Too Full for Cake

-A different perspective on "Honey's Three Bitter Days"-

Mori/Honey, yaoi, lots of MOE, ONESHOT?

Summary: Takes place during Episode 12 of Ouran High School host club.

"Don't worry! I always brush my teeth!" Honey-sempai assured the rest of the host club as he took a bite of cake. Immediately he regretted doing so as s sharp pain erupted out of one of his back molars. His squeak of pain alerted the rest of the hosts, who rushed to his aid.

"Is it a cavity? Let us see!" The Hitachiin brothers asked, trying to pry their senior's hands away from his mouth.

"No! I'm fine! Noo!" Honey whined, wriggling in his chair like a fussy toddler. "I'm fine really!"

"Mitskuni…" Mori said, grabbing his cousin's wrist. He pushed the smaller boy back onto a nearby couch, causing Renge and the Moe fan girls to squeal. He tried to pry the smaller boy's mouth open by grabbing his chin. Seeing his tactic, Honey clamped his mouth shut, refusing to open it. Glancing quickly at the squealing girls around him, Mori quickly made up his mind and pressed his lips against Hani's.

"Mori-sempai!" The surprised hosts cried, amid raving fan girls and nose bleeds.

"Well, seems Mori and Honey just got more popular." Kyouya mused, not even looking up from his paper work. Honey resisted at first, surprised that Takashi would do this in front of everyone instead of waiting until they got home. When Mori's tongue probed his lips, Honey quickly forgot where he was and opened his mouth, brushing his tongue eagerly against the other boy's.

"Takashi tastes sweeter than usual…almost like…CAKE!" Honey realized to late as Mori's frosting covered tongue grazed his cavity, making him recoil in pain.

"M-Mori-sempai? Is it...a cavity?" Tamaki asked, approaching the pair carefully.

"Ah." Mori told the club leader who nodded, and announced that the host club was going to ban sweets until Honey's cavity was better (A/n: I'm assuming you've seen the episode, so I'm not going to type the whole speech).

"T-Takashi!" Honey cried as he watched his cousin throw out his cake. "Why are you being so mean!?" The loli boy sobbed, rubbing his eyes with his fist.

"Mitskuni…" The taller boy replied calmly, kneeling down to his level. "I can give you something better than cake." The other hosts blanched, shocked at Mori's sudden forwardness. Renge and the MOE fan girls quickly surrounded the couple, dragging their IV's behind them.

"It is true Mori-sempai?" Renge asked, clasping her hands in front of her. "Are you and Honey-sempai lovers?"

"Ah." He stated simply, putting a hand on the small blonde's head.

"WHAT!?" The other hosts (minus Kyouya) cried.

"When did this happen?!" Tamaki cried, pointing threateningly at the pair.

"Uh…we started dating last year. It didn't get serious until a few months ago." Honey explained, "We told Kyou-chan, but we decided not to tell everyone because we didn't know how you guys would react."

"Yes! Yes!" Renge cried amid the screams of hysteric fan girls. "It's perfect! The ultimate master-servant relationship rose to the highest level! MOE!"

"Well…" Kyouya mused, grinning. "This turned out better than expected."

"Kyouya…" Tamaki growled, turning to the shadow king.

"I'm not the one who told them not to tell you. They decided that on their own. Maybe they don't trust you?" Kyouya replied, causing the host king to retreat into a corner.

"They don't…trust me?" Tamaki contemplated, growing mushrooms in the corner. Meanwhile the MOE fan girls had started chanting "Kiss him!" to Mori and Honey, and were bent on seeing the couple kiss again. Encouraged, Mori leaned in to kiss the blonde again, much to the delight of the crowd.

"NO!" Honey cried, pushing away the taller man. The crowd gasped, shocked by the sempai's display of violence. "Takashi!" He cried, pointing dramatically at his lover. "Until you let me have cake, I'm not letting you kiss or have sex with me!" He smiled triumphantly, knowing that his cousin would crack soon enough, cavity or not.

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