Mother Dearest

A long time ago, she would have stated that she had been loyal to her ex-husband, but what she really was loyal to was her children, even the one that was very likely a monster. There was no way she would allow any one to cause harm to any of her babies, if she could at all help it.

Most people who saw her took her as a very mild mannered lady, but just because one was well mannered didn't mean that they couldn't be someone to contend to, and Ursa was someone not to be taken lightly. Considering that, she had gone and caused the fiasco that had caused her to become banished and in effect divorced from her first husband.

That was where her second husband came in. Unlike the first one, she had to admit that the reason that they had married had been for the right reasons. She hoped that Zuko could forgive her as she knew it was hard enough on the boy, her going and leaving as she had. However, she had found something that she had been lacking in Ozai… a soul mate. She had felt free to tell everything to him.

Kimiko was also a dear to her… and she was much different then Azula… still with a temper, but one that was bright and had a kind heart. The fact that she had come to have the talent of bending, even though they didn't call it bending, meant that she was following in the family line, whether Ursa wished it or not.

And Kimiko was becoming strong like Ursa… the ex Fire Lady could defiantly say that she could expect her daughter to do what she had to insure that what was right succeeded in the full. However, there were things that she had to wonder about… how Kimiko would handle finding out about the truth of her mother.

Ursa was out in her Zen garden… so called Zen garden with its duck pond instead of turtle-ducks. She moved back and forth, bringing to life small flames of fire, keeping in control everything around her. She used to practice at night so that Ozai wouldn't know her skill. Now, she practice at night because it meant that the servants were gone and she had the privacy she needed.

Author's note – Surprise?

Is Kimiko Zuko's half-sister or full blooded sister? It would depend completely on when Kimiko was conceived. I personally prefer half-sister. Remember… this is a crossover and things like this can happen. Most people like to pair the two up…
How can they go into the same time line if Kimiko is that much younger the Zuko? Simply put… Ursa crossed dimensions… the timelines don't always flow the same.
When and where did chapter three take place? I purposely left that ambiguous so that I can have more leeway when using this later on.
Why did you make it four chapters instead of three? I happened to have been typing up my fanfics when I read the eight chapter of MoonClaimed's fanfic Things Fall Apart, called 'Momma's Boy'. Let's just say, it was inspirational and helped me figure out a way to tie everything in together.
What was the inspiration for this? The idea of pairing them up made me thing, no… they would be to much like siblings, and then all the Katara/Zuko fanfics out there that use Ursa as a way to pair the two up… rather clique… but anyways. Here is number ninety.