*Author Notes: This is my first fan fiction, so be kind. I just have an wild imagination and was inspire to write an AU of what may happen if they had made different choices. Though note this an AU and some of the same situations that had happen in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn may happen but it will be my version of what would happen. Which reminds me I may need a disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I do not know Stephanie Meyers nor do I have any ownership of any of her characters or stories. Anything I write does not represent her or any of her work.

Jacob and I were in the kitchen. He was leaning against the counter while I was washing the dishes. I could hear in the background Dad and Billy arguing which NFL football team had a chance to make it to the Super bowl. I put the last dish in the dish rack to dry, turn off the water and dry my hands off then fold the towel neatly laying it next to sink.

I turn around and smile at Jacob, we had been only been chatting about school and our day nothing too deep while I was washing the dishes but I could tell something was bothering Jacob.

"Is everything alright?" I ask concern while I lean against the counter next to him.

He sighs fiddling with the helm of his navy blue teeshirt "I just do not get you Bella…"

I shrug looking at him "What is there to get…I am quite boring…except for the occassional near death experiences I cause myself" I say teasing but his face was expressionless.

He was looking down at the ground his long hair falling in his face. He looks up at me as he pulls a strand of his hair behind his ear. "He left you in the woods, alone. Made u into a zombie for months…then when you were just getting over him, his sister shows up and you go after him across the world to save him…" He pauses "After everything he has put you through, you just forgive him like that….that is what I do not understand about u…."

I look out the window and say "I never got over him, Jacob. It was a misunderstanding…he thought my life would be safer without him and I would be happier without him…"

Jacob mumbles as he rubs his foot against the tile "he was right about something"

I sigh "I was not happy without him and my life was not safer. I would have been dead if it was not for him, remember Tyler's van? That van had nothing to do with vampires or werewolves…I would have been dead if not dead then severely injured if Edward had not saved me"

Jacob shakes his head and turns around so he is facing me, his hands on both sides of me grabbing the counter" You do not know that, yeah you would have been injured, but you never know…you may of completely recovered from it and you may of not…but…that is how life is suppose to be... not with parasites attempting to save your life."

I shake my head shock with his response. I would walked away from him if his hands were not trapping me "You would rather me get killed by the van. You would not even known me like you did…if that van had killed me"

Jake shakes his head "You are wrong....I had loved you the day I met you…you should love me, not some mythical creature…" I could hear his voice crack and his eyes were desperate. It did break my heart that I could not love him, they same way he loved me.

"Jake, I cannot help who I love…" Then he leans forward and his lips connect to mine, they are different from Edwards… warm…and it is not right…I try to push away but he is too strong. So I slap him until he releases.

He looks at me with a smirk and I slap him again. Though it probably was like slapping him with a feather, but it made me feel better, except for pain in my hand afterwards.

He steps back now with a look of rejection and pleads "This is how it was suppose to be…me and you…in a normal world it would be me and u…in a normal world their would be no need for werewolves because vampires would not exist…"

I snapped not making eye contact…"I do not like normal…"

He glares at me and snarls back "I cannot be friends with you then Bella…I cannot watch you waste your life away with that creep"

I say as I breathe in and out, trying to keep myself from hitting him…again "How come we can not be just friends…do you not want that?" I snap

Jacob his voice cracking "Bella…I am sick and tired of being your buddy….you only need me when it is the right time for you….I do not want to be friends, I want to be more and you do not want that…"

I nod "No I do not want that…I want to be friends. I value your friendship more than u could imagine….. and until a few seconds ago when you kiss me without my consent, I trusted and had the most respect for you…"

Jacob shrugs "Well guess people change, Bella. I guessing I am not as trustworthy as you once thought..."

I do not respond and keep myself from making eye contact.

Jacob then breaks the silent "Well nice knowing you Bella. Please just...do not cal me or email. Better yet do not contact me at all...whatever relationship we had is over..."

Those words stung and I held back the tears..

I whisper not able to keep eye contact "Fine, I won't"

Jacob mumbles "Bye" flings the door open and runs I see him phased. I slam the door shut….and head for the stairs

Charlie yells out "Where did Jacob go?" I call out trying to keep my voice from cracking since I was on the verge of tears "Someone picked him up…he left"

I then run in my room. I knew I had to smell like Jacob so I pull all my clothes off and change into my plaid pj pants, a red Chicago bulls tee-shirt my dad bought me in the 6th grade it was a tad tight but comfortable, and a sweat shirt. I fall on my bed and can not hold the tears anymore they pour out. I did love Jacob…like a brother. If he really cared about me he could accept that...

