Title: Scared Sightless

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Characters are only mine in my dreams.

Warnings/spoilers: To be safe I'll say the first three seasons but major spoilers for season 3 specifically 3x15, Time is on My Side.

A/N: I realize I do a lot of tags and I'm not sure why but I kind of enjoy adding things to episodes haha. I guess I should say this is AU too since it goes in a different direction than then the show.

Summary: Dean's timing is everything, one second later and things can go much differently. Time is on my Side(3x15) tag with added hurt/limp Sam.

Sam comes too strapped to a table, his eyes burning from lack of moisture. That's when he realizes his eyes are pulled wide and tapped. All instincts leave him as he attempts to thrash around and escape, desperate to close his eyes and get away from the situation.

He hears the foot steps to his right but his head won't move, only his eyes which are no help, everything is a blur now. He can't help but think how true it is that people take things for granted until they lose them, he'd give anything just to blink right now.

The only senses he can rely on now are his hearing and smell, neither comforting him at all. Hearing his own torture or smelling the Bunsen burner is only adding to his fear and he can't even close his eyes to escape it.

"You can relax; it's all going to be okay. Ain't nothing going to happen here that you have to worry about, Sammy," A blurred figure comes into Sam's view as he feels a leathery hand pat his arm. "You're chances of coming out of this procedure are very very odd."

"How do you know my name" Again he tries to turn his head toward the voice, the smell of fire and gas almost burning his nostrils.

"Oh I know," The voice is calm as if nothing is out of the ordinary, but Sam's nerves are not clamed at the fact that this is normal for the doctor. "You think I'm some kind of monster don't you? Well I have to tell you iI have never/i done anything I did not have to."

"This whole eternal life thing is high maintenance. Something goes bad, like my eyes here, you have to replace them."

Sam squirms under the doctor's touch as a finger traces over his forehead, stopping right above his right eye. It wasn't hard to figure out what was coming and Sam is absolutely helpless.

"And sometimes things get damaged like when you're father cut out my heart. Now that, that was very inconvenient. So I'm sure that you can understand all the joy I felt when I read all about myself here in his journal. Kind of makes this whole thing feel just like some kind of family reunion, don't it?"

The doctor moves right above Sam and brings a metal instrument into his line of blurred sight.

"Well I guess it's about time we get this thing started." He tries to move one more time but remains unable to shift his head at all.

Sam can feel the heat coming from the sterilized instrument as it's brought down towards his face. His eyes shift wildly back and forth as a last effort, last hope, to somehow stop what is about to happen.

He can feel the tool curl around his eye, feel the pain shoot through the back of his skull as the doctor pushes a little harder, blacking his vision. Just as he feels the first tug upward and is sure he can't take anymore of the excruciating pain, three gunshots ring out over his own loud screams.

The pain continues to throb through his eye, feeling like knives stabbing at his brain. He can hear the doctor speaking, his voice still calm, but Sam knows who he's talking to.

He knows that Dean is here and that his brother has things under control. With that thought, Sam gives into the pain and succumbs to the total darkness.


The throbbing in his head is the first thing he's aware of when he finally wakes up, his memory coming to him quickly as he starts to thrash around again. Strong arms hold him this time, instead of the leather straps he remembers. His head is finally free, able to move from side to side but that realization only spikes the pain.

He can still smell a hint of the decaying flesh and blood from the doctor's lair but the most prominent smell is familiar, calming, and the smell of home. His movements quickly calm and he allows his body to fall limp under the gentle touch of his brothers caring hands. He's safe.

"This is going to sting, Sammy," The words are the only warning he receives before a sudden burning sensation ignites in his left eye, shortly followed by his right.

His hand reflexively flies up toward his face, intent on rubbing the burn away or drying the moisture that is trickling down the sides of his face. Dean's quick though and has Sam's wrists in his grip once more; keeping him held back against what Sam can only assume is the Impala's backseat.

"Do you ever listen when I tell you to be careful?" Dean's words portray his worry yet manage to invoke a small smile from Sam at the characteristic attempt at humor. "What would you do without me around to-"

The words die off as realization hits both brothers and Dean instantly regrets his poor choice of conversation starters. Sam begins to shake his head again, groaning at the pain, until Dean places a hand on either side of Sam's face and stabilizes the movement.

"It's okay," Dean whispers soothingly, his face obviously close as hot breath tickles over Sam's skin. "I'm here now and that's all that matters. I'm not going anywhere."

Sam finally nods slightly, careful not to move his head too much, not that Dean's firm grip would allow much movement. His brother thumbs gently over his eyes and Sam notices for the first time that the moisture has returned, even if they still burn.

"How about you open your eyes now?" The thumbs move to the side, gently rubbing at Sam's temples now as Dean leans over him even more.

"That's it, Sammy," He can feel his eyes move under his heavy eyelids until they suddenly become much lighter. "Good job, Sammy."

"No," He whispers softly and quickly pulls himself up into a sitting position, nearly knocking Dean backwards. "I can't."

"You did it, Sammy," Dean responds instantly, a hint of confusion in his voice.

"Dean?" Sam's eyes move back and forth as he starts to realize he's blinking, yet there's no light reaching his eyes. "Dean!"

"I'm right here," His brother's hands are back on his face, keeping his head forward. Sam brings his eyes forward and the sharp intake of breath from Dean informs him that his brother knows exactly what is happening.

"I can't see you," Sam whispers, knowing his eyes are open and that he's starring right at Dean yet unable to see his face. "I can't see anything, Dean!"

Dean gently pushes him back down so that he is laying flat across the seat again as Dean's other hand slowly ghosts over Sam's forehead. The touch is gone as quickly as it came and Dean is suddenly climbing out of the car, moving into the driver's seat.

Sam feels himself begin to panic at the loss of connection to his brother, but when the Impala roars to life he's reminded that Dean's not too far. He lets his unseeing eyes blink close slowly, his head turning toward the front seat, toward Dean.

"It's alright, Sam," Dean's voice comes from in front of him. "Everything will be okay."

"Dean?" He lets himself smile slightly, despite the fear slowly overcoming his body.

"Yea, Sammy?"

"Keep talking, please." The sound of Dean's soft laugh relaxes him just a bit and he feels himself start to drift off to sleep. Dean's voice is the last thing Sam hears, and that's okay with him.


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