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Part 9Encounter, the 2nd.

A month. It has been a month. A month of suffering and pain. Pregnancy really wasn't a walk through a rosegarden. When, then through a rosefield – barefeet. It was nice, but not exactly pleasant. In fact it was hard as hell. Even though the sickness started to grow less, he still felt more tired and had to lay down for a few hours to function properly for the rest of the day. He didn't go on missions anymore, so no adventures looking forward to. Damn, he hated it. Yet at the same time, if was nice to know that another life grew inside you, right there under your heart, fully depending on you and your actions. What, in Yozaks case was rather bad, since his actions were most of the time risky. Maybe that was why Gwendal didn't send him on missions anymore. Damn him! They both decided they wanted to keep the baby.


Only half an hour after Günther left, his door was opnened again and this time it was Gwendal who entered. Yozaks face brightened immediately. He suddenly felt as if his burden lost noticeably on weight.

Gwendal." He stood from where he sat on his bed and approached him, leaning onto him. He felt a bigh hand being laid on his shoulder.

How are you?"

Physically or mentally?"

Günther mentioned Conrad was here."

Yozak nodded and told Gwendal about his encounter with Conrad. As he ended, he looked at him. „What does the older brother say?"

And Gwendal replied, stoic as ever: „My personal feeling is, that he is strating to accept it. But one can never know. To read Conrad is fairly difficult, you of all people should know."

Yozak nodded. Gwendal was right. Conrad not only rarely showed his feelings, he hid them behind his smile and politeness. To read Gwendal was sometimes easier than to read Conrad. And if tehre was any person who knew this, it was Yozak. „Yeah..."

But then he remembered they still had to discuss something. So, gathering all of his courage, he asked: „Gwendal, do you want this kid with me?"

He noticed how Gwendal tensed and Yozak looked directly into his eyes, his own serious and filled with honesty. „I mean this question Gwendal. Do you want it? Do you want a halfmazoku bear your child?" He took the hand of his superior and laid it onto his yet flat stomach, dead serious. Gwendal regarded him with an unreadable expression, one which Yozak couldn't read. But as soon as Yozak was ready to make a run to the nearest bathroom, Gwendal said: „Yes. Yes, I would really apreciate" (at this point Yozak translated the hidden language of Gwendal into ‚I would love to') „to have this child with you, but I can't force you. What I can do is support your decission."

A stone fell from Yozaks Heart and he sighed in relief. „And I thought I'll be on my own with this. That was a bit unfair to assume, wasn't it? After all you've done for me." he winked flippantly and he saw in Gwendals eyes that he was ecstasic too. Now that Gwendal said he would ‚appeciate it' to have the child with him, Yozak asked himself how he ever could've thought of getting rid of it (a thought that crossed his mind rather frequently for the past hour since he woke). He already loved it. Even if it complicated his life greatly. He didn't know where he stood neither with Gwendal nor with Conrad, and while being married to one, he had the child with the other. The next months would be very turbulent. And yet, here he was, asking himself if it'll be a boy or a girl.

-end flashback-

Turbulent his ass. Yozak was restless and bored, had nothing to do all day. The only thing he could do was walk around a bit, which he didn't like doing, since he could meet various people he didn't want to meet. E.g. Conrad. And then everybody else in the castle. People here were annoying these days...Always asking him how he was, if they could fell his stomach (he didn't even show, damnit!) if he needed something, and so on. Seriously, the only one who didn't go on his nerves was Cheri-sama. Figures, since she was pregnant 3 times – she had to know how that felt. Yozak asked her sometimes for advice too. She didn't look like it, but Cheri-sama was a very intelligent woman. But she wasn't around right now and he was exposed to the rest of the castle, utterly defenseless. Only the tought of Doria, Sanguria or Lasania finding him, made him shudder. And that was why exactly he was heading to the stables. Escape. Nobody could blame him, really. Besides he wasn't heading far. He had to go to the Shinou temple. It provided escape and pleasant company. The Great Sage was such and understanding man...and Shinou a joy to be with. He was so cheerfull, so easy, flippant, and most important – not annoying. Well at least for Yozak. As he sometimes looked at the Great Sage, he noticed tiredness in his eyes. But then again, he was with that man for 4000 years now...if it was Yozak, instead of the Great Sage he would be annoyed as hell.

Their company made him always feel better, lose the tension and lessen the stiffness in his shoulders, that settled there itself nowadays. So with Anissina and Conrad around and without Cheri-sama there, Yozak headed for the Shinou temple. Becaufe of that and something other. Those two were old (no offense, though) and had their expieriences. Gisella was kinda unsure about things conserning his pregnancy, since this was her first case. Hell, Günther said it was the first case of man-pregnancy ever. Though, he found it highly unlikely. Only the records didn't say anything. And what the records didn't say, the Great Sage would surely know, would he? And besides, he had the feeling the two weren't telling him something and he was pretty positive about it too. They were hiding something. And he had to know what! It wasn't like it interested him that much, he just had to entertain himself with something, since his only entertainment nowadays was lying in bed, speaking with Cheri-sama and avoiding the rest of the castle. He sighed. What had he gotten himself into...

