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Well where to start. My name is Bella Swan. I am currently on a plane headed to Forks, Washinton.

I am going to be living with my father Charlie also known as the Chief police of Forks.

My parents got divorced when I was a child. I went to go live with my mom in Arizona, I grew up you are probably wondering why I would trade sunny Arizona to rainy Forks.

My mother Renee just got married to a guy named, Phil. He is a baseball player. They just got married and I could tell that my mother was upset that she couldnt travel with Phil. She stayed with me when he left so I decided that it was time to spend time with my dad.

I used to spend summers in Forks but when I was fourteen I put my foot down. I was being passed around like a ball.

I know Forks wouldnt be different from Arizona besides the weather. I never had friends in Arizona it was like I didnt exist. How could it be different here.


I got off the plane and was going through Port Angelos Airport to get my luggage. I grabbed my three bags and headed out. I saw my dad coming towards me. He didnt look any different. He had short brown hair and a mustache he had on a gray shirt and a plaid long sleeve shirt over it with blue jeans. Typical dad. I walked up to him.

" Hey Bells how are you doing?" He asked

" Great dad how about you?" I asked him back

" I'm good. Need help with bags?"

" Sure" I gave him two of them.

We got out of the airport. He put my bags in the trunk and got into the cruiser.

The drive home was quiet...

" Your hair is longer" he said.

" I cut it before from last time I saw you." I said

" Yup"

My dad was always quiet like me not one to show emotions. We were quiet, so living together wouldnt be a challenge.

My mom was very happy and jumpy. Opposite of had short brown curly hair and brown eyes.

I was the same but my hair went down the the middle of my back it was dark brown and curly. I had brown eyes and was as pale as a vampire (a/n:Couldnt resist). I was very clumsy. I could trip over air. I did love to dance though.

Couples dancing was very fun for me I could dance in heels but I can barely walk in them. I tried out for dancing in freshmen year in Arizona they said I was good but needed more practice and thats what I was doing. I am hoping they have dancing at the school because that would be a great oppurtunity for me.

My dad came to a stop in front of the house.I felt the tires run over the gravel.I opened the door and looked at the as it used to be the white siding. I could see the plaid drapes by the window.(a/n:Same house from movie). He opened the trunk and took all my bags. He opened the front door and walked up the stairs. He led me to the room. He opened the door and set the bags down.

" You got a desk. Your bed sheets are purple. You like purple right?" he asked

" Yeah purple's cool" I told him.

" Well i'll let you be" With that he walked out.

One good thing about Charlie is. He doesnt hover.


All my things were settled in. It was eight at night. Charlie ate pizza but I didnt eat. I wasnt very hungry.

I laid on my bed with a sigh.

I had school tomorrow I was not so excited about getting attention. New girl gets the attention. In small towns news travel fast.

My life in Forks may be different but why not take on a challenge.

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