A/N- This story is filled with plot holes, bad grammar, bad spelling, and just a lot of bad. I haven't been able to go back to this and I never will. If you're a freakin perfectionist, DON'T READ THIS!! This is a rough draft, not betaed until the end and just a load of crap. Don't send me a flame telling what's wrong and what's right when the whole thing I hate. I don't even know why i'm still keeping it on here... This is a fair warning. Read Of Fate and Destiny or another but not this one.

Chapter 1 Existence

27 years. 27 years of darkness. 27 years of darkness and pain. It was all because of him. He left me an empty shell, taking my heart and soul with him. For a time I had found comfort in my friend Jacob but that had ended quickly.


I was walking in the forest when Victoria appeared. She had been running from the wolves when she ran into me. She attacked me biting into my neck. The wolves pulled her off me but the damage was done. They left me in the forest, writhering with pain.

The change was horrifying. I was burning from the inside out. Every cell in my body was on fire. Then the fire receded leaving my skin ice cold. The flames withdrew to my heart that was trying to win a losing rave. When my heart beat its last pulse the fire disappeared. They say that vampire's hearts don't beat and that is true. But what if you had no heart to begin with seeing as another vampire has taken it? No one has an answer.

When I fully came to consciousness I realized my clothes were soiled and stained. But that held my attention for a sixteenth of a second, being distracted by my skin. The day was a rare sunny day and my skin literally sparkled.

It reminded me of a day in March when he showed me why vampires couldn't come out when it was sunny. I thought I knew then but now I really know. It was hard to concentrate on something beside my skin. When I finally looked away my sparkly skin made me feel self conscious.

A burning pain in the back of my throat reminded me that I was thirsty. I took a deep breath and pinpointed a few deer south of where I was. The blood of the animals smelled so good that I was off running in an instant. The speed with which I ran was exhilarating. The deer were drinking from a small stream. A small leap and my teeth sunk into the stag's throat. I quickly drained all thee of them.

My thirst was beatable but it was there like an itch, there but tolerable. I started running east with no destination in mind when suddenly this smell hit me. It wasn't very noticeable unless you were near it. I stopped and followed the wonderful scent to its source.

Some unfortunate hiker had tripped and scratched his hands on some sharp rocks, breaking the skin. I knelt down and started liking the rocks. Immediately I started to spit. YUCK! The blood tasted like dirt (from the rock) salt, rust, and gasoline. I was appalled. It smelled really good but instead of tasting good it was terrible. Wasn't human blood suppose to taste good?

~End of Flashback~

I had gone back to LaP ush but when I found Jake the pack had phased and attempted to attack me! I had ran as fast as I could fearing for my life- or what ever it was. Since I was a vampire it seems that I couldn't be friends with a werewolf seeing how we're mortal enemies. So I left forks, traveling Washington State. Every five years I would move to a new town, new school. The town I live in now is called Diablo- about a hundred miles north east of Seattle near the Canadian border. I have no coven no ties. I live no more-I just exist.