink of an eye. Yozak sighed. It was kinda uncomfortable for him that everybody saw how he was examined, but he didn't really mind. He was used to it anyway. In his disguises it was sometimes unevitable.

Gisellas hand were gentle, but feast as she examined him, but he didn't like the faces she made. Frowning in confusion, then shaking her head in disbelief, then examining again, and then utter awe. He was really starting to worry too.

„Gisella?" damn his voice was so weak. And scared. He sounded scared. Whatever it was, he was getting rid of it that it made him like this. The woman smiled as she looked up at him and as she stood she looked at Conrad, then back at him. The hell...

„Congratulations! You're pregnant!"

Needless to say, he felt sick again.


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