La Tua Cantante

Sometimes fate becomes more than just some theory or excuse that people use to try and explain away things about their lives that can't be understood and don't seem to be changeable. Sometimes fate is a real, tangible fact of existence- a force that makes itself known suddenly, completely and irrevocably changing the course of an individual's life. I'm proof of that.

Unfortunately, fate isn't all about finding the love of your life or finding your place in the world or discovering your calling. Fate is too wild and unpredictable to be contained in that way. When it happens to you, there is no way to know what may happen, except to know that it is out of your control, and that the sort of changes pushed into motion by fate will touch every bit of you. The way you see the world and experience life, who you interact with, who you fall in love with, become friends with, form a family with- even death- it all changes from the moment the cosmos interfere.

All that's left to do once the universe interrupts your carefully laid plans is to go with it, see what happens, and make the best of it. Personally, I wouldn't change a single thing about my destiny- even if the powers that be decide I'm to die racing through these woods, chased by him, with his cruelness radiating out of black eyes and unworldly beauty. Even if I'm ultimately torn to pieces because of it, fate has never done anything more admirable than to give me love, and I'm ok with whatever repercussions may be required.