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Mother Dearest

Softly humming was the wind as Kimiko walked up the path to her mother's house. Her parents were rarely seen together and because Kimiko tended to stay with her father, she rarely got to see her mother, so the visits were nice to say the least. It wasn't that her parents were divorced, let alone separated; the thing was... her father was more inclined towards technology while her mother was bound to nature one might say.

There was an unsaid thing between her parents that her mother needed to be near nature, so her father had specifically built the beautiful old fashioned Japanese house for her mother with its large Zen garden. Every year, her father would come to the house and see what new thing could possibly be added on to delight his wife.

Because there was a break from training at the temple dojo, Kimiko was being made by her father to visit her mother, though she didn't much mind. That was except for the fact that it was rather awkward to visit her mother as to Kimiko, her mother was the pinnacle of lady hood, something she had a long time ago had doubts of achieving herself… that was until she had the Tangled Web Comb incident.

It was in Kimiko's mind that her mother could befriend anyone… excluding people like Chase Young, Wuya and Hannibal Roy Bean. She had the feeling that Ashley, aka… Katnappe and Jack would easily fall for her mother's charm. Of course, this might exclusively have been the daughter's idea about her mother.

A person met her at the door and led her to where the Zen garden was the traditional meeting place for mother and daughter whenever Kimiko visited the estate. She was motioned to take a seat on a cushion on the wooden platform that was on the edge of the house and surrounded the garden. She relaxed and began to enjoy the sunlight, possibly, due to what her element was.

The odd thing about the Zen garden was, it wasn't really a Zen garden as it broke the rules in a very odd way. In the garden was a duck pond that her mother had mother ducks and baby ducks in whenever possible. There was an odd significance to the pond for her mother, but whenever she had asked the lady, her mother would just smile and have a far away look in her eyes.

A voice came from behind her, causing Kimiko to glance up from the spot she was kneeling. "So how would you feed the ducklings dearest?"

Kimiko glanced at the ducks, not quite sure where this question was coming from. "I'd sprinkle crumbs onto the water of course… why do you ask?"

"I was just recalling a time when a little boy was showing me how someone else fed them… by chucking a whole loaf at the baby… but then, they weren't really ducks that time."

"Have you been upset I haven't visited very often?" Kimiko suddenly asked.

"I noticed that it had been a while, which was unusual… have you found a boyfriend?"

"A boyfriend… are you kidding me?" the girl shook her head at her mother. "There is a boy at the temple that I like, but he can be… how to put it… a jerk at times, so until he matures drastically, there is no way I am going to date him."

"I see… what temple is this Kimiko?" came the question.

"I take it father hasn't told you?"

"Which is odd, as he tends to tell me things unless it is meant to be a surprise… like the changes to the house… though he doesn't realize that with workers here, it is rather hard to be surprises," her mother sighed.

Kimiko turned to face her mother. "Recently I was taken to this temple in China to train in martial arts and… well… this special ability of mine."

Kimiko's mother had turned towards her too and was frowning. "What sort of special ability?"

Kimiko held out her hand to her mother and opened and closed it, producing a flame to appear. Her mother's face gained a very unhappy look, not to mention it had gone far away too. "I see why your father didn't tell me."

"Momma… don't blame daddy… I'd been accidently setting things at school on fire… so when I went to train with the others…" Kimiko stopped, not sure if she should continue this."


"Oh… well, Rai controls wing, Clay earth and Omi controls water…"

"So Fire isn't the only form of bending being taught there?" her mother became slightly relieved.

"Bending? We're Xiaolin Dragons fighting against the Heylin side… they seek world domination, we seek world peace," Kimiko glanced around. "Do you have a problem with the fact that I can do this?"

"Kimiko… what you have is a gift. Your father figured that I might blame myself in a way… or associate it with my ex-husband… he had a problem with fire you might say,"

"Ex… you mean you weren't married to father first?"

"No… our parents had arranged the marriage… I really only got along with his brother… some things happened that ended up causing us to be divorced by the laws there where I used to live."

"So… did you love that other person?"

"Loyalty towards tradition more like it… and… it is not something that I can easily explain."

"So… do I have any siblings… and would I ever be able to meet them?"

Her mother sighed. "I don't know… sorry Kimiko."

Author's note – There is the first chapter for the ninetieth fanfic published.