Hi!! So, I absolutely love Smallville and twilight so I asked myself: why not make a fan fiction of them both? It's not exactly the same. Well yes but you'll have to pretend some things. And I didn't watch much of seasons 3, 4 and 5 but the rest yeah! Enjoy!

1) Let's pretend that breaking dawn occurred before they finished high school.

2) Let's pretend that Clark, Chloe, Lana, Pete, Bella, Edward and Alice are in the same grade and time zone.

3) Let's pretend that I know the weather of Kansas and in winter there isn't much sun.

4) I don't exactly know how to compare vampire speed and strength to Clark's so, let's pretend it's the same.

5) I didn't see season 3, 4, and 5 because my TV cable didn't work at that time and we got it like a year later… so, I found out that in season 5 it's when they go to college. I don't know anything about the college I don't even know if they went to college in Smallville or anything. If someone would want to give me some information I would love it. So, let's pretend I do know and it happens to be a college next to Smallville high.

6) Smallville doesn't really exist but Forks does. So, let's pretend that Smallville is slightly bigger than forks.

7) Like I said I didn't watch seasons 3, 4 and 5 complete, I mean I saw some episodes. I did see when Pete leaves and when Chloe finds out but, I just don't know in what year of high school they were at the moment. So, let's pretend that in their last year of high school Pete hasn't left and Chloe still doesn't know.

You can do it. You can do it.

Took a deep breath through my nose, the smell of corn filled my nostrils, and I exhaled through my mouth a few times with my eyes closed.

Arms circled my waist and lips kissed my hair. "Are you ready love?"

"Not completely. What if something happens? I've never resisted so many humans together before, Edward. I'll just put our family in danger and I—"

"Bella," he put his finger in my mouth, "I'm not going to let you hurt anyone. Would you really believe me capable of that? I know that would bring you great pain. I won't leave you out of my sight."

He placed the full power of his eyes on me and I lost my train of thought as I looked deep into his golden eyes. My eyes were golden now too but they were no comparison to the beautiful, dazzling ones of Edward, I was sure. He caressed my head in his hand and kissed me deeply.

"Would I let you hurt someone?" he asked between kisses. This wasn't the first time he had pulled this one on me but, I couldn't help it.

"n—yes." I answered without thinking. My head was in a daze right now, blurry with smoke. Both my hands were around his neck, his, one in my face the other around my waist, both of us pushing us closer.

"I won't Bella. Trust me." he pleaded breathlessly.

"I do." I answered, giving in, gasping.

"We have to leave—" a voice by the door croaked, breaking us apart. "Ugh! This house isn't as big, so if you'll do things like that get a room. Rose and I have been resisting temptation." Emmett announced rather smugly.

"You won't last Emmett." Edward said chuckling against my neck, leaving goose bumps.

"We'll see about that!" he challenged. "Let's just go." Emmett opened the door wide with a meaningful look at us. I laughed.

It was true the house was smaller and it had been the biggest we could get a hold of in such short notice. An exactly 6 bedroom house. One for Esme and Carlisle, one for Rosalie and Emmett, one for Jasper and Alice and unfortunately… the other 2 were individual beds –not that we needed them—and too small for 2 people and because we were the 'youngest couple' Edward and I got separated bedrooms. Esme and Carlsile's room had a small study next to it, but you could only enter it through their bedroom. Renesmee had stayed in forks with Jacob. He was more than okay with the idea of me going away for a while to see if I could control my thirst, he was actually excited but, he insisted on staying with Renesmee. His argument was that he couldn't bring the whole pack with him and couldn't go a month without Renesmee. We had to agree, also since if I couldn't resist my thirst then we would have a problem with the pack, not that we wouldn't if I didn't resis my thirst here.

Unwillingly, I left Edward's arms and went for my new books and my school bag that were in the bed, which was yellow and pretty comfy. The house wasn't a big deal but it was very welcoming and nice. All the bedrooms were pretty much the same, except for the space issue. They had a mirror, a closet, a bureau, a bed, a window, wooden floorboards, floral wallpaper and, in exception to every other bedroom, my room had my old rocking chair in it.

"Let's go love." Edward grabbed my free hand and led me towards the door with a grin. There was a big hallway with 7 doors –5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. The hallway ended in the stairs, straight and traditional but somehow graceful. The first floor was a big open space, pretty much as the one of the Cullen house only smaller. From the top of the stairs you could see it all. There was an elegant living room with charming sofas, a wooden dinning table for 10. A pleasant kitchen with a small table in the middle of it and beneath the stairs was another bathroom. It had many plants, decorations and paintings. It was homey.

Our neighbors: cornfields and about 200 meters away, was the Kent farm. It was winter so there wasn't much sun, like Forks we could go out in the day, we only glowed a little and it seemed normal enough. Still, as a precaution we were all wearing long-sleeved shirts and jeans. We had brought the Volvo and Mercedes with us. Carlisle got a temporary job at Smallville Medical Center.

Esme and Carlisle were sitting on the sofa, Carlisle already dressed for work, Alice and Jasper were sitting in the small kitchen table, Emmett was swinging his arms as if stretching with the car keys in his hand, and Rosalie was leaning on the dinning table. All of them waiting for us it seemed.

