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Chapter 1

Popularity. It's a dangerous thing, people will do crazy things to get it even if it means losing the ones you love.

Who I am? Well lets start from the beginning. My name is Isabella Marie Swan, but I prefer Bella. I am seventeen years old, living with my father in a city called Forks. My parents divorced when I was only three, my mom moved to Arizona where she got remarried, that's all I know about her. When she left us, she left us for good and I never spoke to her again.

At first my dad was depressed, he wouldn't talk to any of his friends or even try to date any women, but then his good friend Billy Black talked some sense into him and he started living again. My dad went to law school, but because of my birth he never actually had the opportunity to find a job as a lawyer. He worked at a local news paper, but after Renee left he decided to go after his dream job and become a lawyer, after only two years of working as a steady lawyer he decided to start his own law firm. At first he was having a lot of trouble, he didn't think it would be so hard to start his own law firm, but after awhile his friend/co-worker Carlisle Cullen offered to be his partner and ever since that day the Swan&Cullen Co has been a huge success, one of the top law firms in the country actually.

The Cullens are like my second family, well they technically are my family since Charlie is always gone on business trips with Carlisle at his side, but back to my main point Esme, Carlisle's wife has always been like my mother, she is the nicest person I ever had the pleasure of meeting, to me she is the perfect mother figure. The oldest child Emmett Cullen is the goofiest and most protective big brother you could ever ask for, when you meet him the first thing you want to do is scream and run away because he doesn't even look like a normal eighteen year old he looks like a professional body builder, but when you really get to know him all you see is this huge teddy bear that can make you laugh any time of the day. This brings me to Alice Cullen my best friend/sister just like all of the Cullens she is unbelievably beautiful, she is a pixie like girl who loves to shop (a little too much for my taste) she always looks like she drank fifty cups of coffee because she can never sit still, but even though we are complete opposites we're still best friends.

And last but definitely not least Edward Cullen. See Edward and Alice are seventeen year old twins, who look nothing alike. Edward is gorgeous The first thing you notice about him is his odd hair its neither red or brown I guess you can almost call it bronze, his eyes are the most beautiful color of green I've ever seen, they're not just green they're like two shiny emeralds something you don't see everyday. His face is flawless. He has sharp features that aren't creepy like, he has perfect cheekbones, a perfect straight nose, a perfect sized forehead that is mostly covered by his perfect hair, a perfect jaw line that always gives you the urge to leave a trail of butterfly kisses on, and of course his perfect body. Every time we are at a pool, I have to stay on the other side to make sure I don't jump him because he is hot! His perfectly sculpted long muscular arms, his rock hard chest, his amazingly toned abs, his nice round ass, and his perfect long legs. He puts Abercrombie&Fitch models to shame. When I first started hanging out with the Cullens, Edward and I were always together even though I was best friends with all of the siblings Edward and I were the closest. Charlie and Carlisle always joked saying that we would one day get married, and to tell you the truth up until about two years ago I believed that to. We never were an "item", but we definitely didn't have a brother sister relationship. Even though it was a game of spin the bottle and even though I was only nine Edward was my first kiss. Edward was my everything, he was the light I saw when my world got dark, he was always my shoulder to cry on, you can almost say he was my knight in shining armor. But then again that was all up until two years ago when all of a sudden everything changed.

Our group was always close it was Alice and her boyfriend Jasper, Jaspers sister Rosalie who is also Emmett's girlfriend, Emmett himself, and of course Edward and I. We weren't some kind of out cast or anything, we always threw the hottest parties and had the best clothes and cars, but we didn't take advantage of it. That was until the day I urged Edward to try-out for the basketball team. Not only did he make the team he is now the star player. I didn't really think it would change anything since I knew Edward isn't egoistic or rude, but apparently all the new attention he got from the cheerleaders got to him. Edward always was popular with the girls, but when he made the basketball team every single girl in forks high fell for him. Little by little he started changing, first it was only little things like skipping lunch with us or dinner. But later it got to the point where he started to ignore us fully, especially me. He became a player, he would make out with a hot girl any chance he got without even knowing their names. Our perfect group lost a perfect member.

The only people Edward really talks to besides his new friends are his parents, and only out of respect. He doesn't talk or hang out with us and it hurts more then you could ever imagine, we were best friends, he was my sun, the first thing I thought of when I woke up and the last when I went to bed and now he's gone. Even though we lost Edward we're still a pretty tight group, sometimes I do feel like the fifth wheel but when it comes to finding a date for our group outings it really isn't a hard task. The male population of forks high takes a lot of interest in me, and no I'm not some slut who goes around making out with random guys, but being noticed is fun. I get asked out on dates almost everyday, and everyday I turn down the guys to prove that I'm not like Edward and I won't let the popularity get to me. And unlike Edward I'm nice to people who have done nothing wrong. Edward on the other hand makes my life miserable any chance he gets, he stays away from the rest of the group but torments me. Why? I'll never know. Every time he makes fun of me or trips me or does something else to me, it's like the big hole in my stomach that has been growing since Edward changed stretches, the more it stretches the more painful it gets, and honestly I don't know how much more pain I could take. I'm tired of the pain Edward Anthony Cullen has caused me.