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Chapter one : Haruhi's Change


Haruhi walked towards music room 3 later than usual. Lately she felt down due to to what she called the ' rich bastards'. They constantly paraded around their status unintentionally but it got to the point now of her feeling entirely self conscious about her own image.

As she walked she brought along with her three large boxes full of her treats and presents for Hunny – senpei's birthday. She'd spent months now working for the local Dojo to gather enough money for the presents and enough for Kyoya so he didn't increase her debt for the time she had missed.

She was constantly tired not that Tamaki ,Hikaru and Kaoru notice with their ridiculous schemes for her attention. With her school work, working and training at the Dojo and the host club she barely had any time for herself. Her father was their to support her and help a little more around the house. The new income brought a lot of pressure off him. He was able to spend more time at home to help out Haruhi. Not that she minded it was nice to spend more time with him, it made him happy.

'maybe Tamaki – senpei wont hug me to death' she hoped as she opened the 3rd music room door. Nobody in particular noticed her entrance besides Kyoya and Mori. Kyoya happened to be working on his laptop near the door and Mori barely gave her a second glance. That was all to be expected though . The rest of the host club was around Hunny giving him expensive gifts that made her look like crap. The cakes looked like pieces of art too good to eat. None of the others even saw her enter.

Kyoya got up and walked to her towards the female host. the calculating manor he came towards her gave her an involuntary shiver. That coupled with the dangerous glint in his eyes did not bode well for her.

"Haruhi late again. I will have no choice but to add this to your debt." he casually informed knowing her late entry was of some merit to him.

"yes Kyoya – senpei. I know." Haruhi sighed as she set Hunny's presents in one of the discarded corners and made her way back to Kyoya. Taking an envelope out of her black rucksack she handed it to him. "there's 70,000 ¥ for the time I've missed out on here. Its not a lot but its ¼ of my earnings so far."

" I was unaware of you taking up a job" he scowled at the thought of him not knowing what was going on in her life. Sure he was in contact with her father but even he failed to mention this to him.

"yeah well I cant help that really. Kyoya – senpei I'm going to skip out on hosting today as well. I've left Hunny – senpei his presents not that he's going to like them compare to the rest of his but its all I can afford as a commoner" she bitterly spoke as she practically slammed the music room after her.

The impact alerted all the hosts to the music room door. Hunny rushed to Kyoya as quickly as possibly. The look on the elder boys face clearly showed that he hoped that was Haruhi.

"Kyo – kun was that Haru – chan. Will she be back soon?" he said almost in one breath. His question clearly on the other members minds. Only Mori and Kyoya knew she wouldn't come back once she left a room.

" that was Haruhi she came by to drop of your gifts before she departed for the day Hunny – senpei." he calmly stated despite the strained glint in his eyes as he pushed his glasses yet again up his nose. Hunny simple accepting this rushed towards a few boxes in the corner of the room.

" my daughter was her ! Why was I not aware of this mother?" Tamaki exploded " what have you done you fiend!!"

"Haruhi was here ..." Hikaru spoke.

"and yet ..." Kaoru continued.

"we missed our toy." they finished in unison. For the first time they had actually not noticed her.

" Haruhi it seems feels that her gift for Hunny – senpei was not enough compared to extravagant gifts." Kyoya simple replied as if that could explain every thing.

Hunny came back shortly after receiving his gifts crying. The rest of the host club looked into the boxes he carried back with him wondering what upset him so much. Amongst the boxes were cookies and cakes with faces of the host club and Usa – chan. One particular box contained a hand knitted blue scarf . It was simple beautiful. Mori taking initiative pulled out the scarf and wrapped it around Hunny. The ends where delicately embroidered with small pink Usa – chan's. It was obvious shed spent time and money on that particular gift. Both Hikaru and Kaoru noted that the wool on the scarf was one of the finest they had known. This point in time to the hosts seemingly not important stood as a time in Haruhi's life when she felt not needed.


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