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Gabriella squinted as the bright sun peeped through her slatted blinds. She pounded her fist on her alarm clock and it stopped beeping. She climbed out of bed and got into her shower. Gabriella was an only child, spoiled rotten by her mother, Maria. Gabriella wasn't mean and bratty, like most spoiled kids, she just got a lot of new things and gadgets and was grateful for them. She went downstairs and Maria was at the dining table, staring at her food.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Gabriella said, sitting next to her mother.

"You know Lucille and Jack?"

"Lucille your best friend from school? The one with that kid my age?"


"Yes, I do know them. How are they?"

Maria's lips twitched nervously.

"Not well... at all. Well actually... they were in a car accident."

"Oh my gosh, really? Are they okay?"

"No. They died. Lucille died in the hospital but Jack died in the ambulance..."

"Oh," Gabriella said, confused, looking at her mother seriously.

"Now onto the bit which you really wont like..."

"What? I'm sure I wont mind that much."

"Anyway, as Lucille's most trusted and best friend, I was appointed guardian for Troy if anything happened to them."

"Oh, so..."

"He's moving in here with us."

"That's not so bad." Gabriella said.

Gabriella could vaguely remember Troy. The last time they saw eachother was when they were five, and that was twelve years ago. There was only one time she could remember with him. The day at the park.

A young Gabriella sat on the swings, kicking her legs like her mother had said minutes before she had gone to speak on her cell phone. Bend and kick, bend and kick, she thought to herself as she tried to copy the actions her mother told her. She sighed as she looked at a young Troy who was swinging high on his own and wished she could do the same. A single tear drop escaped from her eye.

"Why are you crying?" the young Troy asked, standing infront of her.

"I can't do it."

"Why don't I help you?"

"Okay," Gabriella replied nervously. The young Troy excitedly ran behind Gabriella's back and gave her a push. Gabriella swung higher than she ever had done.

"Now kick your legs out when you go up," Troy explained. "And bend them when you come down again."

"I'll try," Gabriella replied. She swung higher and higher and he joined her on his swing. They laughed and swung for hours until their mother's brought them ice-creams.

Gabriella giggled at the memory as it replayed in her mind. Then she had a thought. What if he changed? What if he was all punky emo goth? What if he was a nerd with thick glasses and a shirt tucked into some high waisted pants? What if he was some sort of surfer idiot who couldn't go a sentence without saying like, totally or dude? Or even worse.... what if he was some sort of bad guy player person who was on drugs and smoked hundreds of cigarettes everyday?

She shook her head vigorously and looked at her watch. She rushed into her Audi which her mom bought her for her sixteenth birthday and drove to East High.


"Gabs!" Sharpay squealed, running, well more like sliding, over to Gabriella in her silver Jimmy Choos. She stopped to catch her breath. "Hey..."

"Hey Shar,"

"You'll never guess what, Zeke's having a party tonight. We're both going."

"Thank goodness, I need a party. We've not been to one since... Chad's three weeks ago."

"That was three weeks? More like three months."

"Yeah," Gabriella said, followed by the homeroom bell. "Let's get to homeroom,"


Gabriella sat down at the back of the class, where she was sat to be separated from Sharpay. Miss Darbus let everyone sit where they wanted at the start of the year, but she found Gabriella, Sharpay and Taylor couldn't help but gossip when they sat next to eachother, so they were dotted around the class. Thankfully, Gabriella got moved again next to Taylor when someone else was causing trouble. Miss Darbus began her morning speech about the theatre, when she was younger, today's 'hooligans', cell phones, and then notices. They were saved by the bell, but not really that much saved because that was the bell for first, and first on Fridays was Biology.


Gabriella sat on her own in this class. This again was a class without a seating plan and Gabriella didn't know anyone in the group of people except Taylor, but once seats were chosen there was no going back and Taylor had already sat next to Malerie thinking there was no one else better. She didn't think Gabriella would make it into the top class, because she's shy and doesn't answer questions. She just tests well.

