Rewind Feelings, Rewind Thoughts, Rewind Hope by DD Agent

What if the Cylons didn't attack the Colonies after the Decommissioning Ceremony?

One month later in Caprica City, newly retired Bill Adama bumps into Laura Roslin, struggling with her illicit affair with Richard Adar. The two become friends, before slipping into something more. But Adar is not willing to give up Laura that easy, and neither is the cancer tugging at her.

Working with Presidential aide and wannabe viper pilot Alex Charlton, Bill begins to woo Laura to his side, and recover his relationship with son Lee. Will Laura's cancer defeat her before Bill has won her over? Will Adar be taken down a peg or two by matchmakers Lee, Alex, Kara, Billy and Saul? Will the crew of the Galactica ever reunite?

Disclaimer: Alex Charlton and the scenario is of my creation, but unfortunately Laura, Bill, Kara, Lee and Tigh belong to RDM and others. They can keep Adar.

Spoilers: Up until half way through the mini series, season 2 "Epiphanies"…if you don't know anything about Laura and Bill…

This is AU, and entirely Bill and Laura centric. Not a clean fic, straight from the off actually. Alex is an OC, and reviews are love. Apart from that, lets go on with the story!


Laura Roslin would consider herself relatively attractive; there had been no complaints so far. Her auburn hair was thick and soft, her green eyes bright. Her curves were fine and her skin was smooth. Laura also considered herself an intelligent person as well, which was why she could and could not understand her current actions.

"Oh Laura…" Richard's voice was muffled against the curve of her neck. They were on his desk, aide's unaware that beyond the doors of the President's office he was frakking his Education Secretary. His trousers were around his ankles, her skirt pushed up to her hips and he was buried inside her. At last he cried out in pleasure, collapsing against Laura's head before grinning.

She smiled, she couldn't do anything but. Laura couldn't help it. She had thought her job was up; her life was going to be turned upside down after their meeting about the teachers strike. But when she had returned from Galactica, Richard had taken her into his office and apologised. She knew that the apology would be short lived, and she would forever be on tenterhooks about things, but it beat being unemployed. Her relationship with Richard was still intact, something she had mixed feelings about.

"If you could have that paperwork on my desk by the end of the day, that would be great. See you later Laura." Smoothing her skirt down, she gave Richard a kiss that he returned passionately before recovering herself and leaving the office.

Outside, she smiled to the aide's milling about and Richard's new assistant Alex. She was a small young thing, often seen spending time with the interns including her own new assistant Billy. Laura could see pictures of her family on her desk, and bizarrely a model viper.

"Everything all right Madam Secretary?" she asked, smiling and pushing her own glasses to the top of her nose. Replying in the positive, Laura walked down the small corridor to her own office and shut the door, shutting out the world. Her skin was still flushed from her encounter with Richard and her heart was beating like a maniac.

She couldn't keep this up, frakking the President behind closed doors, closing off relations with anyone other than him. Standing still and letting the moment pass her by, her body was split in two directions. One side wanted to continue onto her desk and finish the paper work Richard wanted her to do, while the other wanted her to jump into the nearest shower and scrub every trace of him from her body. Why was she so confused over him?

Laura decided to compromise and walk down to the river walk in the city for lunch. It reminded her of before the ceremony on Galactica, swinging her feet in the cold water to calm down. It relaxed her, and she was hoping that the same effect might happen today.

Laura watched as young couples sat beside the water, talking and laughing and enjoying the hot sunshine. A weak smile crossed over her features, turning to a grimace. When she had been a teenager, she had dreamt of falling in love with a handsome man who would whisk her off her feet. Now she was trapped in a torrid affair, caught between fire and flood, illicit romance and losing the job that she loved.

"Great," Laura sighed, looking in her reflection at the water. She felt tired, and she knew that some of that had to do with her personal life, but there was also the word that she couldn't bear to say. Cancer. One month in and she hadn't been back, couldn't go back to the large expansive office and have him tell her that there was no hope. She wouldn't lie lost and alone in a hospital bed with a disease she couldn't dream of fighting eating away at her.

Her thoughts had become melancholy, so Laura decided to return back to the office for a quick bite to eat before starting on Richard's paperwork. Turning around, she smacked into someone, and the suddenness of it all caught her off guard and she lost her balance. Unluckily for her new acquaintance, when Laura began to fall back into the water she grabbed a handful of their shirt and pulled them in after her.

Water went over her head, but eventually she surfaced. She was soaked from head to foot, as was her bag with her phone and the rest of her things. Turning to her companion, she could see that the man she had tumbled into the water with was in a similar predicament.

"I'm sorry, I don't usually haul handsome men into the river," Laura replied, looking into the face of her new acquaintance. He was quite handsome, a few years older than her but he had the most brilliant blue eyes that she had ever seen. He also looked familiar, but she couldn't quite place him.

"Its fine, certainly was a shake up to my day," he joined in with her laughter before helping her out of the river and onto the walkway.

"I heard you're one of those people. You're actually afraid of computers."

"I'm sorry that I'm inconveniencing you or the teachers but I will not allow a computerized network to be placed aboard this ship while I am in command. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir."

