"Aqua Vitae"

N.C.I.S. Fanfiction by: A J

Guest starring W.i.t.c.h.

(Standard disclaimer applies)

Chapter One

Irma Lair swore loud, long, and colorfully. Not that it mattered. No one would hear her, even here in the middle of D.C.'s Union Station. 'Hell,' she thought, watching the crowd around her as people hurried to and fro. 'I could probably scream my head off in the Library of Congress and get less attention right now.'

She knew that was only true because she could still see her body, such as it was. It sat far over by the ladies' room, slumped over the arm of the bench she'd occupied for less than a minute … and a lifetime ago.

'Any time now …' She watched, feeling the seconds crawl by. Then an elderly matron in an avocado-green skirt-suit with obviously dyed russet hair came out of the lavatory. The woman stopped to find something in her purse, looked over at the desiccated young brunette on the bench, and screamed.

'Yep, ya can't stay dead long in D.C. before someone finds your body.' Irma let out a cheer as more people stopped and stared, especially after the matron fainted. Her cheeriness died down fast when it took almost a minute before she saw a hunky brown-haired guy raise his cell phone. The conversation she heard next made her want to kill him, except she realized she didn't want anyone like that keeping her company in her peculiar hereafter.

'Please tell me he didn't just send some idiot friend of his a picture of my dead body … without calling 911 first! And what kind of name is Ducky, anyway?'

freeze frame

Author's note: I know it's really short, but I want to see what kind of interest it peaks before I put any more of it up. W.i.t.c.h. is a cartoon that used to be on Toon Disney, and starred five girls with magical control over the elements. Irma is (well, was in this fic!) the Guardian of Water. I recommend the interested check out Cartoons / W.i.t.c.h. to learn more.