I wonder if Snape's perpetual pissy mood was simply from not being able to find his Ex-Lax?



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Ronald Weasley was not a happy boy; now that word had spread around that he was no longer considered a friend by the Boy-Who-Lived, any measure of respect he had was now dust in the wind. That is, if you can call trying to use a connection like that to boss people around 'respect'. And just who was at fault for all this?

"Lousy Potter..I wasted a year giving him the pleasure of my company and THIS is how he repays me!? And that little know-it-all too..All because he had to show off and turn into a freak." Ron grumbled to himself as he watched Katie Bell give him a frosty look and a rude hand gesture after he tried to sweet-talk..at least, what he thought was sweet-talking....her into 'helping' with his homework (AKA: do it all for him). Of course, that plan was bust and he ended up having to do it himself. Unfortunately for him, begging Hermione to do most of it over the last year meant his study habits were just slightly above his table manners.

The fact he still had a couple days of detentions with Professor McGonagall left didn't help matters. In short: the youngest male Weasley was screwed. "He'll get his, I'll make sure of it" Of course, while he was fuming, he failed to see the object of his animosity enter the common room and make a beeline for the twins.

"Ah, Gred and Forge. I've been looking for you two." Harry piped up, leaning foward a bit to make sure he had their attention.

"Oh, Harry. what brings you to our little corner?" George said, looking up from the parchment he was jotting down on.

Harry took a moment to sigh and said, with a face devoid of emotion, "I know about the photos. Seems your sister earned a detention after she saw Colin Creevy with one and tried to hex him when he considered getting me to autograph it"

"What are you talking...oh, those.." Fred let out a nervous chuckle as George gave the raven-haired boy an equally nervous grin. After getting the daylights scared out of them back at the Burrow, both had come to realize this was a completely new Harry from last year, in more ways than one, "Um...hehe.." Both of them may have been prankers at heart, but even they knew all it would take was a letter to Molly to end that for a long time.

"Bad form, lads. One thing to take them without my knowledge, but to not even give me a cut of the profits from them? After all, those are technically MY pictures. Very bad form"

"We were planning to split it with you after we sold all of them." Fred quicky replied, remembering the pummeling Lockhart received and hoping Harry wouldn't do something he and his brother would regret.

"Yeah, besides, mate, the girls love them."

"True, I noticed a pair of first years arguing over who owned the picture they had. However, you realize this still calls for me to punish you. I won't do it right now, of course."

The twins relaxed some until his face split in an eerie grin, "I said 'not right now'. But tomorrow, or possibly the day after, are completely different. And in case you think you can catch it in time." He held a hand up and they blanched as it faded away, "Remember, I can go invisible at will now, you can't." With those words, he headed out for his next class, leaving a now shaking Fred and George Weasley behind.


"Yeah, Fred?"

"We're buggered, aren't we?"

"Very, I'm afraid."

"That what I thought.."


Dumbledore fought the growing urge to bang his head on his desk. In the span of apparently just one summer, all his years of work were now falling apart, "How could this have happened??" He said to no one in particular, "Harry is deviating from the life he needs to be living..."

"And might I ask what exactly that life is supposed to be, Albus?" The voice of Fawkes, Dumbledore's bonded phoenix, echoed in the man's mind, its tone showing a bit of disapproval. Well, 'bonded' was what the headmaster preferred to let everyone think about the circumstances with him and the bird. His pride would never allow him to admit that the phoenix simply just liked to hang around, more or less tolerating the man's presence, though now he was having second thoughts. Sure Fawkes would be willing to lend a hand...er, a talon with certain things, but that was about it. What the old man didn't know was that his feathery associate had a sense of humor that could only be counted as 'bent', and he wouldn't hesitate to act on it should the right motivation arise.

"You know very well what I mean, Fawkes. Harry must grow up humble and selfless if he is to fullfill the prophecy." The old man retorted,.

"You forget that prophecies can be interpreted in more than one way, Albus. Besides, you of all people should know that someone can grow up the exact same why in a NORMAL household." Fawkes stressed the word to drive how little he thought of Harry's current lodgings outside the school.

"That's beside the point. The boy's current upbringing is essential to the light's victory. This new-found confidence must be purged from his system! He HAS to be meek so he will accept my conditioning for his final encounter with Voldemort."

"Are you even listening to yourself??" Fawkes nearly yelled mentally, "You''re supposed to be helping Harry, not turn him into what you alone think he has to be!" The magical bird scowled when he noticed the man wasn't listening anymore. "Dammit, Dumbledore! Just because YOU think something needs to go a certain way does not make it the right OR only way!"


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