Once back on solid ground, words started to go around Laura's head and she finally figured out where she recognised him. He was Commander Bill Adama, the former commander of the Battlestar Galactica. The man she had butted heads with over the network, the man who could do a speech and put a caffeine addict to sleep.

"Have we met before?" he asked, and Laura had to stifle a chuckle. Bill Adama looked so much different in civilian clothing, a grey shirt and plain trousers that were now soaked. He looked less harsh in natural lighting then he did in the bright lights of a spaceship. He looked good.

"The decommissioning ceremony on Galactica."

"Of course, the school teacher, Laura Roslin wasn't it?" he asked, and her heart sunk a little. Take the man out of the uniform, but the uniform would always be in the heart of the man.

"Yes, the school teacher. I'm sorry for this incident Commander, please forgive me and I wish you a better day then what I'm having." Laura replied curtly, before grabbing her wet bag and turning back to the office. One thing after another, what would happen next?

Bill Adama looked confused for a moment before it struck him what he had said. She had already gone before he had a chance to apologise, and that was when he noticed something floating in the water that she had left behind.


"Madam Secretary? There's someone here to see you," Billy announced, giving his trademark smile before noticing that she was half dressed and leaning against a heater.

"Thank you Billy, send them in in about five minutes okay?" Laura replied from where she was. He shut the door gently, and she began preparing to get decent. She had foregone food to do the paperwork, and had decided she would take the other half of her lunch break off at some other time. She found the spare shirt she was looking for and slipped her soaked silk shirt over her head but it got stuck. She tugged at it for a moment and sighed until a pair of warm hands guided the clothing off of her.

"Thank you Billy."

"Close, but no cigar," said a husky voice that did not belong to her innocent new assistant. Turning around, she saw Bill Adama slightly dry and standing behind her. The warm hands belonged to him, and Laura swallowed the thought about how well they had felt on her. The door to her office was closed, and it was only when he turned to look away did Laura realise she was standing in front of him in just her bra and skirt. She slipped on the clean and dry clothing before turning to face the next crisis.

"How can I help you Commander?" she asked, trying to get rid of the trace of anger she felt for the man. Schoolteacher my ass.

"You left this floating in the river. I thought I better return it, and offer my apologies for calling you a schoolteacher. You're the head teacher at least."

If anyone else had said it, she would have whacked them with the book they were returning. But accompanied with the handsome smile he gave her, Laura couldn't help but giggle. Maybe his retirement had mellowed the commander slightly.

"Thank you."

A Murder on Picon was one of her favourite novels, but the pages were soaked like nearly everything else in her office. Her mother had given it to her as a birthday gift one year, and she treasured it. Laura was sure that when she would have searched her bag later that night, she would have found it missing and ended up at her kitchen table in tears. But this man, this annoying and still soggy around the edges man, had returned it to her.

"Is there anything I can do to repay you Commander?"

"Lend it to me when you're finished. And maybe a cup of coffee to warm me up. That water gets in everywhere." Laura giggled, and placed the book on the heater to dry the pages. Coffee wouldn't hurt, and technically she did owe him for dragging him into the water with her.

"Got some time free now?"


They had gone to a little coffee place just outside her office, far away from the river walk. It wasn't as commercial as it could have been, but it wasn't as intimate as a date would have been. Something which Laura was thankful for, this wasn't a date just a meeting of minds. Telling herself this over and over again wouldn't make her believe it though.

"Edward Prima is a genius," Bill announced, sipping his warm coffee and looking over at the extremely attractive creature in front of him. The first time he had met her, he was looking at the daunting task of retirement and of letting his ship go. She had been just another bureaucrat, a member of Adar's council who he couldn't stand. Now, looking at her, he actually couldn't keep his eyes off her. Their splash in the water had made her hair extra curly, and he wanted to trace his fingers around them. The image of her standing half naked in her office was burned into his retinas.

"Prima is good, but Wallace is so much better. Forbidden Moonlight is such a good book."

"To graphic for my tastes."

"The violence or the sex?" Laura teased, causing him to choke on his coffee before joining in her laughter.

"I've seen plenty of violence…"

"But not enough sex?"

"Definitely not." The way he said it made Laura's cheeks blush. Here was a man who seemed like he was interested in her, so why did she have the sudden desire to run far, far away? A saving grace presented itself as her phone began to ring with a message from Richard. He needed her, or her paperwork. It was only then looking at the clock that she realised that she and Bill had been talking for over an hour and she had gone well over her break.

"I need to go."

"Wait," Bill rested a hand atop hers and she didn't let go. He opened up her fingers gently and wrote his phone number on the palm of her hand. "Call me once you get around to reading Dark Day."

He got out of his chair and went to help her out of hers and into her jacket. Turning around she gave him a smile before seemingly running all the way back to the office to see Richard. A discussion of paperwork, a smile and then a fumble on his desk. Tomorrow things would be the same, thus part of the bitter circle that she was part of. Bill Adama's interruption was very nice, but he didn't belong in her world, and there was no way she would drag him in after her.