She unloaded her books onto her table at the back and slid into her seat. She got a text from her mom. Her phone was on silent, thankfully. Mr Loore didn't have tolerance for cell phones either. She slid the iPhone out of her bag when he wasn't looking and read it under the table.

Gabs, Troy's moving in tommorow. I'm driving down to his house tonight and staying over and we're driving back up tommorow. If you don't want to stay on your own you can either come with me, stay at a friends or a friend stay over. I've left some money for food and emergency. Love you! Mom xxx

She texted back.

Okay Mom, I love you too xx


She slumped down onto her bed. It was three thirty and she had just arrived back from school. Zeke's party was at seven, and she had three hours to get ready. She showered and straightened her hair, something she didn't do very often. Gabriella covered her face in her Yves Saint Laurent foundation and followed it with her MAC blusher. She dusted silver and grey eyeshadow onto her eyes and flicked on liquid eyeliner to her eyelids. Then she applied pencil liner to her eyes, mascara, lipgloss and she was done.

Gabriella pulled a short, thigh length, silver dress and her silver Jimmy Choos. Grabbing a silver bag to go across her shoulder she shoved her phone, lipgloss, mirror, tissues, house keys and car keys, she set off for the party just according to her schedule. She picked up Sharpay and they walked into Zeke's party. His house was nearly filled, which wasn't that easy a thing to do. Chad greeted Gabriella and hugged her.

"Hey Gabs, didn't see you today." He said.

"I know, you didn't really miss anything." She said smiling.

"You want a drink?" He asked, gesturing to the beer.

"Would love one." Gabriella laughed. Gabriella and Chad were practically best friends. They were like brother and sister.

It was eleven thirty and Gabriella was stumbling home with Sharpay. Zeke said he would drop the car off Saturday night as long as he could take Sharpay out in it first. Gabriella agreed as long as they didn't try anything in the back seats. She got out her keys and after two minutes of debating which was the right one, she was in a game of, how many times before you can get the key in the lock. After her high score of eight was met she opened the door and they locked up, going upstairs to their room where they slept off their drunken state.


Gabriella's POV

"Gabby? Gabs?" I heard as my eyes fluttered open. My mom was standing over me.

"Mom?" I said dozily.


"What are you doing?" I asked curiously.

"Troy's here. Thought you'd like to say hi."

Troy... that rings a bell. A loud bell. Too loud. I've got a hangover. Shut up, bell.

"I'll say hi to him in a bit, I'm too tired to form words."

"Alright, sweetheart. Sharpay went home before. She said to tell you she said bye."

"Okay, thanks mom." I said. I sat up and the room started spinning. Shit. I hate hangovers, I got up and steadied myself, carefully walking to my bathroom to wash my face. My panda eyes were streaked down my face from when I rubbed my eyes. Thank goodness I didn't say hi to Troy. Didn't want to scare him. I squirted Clinique fash wash into my hands and washed my face, following with toner and moisturizer. I changed into my real pajamas, a Paul Frank set of a red t-shirt with the monkey on the front, some matching white pants with the monkey all over them and some chocolate UGG boots. I tied up my hair and went downstairs to say hi to Troy.

Just before I came to the dining room, where he was eating, I stopped. I was nervous. Get it together, I thought. I walked into the dining room.

"Hey," he said. "Gabriella?"

"Troy?" I replied. He seemed normal. He was in jeans, a pair of Vans and a plain white V-neck. He wasn't wearing guyliner or male polish, he was just... normal. I smiled at him and sat down.

"How are you?" I asked him, trying to get a conversation going. Then I kicked myself... his parents just died. He's not exactly going to be on cloud nine is he?

"I'm alright, I guess. You?"

"I'm good..." I said. Mom completely saved me from the akward silence and walked in.

"Oh hey kids, see you've met eachother... again." she said in her friendly, happy, weird tone. I needed to ask her to stop it sounds like she's on some sort of high.

"Yeah," I said.