It was then that he heard shouting from the far side of the corner. Two man were arguing and he was pretty sure he knew those two voices pretty well. He groaned. Did Shinou hate him that much? The last time he spoke with him he didn't have that impression... Shaking his head for one last time, Yozak run down the hall and turned the corner, only to see Gwendal and Conrad standing a few meters away facing eachother, swords drawn. Can't somebody have mercy?!

„Hey!" he saw his Majesty approaching from the other side of the hall, Günther and Wolfram right behind him. „What are you two doing?!" But they weren't listening to him. Well, it wasn't exactly new for Gwendal, but Conrad? Not paying attention to His Majesty? The world was ending...The mockery and sarcasmus however faded as Yozak saw how they both attacked, at the same time. Now he was scared. The two actually fought?!

„You little baby!" hollered Gwendal. „Why do you feel the need to fight? I'm not intending to take your husband from you! I have my own!"

„Then why did you sleep with mine in the first place?!"

Yozak gaped. They were fighting over him?! (What a surprise there!) No, no, absolutely no. He run towards them, on the way snatching a sword from a guard with a small shout „I'll borrow this for a while!" and jumped between them, blocking Conrads sword with his own and dodging Gwendals at the same time. „STOP IT BOTH OF YOU RIGHT NOW!" he belowed. He ignored the shocked gasps and worried calls of everyone and stared at both of his...wooers, eyes hard and unforgivable. He panted. „I'm sick and tired of this. I really am. I'm here, a pregnant person, wanting nothing but at least a bit of peace and all I get is to see how my husband and the father of my child fight, because of me! You're brothers! BROTHERS, DAMNIT! In an other situation I would be seriously flattered, but right now I'm only exhausted, sick and tired of both of you! You're behaving like two cocks on one dunghill! What are you: Little children?! Don't dare interrupt me! I don't care who started this argument, but I do care about you two and I do care about this child I'm carrying. It does need a father, you know? It won't help any of us if you both kill eachother! Though, thinking about it, I rather let this kid have no father, than two fathers without a brain!" With that he turned on his heels and walked off, throwing the sword back at the guard. He was furious. He knew it didn't do him and the kid any good but those two were just so....STUPID! He made his way to the stables. He needed to talk with somebody, now.

-meanwhile in the infirmary-

Gisella had no mercy with the two ‚archrivals' as she attended to their wounds.

„Seriously. Fighting. How old are you, 5?!" she shouted as she put too much desinfection on Conrads wound. Intentionally. „Did you think it'll solve anything?!" she rubbed it furiously in and Conrad winced. „Serves you right!" Then she turned at Gwendal. „And you, don't get overconfident there! Your wounds need to be nursed too." Gwendals eyebrow twitched.

„Seriously you guys..." Yuuri said quietly. „Why did you do that?"

„My deepest apologies, Heika." Both said in unison. Yuuri sighed. „How did this happen anyway?"

Both men looked away. „Well..."


Conrad was walking down the hall, heading for Yuuris office, which he frequented these days. He needed advice, again. He consulted Yuuri and often his mother about his matters with Yozak, but she wasn't there right now, so Yuuri had to do. Yuuri...the whole thing that started this mess was his unvavering devotion towards the boy. But still – Yozak could've said something, anything, said that it bothers him, asked him to spend more time with him. But silently Conrad wondered if it would've helped. He always put Yuuri on the first place in his life: Protecting Yuuri, helping Yuuri, always Yuuri. And never did he notic how he pushed his lifelong friend (who became later his husband) away. And could he really blame him that he sought the contact of an other person? Conrad was reluctant to answer that... But still, Yozak could've at least tried. But he didn't. Instead he ran into the arms of no other than his brother Gwendal. That exact same brother who came that very moment out of the office of his Majesty, heading the way Conrad came from. As he noticed him, he suddenly stoped. They both regarded eachother, meassured the movements, expected the other to do something. Nothing came. Then Gwendal moved and went past Conrad, going to wherever he wanted to go. However, Conrad caught his arm and held it firmly and stared into Gwendals eyes.


Gwendal was silent for a moment, thinking. And then, turning fully to Conrad, he said: „You weren't there."

Conrad didn't know why nor did he know what, but something in him snapped. Broke. He became as angry as he never was in his entire life. But he still managed to contain it as he asked: „Is that your only reason?"

He was sad and I'm his boss. I have to take care of him." And that was when it broke loose. Conrad neevr drew his sword that fast. Gwendal almost couldn't react as Conrad lunged at him with a warriors howl. But nonetheless he dodged and countered with his own sword and hollered: „You little baby! Why do you feel the need to fight? I'm not intending to take your husband from you! I have my own!"

Conrad was angry beyond belief. Yeah, right. Gwendal had his own husband but damnit! If he had his own, why did he sleep with Yozak?!

Then why did you sleep with mine in the first place?!"

They heard voices approaching and shouting, but didn't pay attention. This had to be settled for once and for all. If it wasn't for the orangehaired man who jumped in between them, belowing them to stop.

-end of flashback-

Yuuri sighed. „I see." Then he looked out of the window, a seriously worried look on his face. „I just hope Yozak is alright."

Gisella looked up from what she was doing, puzzled. „Yozak?"

Yuuri nodded. „He jumped between them."



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