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„You're pregnant. For a week to be precise."

For a few moments the room was dead silent. Yozak found he couldn't look at anyone. Though he desperately wanted to see Gwendals and Conrads face, the look in their eyes, what they were thinking. Yet at the same time he was scared of them. Gwendal...Would Gwendal leave him? Or would he support him? And Conrad...Conrad...

„Who?" That word cut stronger and deeper than any sword his body ever encountered. Not even in the battle of Ruttenberg he felt this lost and desperate.

„What do you mean who? You're his husband."

Yozak couldn't even make out the voice which said this. Was it Gisella? His Majesty? Or one of their Excelencies? He didn't know. Bud somehow he managed to look up at Conrad, but as soon as he did, he wished he never would have. The betrayed look, the clenched fists, the question and uncertainity in his eyes...Yozak found himself unable to speak.


He flinched, not as much from the shout, as from the pain in that voice. He didn't even notice he was trembling like a leaf.

„Conrad, what do you mean with that?!" This time he knew it was His Majesty who spoke. But that still didn't lessen the trembling and feeling of uncertainity. He felt so alone, so abandoned. That was until...

„He means that how long we've been sleeping with eachother." Yozak looked up shocked at the source of that statement, which currently approached him and as he reached him, he didn't hesitate to lay a hand on his shoulder.

„G-Gwendal..." Yozak couldn't believe his ears and eyes. Sudden relief washed over him and he let out the breath he didn't even notice he held. But just as he was about to lean in the strong figure of his lover, he heard the voice of his husband, hurt and broken, but firm.


And suddenly he realized how Conrad had to feel. Being cheated on and with no one else than his older brother. The two persons he loved the most (besides His Majesty, a sarcastic and evil voice in Yozaks head reasoned) betrayed him. His beloved husband has been sleeping with his brother. The moment this hit him, Yozak felt dirty, like a street whore of Big Shimaron. No...not even that was as dirty as he felt. He needed to do something, apologize, beg for forgiveness, anything would do, only to ease the hurt that Conrad had to feel.


„You dirty slut!" That hurt...But mainly because Yozak knew that it was the truth. But what happened next scared him to the depths of his soul. Conrad charged, clenched fist held high, aiming at his jaw, ready to punch. Yozaks eyes went wide and all he could think of, was how to dodge without possibly endangering his stomach. Just as the fist was about to colide, Conrad was suddenly thrown back, danger gone. Yozak panted hard and his Heart was beating a hole in his chest. Before he could realize what happened a deep voice holelred: „BAKA YAROU!" As he looked, he saw Gwendal, his boss, his lover, Yozak currently didn't know which or what the man was to him, held his husband down, fury bruning in his eyes.

„He's pregnant, so watch your temper!"

„You have nothing to say to me, bastard!" Yozak flinched at those words. What had he done...He and his own damn stubborness...Tears collected in his eyes and he could do nothing to stop them. He didn't want this to happen, not like this... He saw how Conrad showed his brother off and then cast a look of utter dissappointment and hatred at him. The next thing Yozak knew was the door being shut that loudly, that it made the bed jump up. For a few tense moments nobody moved. But then Yozak couldn't hold it any longer and run to the door, but before he could reach it, his stomach overwhelmed him in their little fierce battle and he threw up in the middle of the room. He felt dirty and sick and completely guilty. The shudders that wrecked his body soon turned into harsh sobs and he succumbed to his pain, bitter tears running down his face like waterfalls. He drew away from the arms which wanted to wrap around him, used his own instead in a tight embrance and finally a desperate howl of a wounded animal broke out of his throat and darkness engulfed him. The last thing he knew before he fainted were the soft, pale, yet strong arms that caught him...

As Yozak fainted Gwendal could barely contain himself from falling to panic. But he did catch himself and kneeled down to the unconscious man, whispering to him. „Yozak. Yozak."

„He fainted." Gwendal looked up to see Gisellas worried face. „Probably from shock. And then there is the pregnancy. Poor him, it had to really hit him hard." She knelt on his other side, opposite to Gwendal and put a hand on Yozaks face. „He has fever. He needs to rest." Then she looked at Günther, in whose lap Yozaks head currently laid. „Father, Lord von Voltaire," she looked back at him. „Could you please lay him on the bed."

„Of course."

They both picked Yozak up and did as told. It was only then that Gwendal realized that it was Günther who caught Yozak before he fell face down on the cold and hard floor. A shudder ran through Gwendals body as he realized what it may have caused. He looked up at his own husband and noticed the pained guiltridden look. What the hell...

„Gwendal..." It was guilt that ruled the voice of the paled man and made Gwendal confused. Günther lifted his head and looked at him. „I'm sorry."

Now, that was strange. Why would Günther apologize to him? It should be the other way around.

„No. I should be the one to say that." With these words Gwendal looked away. He waited for sobs and accusations, but they never came. Instead he heard a determined: „I beg to differ."

Gwendals head shot up in surprise. „I don't understand."

Günther smiled sadly. „It was my own damn fault this happened." he looked sad. „I have been neglecting you, haven't I?" Though it was formulated like a question, it sounded rather like a statement. And Gwendal couldn't find the words to argue. „Of course you needed somebody and since I wasn't there, you started something with the man who understood the most. And it probably works vice versa. I wish I could scream at you, blame you, hate you, but I can't. I can't. I can't because it's my own stupidity that made this happen. To place the blame on you would be ridiculous. All I can do is ask – Will you forgive me for not being there for you?"

Gwendal couldn't trust his ears. Günther...Günther acknowledged his fault? Knew his reasons? Actually understood them? A sudden wave of new love for this man washed through Gwendal and he found he forgave his husband from the bottom of his heart.

„Günther...I...I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have...I should've rather gone to you and talk to you, fix it...But instead I..." he couldn't finish because of the soft hand on his lips.

„Shush. It's fine. I understand. I forgive you, though I don't even accuse you of anything."

Gwendal took and kissed the hand as gratefullness and love filled him. „I forgive you too."

And then reality hit him back full force and he looked to the still unconscious figure on the bed, then back at Günther in a silent question. The mans face was serious, for once.

„That's something you two have to settle. But know this: I won't resent you for anything. I love you and I don't have the right to hold a grudge against Yozak and for the child even moreso. I'll accept whatever decision you two make and you have my full support. I owe you at least that much."

„I don't want you to do that out of duty."

„Don't worry." For the first time in a time Gwendal found too long, Günther smiled a sincere smile at him. „I won't. Even if it does bother me a little bit, I can't bring myself to be angry at a pregnant person. Or at the person which helped my beloved when I wasn't there. Does that make sense?"

Gwendal smiled and it felt like a balm on his soul. „Yes."

They took both of their hands and gazed into eachother eyes for a very long time. And even if Gwendal didn't know where this led, or what should, would come, he felt relief and happiness wash over him. Not only he was going to be father, but his husband returned to him. And though the path that presented itself in front of him was uncertain and difficult, full of rocks and obstacles, he felt happy again.


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