Then I jump when I felt something touch me. I look up and the love of my life was staring down at me with his topaz eyes, He looked concern, like I was about to break in any moment "My Love, what happen? His velvet voice says to me.

I get up off the bed and look away trying to hide my tears "N…Nothing…I am fine"

Edward walks behind me and puts his hands around my waist "No Bella, you are crying. I do not like it when you hurt; Bella…please let me make it better"

Edward's selflessness was sometimes hard to accept. I sometimes felt I did not deserive his devotion towards me. Most girls would die to have a fraction of what Edward gives me.

I turn around to face him "do not get mad…."

Edward creases his eyebrows in confusion "Bella, I do not know what you mean but what I put you through during those months when I left you…gives me no place to get angry with you…no matter what"

I sigh "Not with me…I mean do not get angry with Jacob…I do agree he is stubborn and can be a pest at times, but he is not a bad person, I know this…even when he does stupid things.." I trail off…not really knowing if I was trying to convince him or myself.

Edward hands still around my waist, now his hands were rubbing up and down my waist I think it was his attempt to calm me down…or his self down. He has never had much trust in Jacob as has Jacob had with Edward. "So u had a fight with Jacob"

I nod "Yeah. He told me if I was not in love with him, then we had no reason to be friends….why can't he just be friends, if he cared he would accept that…" I say now turning around towards him, burying my head into his chest.

Edward whispers "I know he will not stay away for long, he can't…even as much as I would love for him to stay away…he will not. He does care Bella, and you have to believe that..."

I nod into his shirt…still tears rolling down my face and I whisper "He also kissed me…without my consent…"

Edward pushes back and walks towards the windows "I will kill him…"

I pull on Edward's hand helplessly "Please Edward, don't try to get involve, this is Jacob's and my problem…if you start something with him, no telling what may happen and if that treaty is broken…I do not think I could bear a war between two families that I love" I was very fond of Jacob and his tribe and I completely adored Edward and his family.

Edward stood at the window motionless, I guess he was still debating…it kind of turn me on, to see how jealous he was.

Still pulling his hand "Anyway, I slapped him afterwards. You should be proud"

Edward walks back to me and puts his hands around my waist he could not hold back a smile "Oh I am…."

He then leaned in and kissed me deeply and when he released "So you are not going to slap me are you?" He teased.

I playfully slap him across the face. He teasingly rubs his face in pain. "What was that for, Ms. Bella?"

I say suggestively "You quit kissing me. You get slapped when you stop kissing me…" I bit my lip.

"Oh well, then I should continue" He backs me up and gently lays me on my bed and props himself over me and gently brushes his lips and mine eagerly attacks his lips.

One of his hand remained on my waist as the other hand gliding to hip then down to my thigh. My hands were tangled in his hair. Then I felt his tongue grazed my lips. I moaned. "Oh Bella..." he growled. I was breathing hard. His face still inches away. I look in to his eyes. I whisper my breath still ragged "You seemed to be the one crossing the boundaries… that is my job, Edward Cullen…"

He rolls over so I am straddle on top of him, now we were sitting up "You started it…"

I give him a shocked look "How did I start it?" I pretend to be insulted.

Edward growls "Because you are too damn hot, for your own good…even in this ugly sweatshirt" he frowns tugging on my shirt.

I playfully pout "This sweatshirt is awesome. I got it on sale at American Eagle…all the cool girls are wearing American Eagle"

Edward laughs and I lean in and kiss him again, now slightly parting my lips. I was expecting him to pull away but to my surprise he slipped in his tongue in my mouth slightly…I gently touch his with my tongue…and he moans. That utterly turned me on and I could tell he was turned on below me…as I felt a rather large bulge beneath me.

His hands were grazing from my waist to my behind, while mine were tangled in his hair. I needed air but I did not want to stop, it was the most passionate kiss I had ever endured. But I need air or I am just going to pass out and Edward is going freak and the moment will be over.

I release and lean slightly up so I could see his eyes and his breath was as ragged as mine "I love you Bella" Then starts to kiss my neck and starts to trail down he mumbles "I really hate this sweatshirt"

"I can help you with that…" I sit up and pull off the sweatshirt and throw it on the floor below me.

