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07 – Encounter, the 1st

Yozak woke up with a monstrous heachache and, oh joy, feeling sick, something very knew these days. He groaned as he cluched his aching head.

„What happened...?"

„You fainted and slept for almost 24 hours now. Don't move – it'll only worsen." He heard the soft answer and managed to open his eyes only to see lord von Christ sitting next to him. And suddenly everything came back at him full force. The sickness, Conrad, Gisella, Gwendal, the shouting, the almost-attack, the shutting of the door and then blackness. He sat straight up but as soon as he did he groaned painfully.

„I told you not to sit up." He heard the lords voice and felt how he was gently laid back again. Then something hit him again. „Where's Gwendal?"

Lord von Christ sighed. „He's sleeping in his room. I somehow managed to bring him to leave your side. He'd been sitting here for over half a day. Though I can't really blame him. How are you feeling?"

„As if 10 horses danced on me."

The lord gave him a drink. „Here, drink this. It'll help."

As Yozak drank the bitter fluid, he looked at Günther. He had to know now, no? So why was he watching over him?

„Lord von Christ, what are you doing here."

Günther smiled. „I wondered when you'll ask that. Listen, I don't hold a grudge against you. In fact I have to thank you."

Yozaks eyebrows raised. Thank?

„For being there for Gwendal when I wasn't."

Now that was new. Since when did Günther von Christ admit that he made a mistake? That happened only rarely, since he was a man of honour and grace. Maxbe a bit excentric, but still a honourable warrior.

„I know it might sound strange from my mouth, but I really do care about Gwendal. But I rarely showed it these days and this is the result. The only thing I can do now, is accept it and do something about it. So I figured that I rather help you two than making your life a misery." The eyes of the man were honest, Yozak could tell by looking into them and he felt how another weight was lifted from his chest. So Lord von Christ was okay with it. Only one weight remained now, but at the same time it was the most heavy one. But still, he was gratefull that lord von Christ held no grudges agaist him, so he managed a small smile. „Thank you, lord von Christ."

„Please call me Günther."

Yozak looked at the lord surprised, a question in his eyes.

„Well, you have been sleeping with my husband so I think we're kinda related this way, no?" Günther smiled an embarassed and a bit tight smile, but the sheer sentence made Yozak laugh. „You're so right..." but he calmed quickly down and took another sip of his medicine. It actually helped. „Fine, Günther."

They smiled at eachother. Only then Yozak noticed he wasn't in the infirmary, but in a room. It was fairly familiar to him, but it couldn't be Conrads and his. He seriously doubted that Conrad would let him sleep in there, pregnant or not.

„By the way, where am I?"

„Your old room."

„What?" Yozak looked around. The last time he saw his room was, as all of his belongings were brought over into their – Conrads and his, common room. „But it's fully furnished and everything is here." He look questioningly at Günther, who shrinked in his chair, trying to disappear. „Well...We...uh, how should I put this..."

And Yozak understood, smiling a bitter smile. „Conrad removed them, didn't he? He threw everything that belonged to me out." Günthers silence spoke volumes. „He threw me completely out..." he wouldn't let the sob pas shis lips, so instead he uttered a small ironic laugh. „Well I hope he broke nothing."

„Actually, we found it in boxes outside the room, right the day after...the truth was revealed." Said Günther, as if trying to crack a small joke, utterly failing.

Yozak nodded. So Conrad wasn't out to kill him. Maybe there was a slight chance everything could work out. It made Yozak smile. He heard the chair being pulled back as Günther stood. „I'll get you something to eat. Gisella said you should eat much, since you basically eat for two. And since you've been sleeping for a day, you really should get something into your stomach. Yozak nodded. „Thanks."

As Günther left, Yozak let himself sink deeper into the comfy sheets. The silence of the room made him feel uneasy and kinda abandoned. He quickly shook it off. He didn't need to feel abandoned. He had Gwendal and Günther too and that His Majesty would support him was almost sure. Yet still, still in the peace of his own room, he felt abandoned.


A little Günther-Yozak chappie. I thought it would be gould to write an encounter between them: The husband and the lover. At a point of time there'll be a Gwendal-Conrad too.