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Part 8Tension

- the same time in an other part of the castle -

Yuuri slammed his fist on his table, shouting: „Conrad! You can't go and attack a pregnant person!" It was rather shocking that Yuuri, out of all people would be shouting at Conrad, actually Conrad but Wolfram figured it made sense. It wasn't like Yuuri never shouted, he did it occassionally. But most of the time it was something alonge the lines of ‚I'm the king so I need to'. So yeah, it scared Wolfram a bit. But still – Conrad deserved it.

„My apologies Heika."

„Go and tell that Yozak not me! He is your husband, you should be supporting him not beating him!" Yuuri sighed. „I know he cheated on you and hurt your feelings, but I'm sure he had a reason. Yozak doesn't such things naturally. Something had to happen. Go and talk to him. And apologize."

„Hai." Conrad said obediently and walked out of the office. It looked like he had to go and talk with that bastard, but truth be told he didn't want him back. Apologize...Yozak should be the one to do that. Conrad wasn't the cheater here. With such thoughts and anger towards the handsome male who was still his husband, he arrived at his door. Fine, he agreed that this had to be sorted out, but Conrad didn't want a bit to face Yozak. Nonetheless he knocked and to his surprise the answer came immediately: „Enter?" Was Yozak waiting for somebody? Gwendal perhaps? Conrads stomach turned and with a firm pose and a hard look he entered. He saw Yozak standing by the window, looking out, melancholy written all over his face. Conrad stratled. He didn't recall the time when Yozak looked melancholy. Was he really that hurt? For a moment Conrads determination and anger fluctured, but he soon regaied himself. It was Yozaks own damn fault.


He saw how the other male whipped around, eyes wide, shocked look, pressing himself against the windowshill, stuttering: „Con-Conrad..."

So it's Conrad again? Conrad smiled bitter. The last time Yozak called him that (besides during sex) was at the academy, when their relationship was only beginning. He didn't mention it though. Instead he bowed his head and with a neutral voice he said: „I'm sorry." He saw how Yozaks face lifted. Did he think he gave him a chance? Well, sorry to break this hope. „I shouldn't have attacked you. For a moment I forgott you were pregnant and saw only the man who cheated on me with my brother, so I lost my nerves. I apologize deeply. It won't happen again." He emphasized the last sentence so it held the hidden meaning of ‚because I won't be seeing you again, because I'm divorcing with you' and by the look on Yozaks face he got it. Task finished. Now he could go and leave the redhead for good. He turned around to leave, except he couldn't. He felt a hand on his wrist, clutching it like a dear life.


He turned around to see Yozaks desperate face. „Won't you let me at least explain?"

Yozak was scared. Again. As Conrad said that last sentence, indicating that it's over between them, Yozak panicked. At first as he saw it was Conrad who entered his room, not Günther with the food (God, he was starving), he thought he'll die from shock. He immediately tensed and turned to a nervous wreck. He was positive he was near a full blown panic attack then. However, Conrad apologized and Yozaks world was suddenly turning for the better. Conrad acknowledged his fault. They would talk. They would sort it out. Only the next words made him think otherwise. He didn't even notice how he laid his hand on the wall, at least for a little support. And as Conrad ‚announced' it was over, the panic returned full force. Yozak acted on instinct. He didn't even notice when or how he crossed the room and took Conrads wrist, clutching it as if his life depended on it (which it basically did), begging for being heard out. But what Conrad said next stabbed him straigh tinto the heart.

„What is there to explain. You slept with my brother."

Yozak was depserate now, yet at the same time angry. Why was Conrad so damn stubborn, now out of all time he could've been?! „Don't you even want to know why...?"

For a moment there was silence as they looked into eachothers eyes, Conrads unreadable and empty, Yozaks wide and pleading.