I look back down at Edward. His eyes were wide and mouth slightly gaped open…looking at my chest. I then blushed, my shirt was slightly tight and I was wearing no bra. Bras are uncomfortable and I had taken it off, just in case Jacob's smell seeped through my shirt…and figure the baggy sweatshirt would cover my braless breast.

"You are braless" Edward says as he bites his bottom lip

I give him a guilty look and shrug "I figure the sweatshirt would cover me up enough…if I only knew you had such a hatred for that sweatshirt…"

Edward gives me an evil grin "Oh that stupid sweatshirt, it was covering you up…I think I like this t-shirt a little better"

Then Edward rolled me over on my back, my shirt had shifted up a bit so when Edward had place his hands on me I jumped, because he had laid them on my bare waist.

Edward was now looking into my eyes intensely he guided his hand up my waist, as my shirt went up with his hands. My hands now under his shirt…grabbing his bare sides, I could feel our passion intense. Edward then kisses me down my neck and to my collarbone.

I could feel Edwards hands now on my waist right below my breast…he rises up…"Can I…" he didn't have to say it, I knew what he wanted…I nod my head slowly. He then slowly guide his hands onto my breast…I moan and so did he.

His hands still resting on my breast he lays his forehead against me…and whisper "Bella, I need you…I really need you now. But I am scared…" I could hear the passion and agony all mixed up in his voice

I was breathing pretty rapidly and heart was beating out of my chest "Please Edward…Please. I need you too. You will not kill me I know that, but if you do lose control and accidentally bite me…then I will change and I can not think any better way to spend my last moments as a human"

Edward groans "Bella. I will not change you, like this. No."

I say, his hands still resting on my bare breast which made it harder to form sentences "You have more…. control then you give yourself credit for….so please…"

I have no idea what part of that sentence gave him full confidence but he crashed his lips into mine. His hands exploring my breast, I put mine back under his shirt exploring his define muscles

He rises up again…I groan. He gives me a crooked smile and rolls me back over so I am straddling him as he sits up and leans against the headboard.

I start to unbutton his shirt button by button till they are all undone, then open up the shirt…he was beautiful. I gaze as I bite my lip again.

I all the sudden became brave and bend down lick his nipple…Edward groans "Bella…" it seem to be groan from pleasure so keep on as I graze my hands down his abs and then I hit something hard and realize my hand may of grazed a bit too far…Edward moaned pretty loud. I bite my lip when I realize what my hand was on…

I look at Edward. He was blushing. Well technically he can not blush but I could see he was mentally. I shrug "Sorry" the sorry was an empty apology.

Edward was breathing hard for a guy who did not need air and he smiles "Oh you will pay for that"

I raise an eyebrow "Why do I have a feeling, I may not mind this punishment"

Edward then commands "Lift your arms" So I did and before I could blink he swifly lifted my shirt up and over my arms.

He gazed for a few minutes and said "Beautiful" Then he gently and carefully squeezed my breast. I gasp. Then gently he licks my left nipple. I moan. As my hands tangle in his hair…Edward then pauses and looks at my door…I almost forgot about Charlie…

I look at him questioning…."Charlie has left; he had take over another cop's shift…so he will be gone for a few hours…."

I sigh in relief and then smile "Good…"

Edward gives me mischief grin "mmmhmmm" and continues where he left off…I start moving my hips back and forth, rubbing against Edward's hardness.

"Bella…Oh my…" Edward gasped his face buried into my breast. He starts to lick them more hastily. I moan still moving my hips.

"I…Hate pants" I manage to murmur. Edward gently lifts me off of him and sets me on the bed and with one swift move he removes my pants.

He is on his knees between my legs his hands resting on my thighs and he leans to kiss me and vigoursly. His hands slide between my legs and I gasp. Edward says "Did I go too far…" he says in a concern tone….

All I could manage to do was shake my head no.

He does wonders with his hands rubbing against the fabric…

Edward then stops resting his head on my forehead…I am sweating and panting.

"Why you stop?" I ask desperately wanting him to continue…he gets off his knees and walks across the room…facing away from me.

"Maybe I am going to fast…I just do not want to lose control"

"No!" I may of exclaim a little too loud.

"Edward, you have been great so far, gentle, considerate….so passionate….please don't stop…it will be wrong to stop" I may of sounded too desperate.

