A/n: Hi! I'm writing a four page rhetorical analysis on abstinence vs comprehensive sex education, and I got really bored. Didja know that 60% of America's teens have started their sex life by the time the reach 12th grade? *shudders* So this chapter is kinda short and crappy. I'm not in the mood to write a lemon right now. Maybe later? Otherwise, if the inspiration doesn't come, this story will most likely end here.

Too Full for Cake

-A different perspective on "Honey's Three Bitter Days"-

Mori/Honey, yaoi, lots of MOE, ONESHOT?

Summary: Takes place during Episode 12 of Ouran High School host club.

Day Three: Sexy Tactic

Honey lay on his plush bed in his stuffed animal covered room, staring up at the bunny printed canopy of his bed. He groaned softly, trying not to think about the burning in his loins or the missing sugar buzz. Sighing he turned on his side, hugging Usa-chan close.

"It's just not fair. I thought Takashi would have cracked by now." He complained to the pink stuffed bunny. Sighing again, he fiddled with the loose sweatpants he was wearing. Even though they were a size too big, they still weren't loose enough. "I guess I'm the one who has the issue…Gr…I can't take this! I need Takashi now!" He cried, tossing his bunny off the bed. "Ah! Usa-chan! I'm sorry!" He cried, running after the bunny. Murmuring his apologies, he cuddled the bunny, and petted its head.

"What should I do Usa-chan?" He asked, holding the bunny out in front of him. The bunny's head flopped to this side, as if thinking. "What was that Usa-chan?" Honey asked, putting the bunny's mouth to his ear. "Seduce Takashi?" He put a hand to his chin, thinking. "You know that might just work!" He put Usa-chan on his bed, and ran to his closet to change. Fifteen minutes later he came out of his closet, and modeled his new outfit for his bunny. He wore only a thin tank top, and a pair of tight boxer briefs that showed off just how much he needed his boyfriend. "You really think so?" He squealed, talking to his bunny once again. "Alright, wish me luck Usa-chan!" He cried, running out of his room.

He padded in bare feet down the halls lined with plush carpet and elegant furnishings to his cousin's room at the other end of the hall. He took a deep breath, preparing himself before knocking softly at the door.

"Come in." Came Mori's monotone voice from inside. Honey walked in, rubbing his eyes, and doing his best sleepy face. "Mitskuni? Are you alright?" The other asked, sitting up worriedly.

"Takashi…" Honey murmured, walking slowly over to the bed. "I had a dream…"

"A bad one?" Mori asked, walking over to the other side of the bed. It was then he realized what Honey was wearing. He kneeled next to the smaller boy, petting his head.

"A sexy one." Honey whispered hotly, kissing Mori hard on the mouth.

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