A Lovers Conflict

Trapped by her allies, her cry is hushed

Used for her mind, through the corridors she rushed

Next day in a classroom one caught her eye,

No more spiteful words, a stilled battle cry.

In his vacant expression her feelings were spurred,

And the line between love and hate was finally blurred.

Something's changed, he sees it, a love that can't be,

She sees an adventure and longs to be free.

He seizes her hands, and says he'll be gentle,

She gives him her soul, he's not detrimental.

Through hidden touches, caresses and kisses

In one of their nights, she touches, he hisses.

Confused by her lover, she questions his action,

He says it was all a mistaken attraction,

She looks at him, hurt, it turns to a glare,

She exit's the room with her nose in the air.

When the door closes, she falls to her knees,

Their once treasured love, turned to a disease,

Her shoulders shook as tears escaped,

Fists in her hair, he pride had been scraped.

On either side, they both lay broken,

Word of their weakness was nevermore spoken.