"We're late." Rosalie informed us, getting up and out the door --which had a window on it and a curtain over it-- towing Emmett.

Alice jumped up and danced her way to the door too with Jasper following. A small bye was heard from outside with Alice's chirpy voice.

"Good luck dears." Esme said lovingly. They both got up and Carlisle went out the door too, with a nod to us and a small smile.

We said our goodbyes to Esme and faced the baking heat. Odd weather this place had. It was hot, not as hot as Jacksonville but hotter than forks, still clouds covered the sun.

Carlisle took his Mercedes to work and we took the Volvo. Edward and Emmett in the front and the rest of us crammed in the back seat. Alice and I got the window seats. Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper where headed for college but it was next door so, we took the same car. Alice rolled the car window down and gazed out. She breathed in.

"It's an amazing weather isn't it?" she commented brightly. She screwed up her face in concentration and then added: "Hey, do you hear that?"

We had just passed the Kent farm and to both sides, cornfields. We all became quiet and listened intently. All I could here was the wind rushing past us and a… something I couldn't put my finger on it.

"They're footsteps." Edward choked with wide eyes.

"They can't be footsteps they are too fast." Rosalie contradicted.

"Maybe there's a vampire we didn't know about." Emmett guessed.

"They're too heavy to be vampire's." Jasper said.

We stayed listening. The 'footsteps' were faster than the car and soon faded away.

"Well whatever it was it's gone." I said, putting it behind us.

Edward sped up and in a matter of seconds we were there. Edward parked in the school parking lot in a one try, fast move, leaving people watching curiously. We all got out and I caught girls staring at the guys. I felt particularly jealous. I turned around and found some guys staring at me too. I turned around quickly and waited for my cheeks to turn tomato red but they didn't. I was still not accustomed to that.

"Nice wheels man." A guy with jeans, brown boots and a yellow, kind of beige, flannel shirt complimented excided, hitting Edward playfully in the back. He opened and closed his hand some times, stretching it and mouthed "ow." I snickered and so did his friends.

"Thanks. I'm Edward," Edward greeted, "this is Bella, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper." I gave a little wave at the sound of my name. Alice said 'hi' brightly, Emmett said 'whasup?', Rosalie nodded and so did Jasper.

"I'm Pete Ross, this is Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan." He presented their friends and each said hi. Chloe was looking sideways towards Jasper, which was looking around and I felt Alice stiffen up next to me. I grinned as I saw her glairing over Chloe's head. They had the same spiky short hair, only Chloe was blonde and Alice's looked prettier. She had a long red bag with butterflies, was wearing blue jeans with a purple skirt over it and a red blouse. I was sure Alice wasn't just fuming because she was peering at Jasper but because of her outfit too no doubt.

"Hey! You're our neighbor, right? The Kent farm?" Emmett crowded.

"Yeah, I am. I guess now I know who bought that house." the guy with a blue jacket and red t-shirt answered politely. He was tall and had brown hair. He was very handsome.

"Well, we better get going. I have to go organize things at the torch." Chloe said pulling Clark, "nice meeting you."

"See you later man." Pete said and ran towards his friends.

"Did you see what she was wearing?" Alice shrieked outraged after they were gone.

"They seemed nice Alice and besides this is a small farming town." I said. Taking a deep breath realizing I had been holding it for as long as they were there. I hadn't really resisted the smell. Why hadn't I breathed in? Tested myself with 3 people instead of a whole class? I groaned internally.

"Yeah, but it's also industrial! Didn't you see all the Luthorcorp plants?" Alice asked with a hysteric edge.

Alice started mumbling things about how people have no sense of fashion while I started hyperventilating and worrying.

"Well, Rose and I are off," Emmett said and led Rosalie away from the parking lot towards the building neighbor to the high school with one arm around her waist, "you coming Jasper?"

"In a minute," Jasper answered, "go on Alice and Edward. Bella will catch up with you later."

Edward looked at Jasper questioning and then went completely expressionless and gave him one nod, walking away. I was curious. What did Jasper want?

"Bella, I know you're worrying and I'm going to be completely honest. It's not going to be easy." He started after Edward and Alice were gone, "for me it wasn't and I had to wait a longer time to even start going to school. But, you're stronger. You have an amazing self-control. I'm sure you'll do fine. You're like none other newborn I've met."

Jasper smiled and I was shocked. Jasper was giving me advice?

"If you feel you can't endure it just leave and hold your breath. Alice will surely see you after some time and will go with you. Edward chose this town for a reason you know?" he explained, "After a meteor shower hit this town a lot of bizarre things happened and if something is to happen we can blame it on that.

"In my first day at school I almost killed someone," he continued after a pause, "but, I resisted and felt incredibly good with myself by the end of the day. I'm sure you'll do great." And without another word he left towards the college.

I stayed there a few minutes waiting for it to sink in. It had helped a little bit...I guess, just didn't make me feel any safer. Then, I took a deep breath and approached the building with a "Fly to Victory; GO CROWS!!" banner.

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