Rumisiel would always consider his "administrative leave" in Tempest to be well-spent.

Of course, Ash would be (make that "was, repeatedly") quick to point out that he had never truly succeeded in personal redemption, and he hadn't even played much of a part in the events leading to his reinstatement. The villainous Fillaniel having been smought almost single-handedly by his brother, and Myrael's preceding rescue mostly thanks to Cassiel. In fact, after his starring role alongside Xaphrael in saving the keys from the third circle (which the humans didn't even get to see!), his only notable accomplishment was discovering Missiel's identity as his covert assessor.

Vashiel had already returned to duty a few weeks prior; his leave entitlement was running out after eighteen months and he'd wanted to save the remains for his sibling's future visits to Tempest. That had allowed for said sibling return to his surprisingly-missed office unaccompanied - the perfect opportunity to fix one of his... former indescretions.

Having spent time on Earth, the scruffy celestial noted how much of a good thing it was that the astral wing office never needed cleaning; underneath one of the office's many rugs was the expected find of two important sheets of paper. Though scuffed and part-crumpled, they remained fully legible up to the most recent details such as a certain Harvard acceptance. This was fortunate - it meant the files would not reject them.

The relevant "Emily McArthur" file was a comparatively easy find, but the length of his absence (and the haste at which he had filed it in the first place) meant that the folder for her gender-confused companion took a few hours to hunt down. The hard part finally completed, Rumisiel found it a simple task to relocate the former to its rightful place in the "boy" cabinet, and restore the two missing sheets to the latter before returning it to the drawer it came from.

That long-standing burden on his conscience finally absolved, the gratified angel leaned back into his chair and looked forward to the coming months and meeting up with his undoubtedly grateful friends back in Tempest.