The alphabet is something everyone is familiar with (at least we hope so, lol) so why not Sparkify it? After all everything needs to be sparked at least once lol. So 26 Sparky fics are coming your way with titles from A to Z.

Author's Note: B has arrived, lol. I didn't expect it to be a multi chapter fic, and I know this is rather short for a chapter, but it just wouldn't fit. That and my evil muse -glares at Fred- made me leave the cliffhanger. Blame him, lol! Enjoy (I hope!).


By Steph7085

B is for Babeldom - a confused sound of voices.

A thick dampening fog surrounded her like a shield, distorting her senses so that everything felt vague, uneasy and distant. Sound was distorted, as if she was underwater, and the voices she could make out were indistinguishable from the cacophony of noise that came from all directions. She felt like she couldn't breathe from the pressure.

Black dust floated above her, gliding on the slight breeze present in the air, landing on her skin, burning and causing her to moan in pain. Her blurred vision caught sight of it as she thrashed restlessly, painfully, trying to get away from its touch. It looked like ash, and a memory flashed in her mind of bright orange, angry red and than total blackness…if only she could remember.

Slowly, flickers of memory flashed across her mind. She let the confused and panicked voices wash over her, ignored the pain throbbing in every part of her bruised body, and focussed inward. Trying to remember…

Glass walls stretched from floor to ceiling partitioning the office from the rest of the large, otherwise open, room. The door leading out onto a high walkway was open and quiet chatter filtered into the office not even bothering the woman behind the desk as she sat absorbed in a report. A small tap on the frame didn't even break her concentration. However the hand that stole the report did and she glanced upwards, eyebrow raised, to meet her amused-looking second in command.

"Elizabeth," he greeted pleasantly leaning against the corner of the desk as he eyed the report.

"John," she replied sweetly, standing up, snatching the report back and re-taking her seat all in the blink of an eye. "What can I do for you?"

"You can stop reading that report," John told her seriously, crossing his arms, "because there is no way in hell you're going to that planet. Ever."

"Colonel…" She protested strongly only to be cut off when John held his hand up.

"No, hear me out on this 'Lizabeth. It isn't safe for trained personnel, never mind you. It's too risky, it's careless, and it's not worth it."

"Oh, I disagree," Elizabeth argued as she leaned back in her chair, diplomats mask firmly in place. "How would you consider allies, food supplies and information on this galaxy, 'not worth it.'?" When he remained unmoved she changed tactics, softening her features and leaning across her desk, elbows resting on its surface. "John, I know it's risky, but I can look after myself. This is what I do…I know what I'm doing. And if I can help these people by negotiating a treaty then that's just a bonus."

"It's not worth your life 'Lizabeth," John stated quietly, running a hand through his air. He licked his lips, breathed deeply and shook his head. "It's a war zone there, these people are fighting for their beliefs, they won't care about innocent bystanders. They're terrorists."

"John, I'll be protected. By the Talsari, the Lomai, and by you and your team. Nothing's going to happen."

"What if it does?"

She met his eyes; hers determined and understanding, his worried and defeated. She smiled reassuringly.

"It won't."

The metallic taste in her mouth became too much to bare and she coughed violently, blood splattering across what used to be a wall. It sent pain slamming through her, the waves crashing down upon her so quickly that she couldn't catch her breath. Her vision started to dim and her head lolled to the side.


"Elizabeth!" John yelled out gruffly, moving rubble out of his way, alternating between pushing and kicking it from his path. His face was drawn and anxious, with dirt streaking over his checks and blood trickling from a gash near his eyebrow - he was lucky compared to most. Bodies were strewn throughout the rubble and when his eyes glanced to where the Council chambers had stood his heart lodged in his throat. Elizabeth had been exiting the building when the explosion hit.

Scanning the area as he moved, his dread increased ten-fold until he caught frantic movement from the corner of his eye. He quickly turned and saw Rodney clumsily making his way towards him, a group of Talsari medics, their blue uniform giving away their purpose, behind him.

"Sheppard," McKay panted, hunching over in front of John, slightly out of breath. The scientist was covered in grime but appeared uninjured which wasn't surprising since the rest of his team had been nowhere near the Council building. They were made to wait in the guest house whilst the meeting took place. The scientist straightened. "Thank God you're alive." His eyes narrowed as he looked behind John. " Where's Elizabeth?"

John met his worried gaze, hissing when he shrugged his sore shoulder. "I don't know McKay."

"What, but she was with you," McKay panicked, his eyes snapping towards the ruins of the Council building. The scientist tried to step forward but John gripped his arms. McKay glared at him.

"We don't know if it's stable McKay, the last thing we need is someone else getting injured because they're not paying attention," John snapped, his strain showing. "Where's Ronon and Teyla?"

Rodney glared at him before common sense took over. "When we couldn't find you, they helped the medical teams before they headed back to the gate to get help."

"Good, then Carson will come." John turned and faced where he last saw Elizabeth, his expression darkening as his eyes fell on the damaged building. A particularly large piece of rubble blocked the street, and he moved towards it, gripping the edges as he used all of his strength to try and pull it out of the way. He groaned as his shoulder protested painfully, but with determination etched on his features he continued. It barely even budged.

Suddenly McKay appeared at his side, and together they moved the obstruction revelling more destruction on the over side. To the right a hand hung lifelessly from a pile of debris, bloody and damaged. McKay was closest and bent over to check the pulse. John continued on, his eyes moving continuously over the wreckage, desperate for a glimpse of Elizabeth.

He swallowed harshly when his eyes fell upon the Councillor, the woman Elizabeth had been talking to at the time of the attack. With widened eyes he rushed forward, easily dodging the debris in his way, uncaring of the scrapes he received in the process.

As he neared he saw the metal pole protruding grotesquely from the dead woman's chest, her blood surrounding the area coating everything in red. Sucking in a breath he frantically looked left and right. Mid turn he spotted something familiar. He barely noticed McKay proclaiming his horror at the Councillor's fate as he marched forward. Using a strength he didn't know he had, he threw a large piece of concrete away revelling more than the brown hair he's spotted before.

His heart lurched in his throat, "Lizabeth…"


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