"Well, Troy, whenever you feel ready and comfortable with the idea, you'll be joining Gabriella in East High. Principal Matsui has seen your tests, grade point adverage, achievements, all that, what your last school wrote about you and said it's a great idea. So when you're comfortable with your surroundings and settled, you can go in whenever."

"Okay," he said nodding. She left the room. I looked at him again. I kind of wanted to be friends with him. I tried getting a conversation flowing.

"So," I said. "Tell me about you." That usually works in movies.

"Huh?" he asked, looking up at me. Oh my gosh, his eyes are the most amazing colour I've ever seen.

"What are you like?" I asked.

"Uh... me." He said.

"Uh... okay." I said. I went to my room and shut my door. Akward much?

I looked in the mirror and rehearsed what I just did. Oh my, I can't believe I just did that. I think I must have scared him. I would have been scared. My eyes are wide open and I look like I did when I was twelve and Hilary Fouleman and I had that sugar rush at that slumber party. Good god, never again.

I'll try again later.


It's noon and I'm dressed. The hangovers passed. I heard Troy bringing something up the stairs. I opened the door to find him carrying a suitcase to his room. He brought it up and lay it onto his bed. Taking a deep breath, I knocked on his door.

"Yeah?" he said.

"Need any help?"

"If you can," he replied, unfolding a shirt and trying to put it onto a hanger, but it fell off. I rolled my eyes and went over to him.

"You unfold, I'll hang them up." I said.

"Deal." He said.

Magically, after thirty minutes a flowing conversation was taking place. It was.. natural. Organic. Not sprayed with 'make him talk' chemicals.

I found out his favourite band is The Killers, his favourite colour is green, his favourite sport is basketball, his favourite food is Chinese food, he prefers brunettes to blondes, he likes animals, he doesn't hate kids, but doesn't exactly love them either and his favourite Ben and Jerrys ice-cream is Cookie Dough. Like mine. Very productive half hour. I took the suitcases and put them in the back room.

"So, what's East High like?" he asked.

"It's great. It's really a lot of fun. They'll put you in all my classes, probably, so you've always got a friend with you. I'll introduce you to all my friends, probably like, one at a time though. There are quite a few cliques, but we don't really have one. We're just 'The Leftovers' as we call ourselves, cause we're all so different."

"What do you mean?"

"Like, Chad, Jason and Zeke are all on the basketball team, so they're jocks. Taylor and Martha are really smart, so they're labelled as a geek, as am I. But I don't act like one. None of us do. Sharpay and Ryan are twins and are into musicals, so they're bitchy apparently. But they aren't. As for Kelsi, she's into composing the musicals and writing songs. She always writes great songs for Sharpay and Ryan."

"So what will I be?"

"You like basketball right?"

"Love it. Used to play it every day."


"Uh huh."

"You'll probably get along with Chad, Jason and Zeke. They breathe basketball. It's tryouts for the team next week. How about you try out? Chad will make sure you get in. I bet your great."

My phone rang. I picked up.

"Hello?" I said. "Oh hey Chad."

"Big final Basketball game is on T.V. Everyone's coming to my house if you want to come too."

"One sec, I'll call you back." I hung up.

"Who was that?"

"Chad. He says there's a big basketball game on T.V."

"Yeah, there is."

"Do you wanna watch it? I'll stay here with you if you want. Or we can go to Chads and watch it."

"Can I watch it? Great."

"What do you mean, can I watch it?"

"Well, I'm kind of a guest. I'm not just gonna go and take over your T.V."

"Troy, your not a guest. You live here now. It's your T.V. too."

We went downstairs. I didn't like how he wasn't making himself at home. I wanted him to be relaxed.

He sat at the end of the sofa. I lay down on it after him and put my feet on his lap. He looked at me and I gave him a cheesy smile. He gave a small laugh and put his hand on my foot.

"Want any food?"

"If you are."


"Yeah please."

I got out a can of Coke each and a bag of Hersheys Kissables for us each. I threw them at him and lay back down, putting my feet up on him once again.

He smiled at me. His teeth where bright white and... well to sum him up... he was pretty hot.