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"Let her go,"

"Now why would I do that? You don't care for her. You've never let yourself get close to her. You've even left her," Shishio laughed. He held Misao by the neck, her toes barely touching the ground

"Lord…Aoshi..." she gasped. Aoshi tightened his grip on his kodachi

"He does have a point," Saitoh lazily took a drag from his cigarette "What's weasel girl to you?" Aoshi threw a glare at the mibu wolf

"Aoshi!..." he looked back at Misao. Shishio drew her up higher

"Well? Why should I let her go?" Aoshi went to lunge himself at Shishio but his feet were frozen to the ground "No answer? Then clearly she's of no importance," smirking evilly Shishio snapped Misao's neck, killing her instantly


"Aww too late," Shishio tossed Misao's limp body in front of Aoshi. Aoshi couldn't believe it; his Misao was gone; just like that. Lively little Misao that was beloved by all and all because he couldn't answer, couldn't protect her.

"You brought this upon yourself, that you have. All you had to do was answer the question," he looked up from Misao's fragile body to see Kenshin standing in front of him. He closed his eyes willing the terrible images away. He slowly opened his eyes to see the ceiling of his room, soft light coming through the rice paper of the door; he could hear the birds from outside. He let out a deep breath 'it was only a dream' he slowly sat up running a hand threw his dark hair. Dressing in his usual white robe he made his way to the kitchen, knowing it was still early and everyone would still be in bed. The door opening the kitchen to the back porch was open, a slim figure sat in front of the door way, a small tea pot and cup on it, her long black hair held in her usual braid and wearing her usual outfit. Aoshi sighed, she was alive and well. Misao turned her head to see who was up this early

"Good morning Lord Aoshi,"

"Morning Misao," he sat next to her looking out at the bright morning, from the corner of his eye he could see that she was sharpening her throwing knifes "What has you up so early?" he asked nonchalantly

"I'm always up at this time to train," she smiled


"Yep, now that I'm the leader of the Oniwaban I have to be the best. Oh, I know I'm good now but I want to get better," Aoshi smirked. Misao might have grown from the little girl that followed him around to a beautiful young woman but Misao was still Misao; always full of life.

"Do you train alone?" she inspected one of her knifes

"Yeah, there's no one really here I can train with, everyone is always busy," she slipped the knife away "Are you going to the shrine today?" she asked

"I might, unless you want to train with me," Misao practically beamed

"Oh Yes! Yes Lord Aoshi!"

"I'll meet you then in the garden," he stood up and went back to his room to change 'What does she mean to you?' the question ran across his brain 'I'm going to find out' grabbing his blades he headed out to meet Misao 'I know my answer lays with her,' .

This is my first AosMisa fic so I hope you like^^