„Fine." That word was an outstanding little rock on a cliff he was falling from. A little hope. So he straightened himself and suddenly he discovered he was at loss of words. What should he say? It would sound like he placed all of the blame on Conrad. That would make him furious again. But as he looked into Conrads waiting eyes, which still held anger and dissppointment and a sense of finality, he figured he had nothing to lose and everything to gain. So he took a deep breath and spoke: „The...the first time it happened was after I came back from a mission, wanting nothing more than to spend some time with you and you told me you were busy with His Majesty. You didn't even say hi..." tears were collecting in Yozaks eyes but he refused to let them fall. So he managed to swallow the sobs and spoke with the strongest voice he could manage. „Gwendal was in the same situation, since Günther was obsessed wit His Majesty as well. He offered me wine, we drunk some, the sun was setting and I was thinking about how to pay you back. I was sulking, so to say. And so we..." he trailed of. He knew Conrad knew what he wanted to say and he wanted to avoid saying it, but he figured it would be better to say it straight out. Name things as they were. Taking responsibility for them. „So we slept with eachother. And so our affair started. The situation with you was getting worse and Gwendal was there, he gave me the attention you didn't. And I erased his worries with Günther, with Anissina among other things. We had a mutual agreement. He cared about me and I did the same. Well and this is what came out. It's not like I want to place the whole blame on you, I knew I should've talked to you instead of sulking, but you were never around or busy. And as we finally began to talk after weeks, my pride and stubborness kicked in and I didn't want to give you a second chance. And this is the result."

For a while there was silence between them. Yozaks gaze was directed at the floor and he felt Conrads eyes on him. Finally Conrad spoke.

„How did you get pregnant?"

This question surprised Yozak. Conrad was interessted in his pregnancy? Since when?

„I can't be sure, but I have a very good guess."

„And that would be?"

„You see, Anissina gave Gwendal her drink ‚To make men out of men'-kun." And for the first time in weeks he saw Conrad make a normal expression around him. Even if it was a look of horror and utter disgust, it made him breath easier. „It had zero effects. Well, at least zero visible effects as it seems."

„When was that?" the look changed again into and unreadable one and Yozak looked away.

„Right after the first time you approached me. I told you I headed to Gwendals office, remember?"

In the corner of his eyes he saw Conrad nod. Then the hand he held was freed and without a word of okay, or goodbye, or farewell, without saying anything at all, Conrad went out, closing the door. Actually closing it. Not shutting. Closing. Yozak stood there dumbfounded. No shouting, no words of goodbye, no slamming of the door. Now, what did that mean?

The door opened again and this time the face of Günther poked in, looking curiously around, then noticing Yozak, still standing on the one spot, looking at the door as if it was a vision. He stepped in, carrying a tray of food. „Yozak?" Yozak looked at the man, the remains of the slight shock still visible. „What happened here? I saw Conrad leaving your room. You look like you saw a ghost."

Yozak stood there for a few seconds, merely looking at Günther, before asking: „Can you please explain what it means, when Conrad leaves the room without saying anything, no goodbye, farewell, or something and doesn't slam the door?"

Günther looked at him expressionless. „I can't really explain it, but I think it's a good sign."

Feeling his knees getting weak, Yozak stumbled to the bed, slumping on it as soon as he reached it, laying his head in his hands. „If anything like this happens today again, I'll really die. This is far too much for my nerves. And the pregnancy doesn't help a bit."

Günther laid the tray down and sat next to Yozak. „Do you know what you're going to do about it?"

Yozak looked at him. „You mean the pregnancy?" he sighed. „I have no idea. But I think this isn't something I should decide alone. There are far too much people who get affected by it. I'll discuss it with Gwendal after he wakes up and then...we'll see."

Günther nodded. „But don't forgett – the final verdict is yours and only yours to make."


Günther stood. „I'll leave now. I have some work to do and I'll see if Gwendal has already awakened."

„Do that."

Günther regarded Yozak for a moment and then gently laid his hand on Yozaks shoulder. „Don't worry. It'll be alright." And with that he left Yozak to himself and his thoughts again. But this time he didn't feel abandoned at all.


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