Edward turns around and looks at my half naked body sitting on my bed. I felt a little exposed…

"Okay…but if I do anything to hurt you….or if I seem out of control…scream stop…do something….."

I stand up and walks towards him…and put my hands around his waist "I promise" I say looking into his eyes, to let him know he could trust me.

He nods and then I bite my lip and look down…and respond "I think Eddie agrees too that we should not stop…."

Edward POV

I raise my eyebrow at her statement. Did she really just name my penis? If she only knew how often "Eddie" shows up, while she is around. I am usually able to control my urges, but here is my Bella...standing before me with only her underpants on. She looked glorious and beautiful as the moon light gently shines on her.

I go through my thoughts in vampire speed trying to contemplate what risks were involve with me engaging in sex with my Bella. Well I really believed with how far I have been able to go with her so far, I will be able to control myself from killing her in anyway. Carlisle had told me a while back that our semen was very similar to a human's semen, and the venom was not poisonous in that form. He had done some research, some how. Though he told me that like twenty years ago while I was in medical school and I was just curious about the similarities between a vampire and human, then. Though Carlisle was almost certain that vampires could not reproduce, which made me pretty confident that it will be safe for Bella.

So about a second going through my thoughts, I had made up my mind. I was going to give Bella what she wanted. What I had wanted. It was the twenty-first century I did not need to live by the morals and reasoning of my human years. I loved Bella and I knew she was mine for eternity and as far as I was concern we were marry, we did not need a worthless piece of paper to prove our love and commitment

I feel her tug on my jeans and then she unbuttons them, she slides them down to my feet. I kicked them off to some random place on the floor. Now here we were both standing in her room in only our underpants.

I kiss her softly, my hands above the waistband of her underwear. I pull her body as close as it can get to me. I needed her. I wanted her. I lay her on the bed. I prop over her and start to kiss her deeply as I slowly pull her underwear down her knees. I then kiss her down her neck, down to her breast, and then trail down till I get down to between her legs. I pause, I smell her sweetness, I want to taste it. I have to calm myself and make sure the monster is still trap and will not come out. I then lean in and kiss and suck until she moans loudly.

"Edward…Edward…please I want you inside now" I rise up and lean my face back up to hers and she tugs the waist band of my boxers and pulls them down as far she can while I help pull them completely off.

I hesitate as I hold "Eddie" at her entrance. Bella looks at me intensely and says "I trust you…" The trust in her face and faith she had with me having her life in my hands was all I needed to continue.

I enter her and a shock of pleasure instantly went through my body. She moans. I go slowly and knew their was a helm that would be painful for Bella, that I had to break. I figure breaking it as quick as possible was the best way.

I whisper in Bella ear "Love, this may hurt for a sec."

She moans in pain as I break it. I pull her up so she straddling me and hug her closely until the pain subsides. The blood was not as painful to be around as I thought it would be

She then takes control and moves her hips up and down. I grab the headboard to keep me from grabbing on to her and my strength getting out of control We were moaning in synced. Then I she moves her hips faster the pleasure going through our bodies. We were now moaning loudly. I was thankful Charlie was not home. I could feel the climax coming and my breathing was as ragged as hers and then it the Shock of pleasure sizzles through my body like shock waves…and I scream "OH BELLA" at the same exact time I feel her tighten and pulsate around me and she screams "EDWARDDD" In some point or another the headboard cracked….and a lamp.

She collapses onto my chest and rolls over beside me breathing heavily, my breath also ragged, which was hard to understand since I did not need to breath.

"I love you Edward" she finally manage to say, her head nestled on my chest. My hands were gently combing through her hair.

"I love you more than anything, Bella" I say. Then pull the covers over us both.

I could see her eyes getting heavy as she looks at me in the most loving way. There were no words we needed no words to explain what just happen. We just started deeply at one another.

I kiss her gently on the lips "Now go to sleep my love" I say as I start to hum her lullaby.

Authors note: This is only first chapter. I really was not planning on putting any "smut" as I have heard it been called. I was not sure how good of a smut writer I may be, which probably not the best but I felt that I needed to express this night, as well as I could because it is a vital night that will lead to certian circustances through out the story. :). So this may be the only chapter that would even be rated M...but I scare to rate the story too low because this chapter is not exactly great for youngun's eyes.