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A/N: learning Chinese poetry in English class. As an assignment, I'm writing a Chinese poem. One of the themes I had to choose from was glory days of youth vs. death/decay. I immediately thought of Rock Lee and Gai-sensei. I wrote it today in class and finished before class was over. This is my first poem I have written that I'm using as a story. So be nice when reviewing. By the way, this poem is in Rock Lee's point of view.

Summary: Rock Lee and Gai-sensei are going to do some training.

The sun shines brightly this early morning

Walking through the forest to our destination

With my sensei, it's for extra training.

We've made it to the huge clearing

Time for action, it's Springtime of Youth!

Scenery is breathtaking, sakura trees all around

The flowing river sparkles in the sunlight.

I practice my Primary Lotus, a tiring technique.

Sunset is near; time to go home

I'll pace myself, it's Springtime of Youth!